Beach Boys, Temptations bring nostalgia to July 4 celebration

John Stamos to join Beach Boys, Jimmy Buffet and more for the Capitol Fourth Concert in Washington.
5:25 | 07/04/18

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Transcript for Beach Boys, Temptations bring nostalgia to July 4 celebration
Geneva fans here at ABC news and we are at a capitol fourth rehearsals. We are joined by an executive producer of the concert Michael Colbert thank you for joining us oh thank you for evidence and happy fourth of July everybody. Happy for the delight TO. So this is the big day here the day before the big day tell us what's going on hearing through oh. We've got a great great a group of legends. People contemporary artists. And you know we're so blessed to have such a diverse tapestry of great. American music and look at we've got. The great Jimmy Buffett is gonna be here at the Beach Boys are behind us now just about to start rehearsing with our host. John's name those. And the grammar is going to be he would look home's alarm Alina from country music the temptations. The great outburst Renee Fleming. And we're all coming together there can I did. As one family of Americans to celebrate. Love for this great country. And its. The 38 annual concert straight tell us. What do you do every year to make its specialty changed with the times and bring people from around the country to watch and all around the world. That's right well because we are blessed that we are able to not only. Put this out nationally. And 8. Eastern. And then again at 930. And CBS. But we send it out around the world through all of our troops on the American forces network so hey this here where live's dream thing. And we've got the most artists we've never had been on the show and we're just so excited. For the biggest birthday party in the nation and she let. Take a little local out levers theme apparently to hang best on the stage here what's going on which just about just workers. That is Mike Love. And Bruce Johnston and all the Beach Boys. Our hosts. John's name Moses yeah anywhere mentioning that. You're honoring the troops here that's a big part of what you knew what when all of those that back. Witness blessed. To celebrate our freedom but that's not afraid. And so we have the great operas Renee Fleming this in this thing you'll never walk alone. In honor of all of our troops as well as their family is working primaries and heaving as grave and so we're NA is singing a lot Malone bids. The troops and their families are gonna come out. On stage you may have parliament when there. I don't think there's going to be a drive in the how you are planning to live there. Very well you know there's so much coordination. That goes. But we're blessed to have such great Zocor. All around line Higgs and an all around the native. But you know when you're running time you know they're national Independence Day celebration. It takes a lot more work than people realized. But that means you know hey we just want people have a good time NN and celebrate so. We did the work backstage. And the Spaniard Nat Carey well actually. I'm pretty sure it did. Who has July 4 1981. The first national Independence Day celebration. I'm here at the capitol. And you know inch by inch over the years. It's so wonderfully gotten bigger and end and better not usually any cooler because it's a hot one out here that day but I think. We're going to get through with a dry dress rehearsal tonight. Manager showed him nine. And it doesn't we're still gonna do a great show. Some experience and its parent and Zune and NN join the party. You. Courtney with the entire hour then how does that work and you were any national park her red. Yeah national right. There is doing great job yeah so we literally had worked with them to coordinate the times when and how well we're able to more grabbed the fireworks we've got cameras. All over this city recover like news the Olympics ceremony. Mart outlet. The man running back and leg everyone watching and maybe even though it here in the net and on the national mom and exactly how. Aren't well. Don't don't expect that Vegas learning environment and you know I think that the coming together and who appeared the capital. Following again what John Adams told us to do. Then get out of paraphrase that this big we'll be the most important in American history. Solid guys forever more. With bonfires and illumination from one end and the confidence of the other and so we're just so thrilled. Museum hear the official birthday parties and all of the nine years. Yeah unhappy heartening. Government and its opening again. Zinni met fans when the ABC news.

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{"duration":"5:25","description":"John Stamos to join Beach Boys, Jimmy Buffet and more for the Capitol Fourth Concert in Washington.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"56354099","title":"Beach Boys, Temptations bring nostalgia to July 4 celebration","url":"/Entertainment/video/beach-boys-temptations-bring-nostalgia-july-celebration-56354099"}