Richard Gere doesn't have these blockbusters on his radar

Gere appears on 'Popcorn With Peter Travers' to talk about his new film, 'Norman: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer.'
19:41 | 04/14/17

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Transcript for Richard Gere doesn't have these blockbusters on his radar
A very high official but I can't mention his name right. Maybe an awful this hill. These countries churches people. To a third floor patience and obviously I have believed this is unacceptable. Oh please he'll still not at a wouldn't be doing this for you to lose with duels. You don't trust me trust Philip. Good things come in surprising ways you know even though you have no right I mean. One let's go to was he kicked me they'll know what kind of work he picked me up adore it into traffic and people like why don't you get that yet so please respect my position. Stop. Please. Sorry I don't know what else to say. So until my blog is. And we had a good conversation. We'll see what happens okay. Thank you bill. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers welcome to popcorn where we tell you what's happening at the movies and there's a movie I love right now called Norman. And the moderate rise and tragic fall of a New York fix. I mean I can and note that subtitles but you can call at Norman Norman Norman Norman see this guy that's here. He just keeps wanting to promote that all. Anyway yes my guests Richard Gere has a small part in this film as Norman and welcome Richard hey Peter good to see a so you can set it up. Force you can tell him would tell me and I read a lot of that you love the movie obviously don't have people here when you don't want them I don't that's a great things about the show I don't plan ahead we're just seeing him. I don't know how to do this initiative no I don't he's Norman is up and very go there yet it's he is that makes it he is. It's important in my character he's yet we Huey which flying to find a word that. Whereas in Yiddish or Jewish or something to describe this cut because that's what he has he's a mock these have not McCain but he's a fix it. And he's he is a they moderately unsuccessful. Six. He's a Chaplin esque kind of character that record that's in the door. And I don't know how much to give away but he he does something. That gets him in the door he does he befriends a politician from Israel who becomes. The prime minister you know which becomes a big deal for him. But. He he could be seen at the start of the movie as a Jewish stereotype. But he's not. That's the whole I think I want to know he isn't he isn't. I mean it is used I look at you and I don't say I'm gonna cast you as Norman's knowledge and win this elusive game is Joseph cedars of yours is direct yet. And quite brilliant. You always look is that when ability wonderful. And Joseph is is it's in Israel. Blitzes from was theirs that's too weary years and he's very aware of thousands of years of Jewish history Newton and that's in this piece as well as everything else as well as Charlie Chaplin. That's in this piece but when he. Dozens of great. New York Jewish actors and crew do an amazing. Thing with this partisan and I want them want someone. Who is gonna bring something else there. What is that's happening because I look at you and I think well I wouldn't cast Richard I wouldn't get myself Evans now all of oh. You might at first and don't do it but you say we'll. Yeah I'm gonna have to somehow finds. That Norman Oppenheimer. 2000 years of Jewish history inside of me. Somehow. Which you know I think in some ways I did in the smoke but but he is a universal character. He is that part of all of us who wants to get it wants to be. In the in club he wants to be part of power he wants to to be included in. He's not he's not a dark hair he's not an Iago. Now he's he piece. Case he has a certain kind of intelligence to. He's quick on his feet he's quick with a smile. Everything is a lie. A great nation of line exaggeration. I can do for you he's just send. I know people I had been introduced I can but this is I think you know people like this problem people here everyone knows Norman. Some. You have an you have villagers slightly embarrassed. You know there's a friend of the friend who's always hanging around and you don't really want to let him in inviting to dinner and you sometimes you have to your guns docked with them. But those lovable. And you feel bad that you don't include them. That's enormous. So you had it in Israel to you just we just played it just came had a legal that they. Had a nickel for you. Well I think there were compromised souls because it was and this is not the kind of pour that you would expect when you play that. Not not that I think any part that are done is me but this is pretty far away now what we all have our own ideas would you definitely have your equipment yeah. You're wrong. They love them over very. The Israeli actors. Wonderful the your astronauts and place of prime minister's extraordinary this. I think his deep sense of pride about the film itself. And was happy to be braced for her finger. An honorary chew like this is what I am with the sport we you've got to be. But while you were there you we're giving interviews about Israeli politics today. Are unavoidable. I don't know first thing you'll do this kind of thing which has a lot of people want a lot of people don't wanna step on any tells you kind of say. What it is you want to set I want everyone to be redeemed. And I don't choose sides inducement. I see human beings. And I see solutions sort of problems. Middle East is something I've always been interest to do in this is mine. Fourth of fifth trip and most of those troops it's pretty immersive. Going on both sides in. More complicated right now because of the board cut. Is a boycott against. Anyone coming from house who appears to be. Supporting. Or giving tacit support to government policies and Israel. You are Tibetan Buddha you're human S. So you don't take sides in the sense of the settlements. And you've been to Israel to the West Bank to trumpet so when you see that. Do you get angry when you see it or do you get to be a concern is it more concerned then well you can't you can it be extremely difficult. To actually go to the west bank and see what the settlements are doing to Palestinians. And not feel a natural. Empathy for the pals some. The land is being taken away there an occupied people there a gentle kind Smart. An amazing people. In themselves in their own culture and as human beings. There's no different. The occupation is destroying every every one on both sides. And you can state that. But what's the solution to it. To have you knew we have a new president. Do tall which is the solution turn and talk and talk you can't demonize anyone's situation. The Dalai Lama I was quotations truth is he talked about this in terms of years and years ago it was the Soviet Union US and two world powers. He said we know who the powers are here. It should be a rule of law that for two weeks a year the leaders of both sides go to an island. Cook for two with the families cooked fried Coke for each other. Wash dishes together. No figure out how to do the laundry together talk about their families since and realize that has exactly the same concerns. And a sense of natural fair play and empathy we'll start. To manifest. And I see the same situation has very few Israelis have ever met with house. The government. And very few Palestinians have met Israeli wasn't soldier or someone who is more subtler who is going to to hurt them somewhere. But you are a movie star. You're not just an actor you're an actor and the movie star people know you everywhere you go in the world you can't escape got stuck with right now yes it's just part of the deal to do that. And some people criticize you and say well why should we listen to you why shouldn't. Who should the innocent to themselves. But what if they don't have all the facts. Where they get him. Will you don't get him from one place and that's a big mistake we have a president who's getting it all from one woman's place. And that echo chamber is what makes everyone crazy mixed in were over small. Than anything we do that makes our work world larger. And more inclusive. Than it that's essentially what I. We are either inclusive were we're exclusive if we're exclusive meaning or the idea of myself my Fam leave my group my village my gable whatever. During that ahead here you're headed for a very dark. Experience of the world. The inclusive size of that is that we're deeply interconnected. We're here are very small planet. We have finite resources here. We don't want war we don't want violence the only way to get past that is to embrace each other in inclusion. It's very clear we have to do and that's. Keeping our intent it's listening reading talking feeling. Which is a good philosophy but I'm talking to you as an actor who's in this movie Norman in another movie coming out in May could called the dinner or in government did. He won't directly another one after our listeners three this year to how did this I don't think we've prices coming. But forget if you have a team behind you they would be doing an intervention and seeing Richard. You could be doing Marv moment you can into a conflict with movies instead last have you here you did time out of mind for Orrin. About the homeless you're playing Norman who does have a chaplain has quality but is still somebody that wants to belong. More than any. When I mean not them getting back to the movies this. This. Sometimes you don't know what you're doing until you see the movie. You go any new kind of you that doesn't work 38 I think you have to create that while you still don't let me we worked. Jurors and I were maybe eight or nine months of the before we started shooting so I mean he had a clear sense of what one. I asked a lot of questions always. Which made him kind of thrown back on himself and had to. Well and so we. And we did Reid writes in that process and we think. I entered the world of this movie. And we shot them lawyers. You know these are all independent movies Shubert quickly and this was. Under thirty days but the preparation as she's at that as human gene but it's about character or story teller about filmmaking it's not. It's not CGI work its does. This is why people want to become actors and filmmakers is to tell stories about people not themselves. And so anyhow but sometimes you don't know until you actually see a first cut kind of what you did in the real world. And it would there was a lot about Norman I didn't realize until I saw the movie. It wasn't it was guesswork because I was very specific. And within that also spontaneous could you have to via film. But there was a I had always assumed with the kind of humiliations. That. Has Norman has to experience it is going to be a well of anger there with him. And resentment. And there's not. That's what shocked me Melanie there's not. He may be lying he's inventing a family I don't I think he's inventing it I never even see in this movie where he lives. He's wearing neck channel here comes lives he's he's he's there. He's he's a a turtle in his own shell just carries his house with them. All of his stuff is there in the bag in the the machine in the COLT in the layers of clothes in the hat that it's all. It's all there for him. The newest push you see him what kind of the places where he rests new in the staples Keaton or in the Starbucks coffee shop or you know or he wanders around. A department store midtown you know because it's warm and comfortably can sit in the chair while install new. I'm as well. But the phone is is connected to the world. And your phones constantly. And connect connect. You see how Joseph. Came up with a filmmaker solution. Whose. Relationship is with the flow. The funding that wonderful ways. Melding. Different worlds into that frame that we almost communicated. Across time and space. Within the same for him. So you have a master plan for what you're doing with your career. 09. That's just the project you look at it and say I wanna do this because you could be doing. These gigantic movies if you want you want Richard. I'll come. I can take you up my nose and he knows yeah. It's you know that the irony is that I'm still making the kind of films that I did when I started. Smaller. Her two driven. Pieces was terrific directors. With no a high expectations are being commercial blockbusters and some of them did that it wasn't open you have a pretty woman you have on the losers we'll which. Tiny moon no one expected that he would become something I think out they did. As I can keep working once that when that happens. Effect will this is what is still have those. Yeah yeah yeah I think reasonable I mean the fact that these. Independent films. Five or six films and is now well into themselves. Because studios American. Independent films no one gets paid. I can obviously help get these things finance you internationally. Small difficult projects but if if amass these kind of questions a lot so I think about it they are the same kind of movies that I've been making since I was 26 for seven years old. It just that we make them a different way. And we have probably half the number of days to shoot them now than we did nearly forty years ago do you look back that you work do you watch it. I don't want nothing subtle. See you don't have like three of four of those movies that you are you feel you learned the most from doing. Sit all the same it's like an experience each time ago. It's none of that is obvious. You know I can say the only when people ask these kind of questions you on the when I can say is that Chicago was the most fun you. And it was just a pure delight of performing. Was who intoxicated. All of us saturated. All of us. The tour fond of of doing it. Singing and dancing singing dance seeing that the boot camp of 68 weeks of you know before the performance and it really was a Mickey Rooney. Judy Garland experience we'll comes off cross in the movie when there's a great joy to work and spontaneity to. It was very choreographed and we knew we are doing but we who. Rob march drugs. Such as Jenny. Optimistic. Happy person that. Informed all of us. What we did every game show we started with that right we did Greece. I did the first like 34 musicals right Whelan. More hair was rock operas were happening. I can play instruments and sing and dance. So look at that from net to Norman. Mormons and of the kind of dancing and singing are fit it to end but. I want to ask you about you and what you do. When you're not being you you know what do you do do you jump out of planes do you. What what's the thing you did wings you are not working or nothing less it is live. Very quiet life. So hard to believe complete everyone wants to know who you're dating. I live completely boring. Life in the woods nobody walks in the would play guitar plea the piano I walk my dog feed the cats. It's not live cat has played for the poor school. Some very normal lives. Sorry I really Hamas hard at it you can you could make up for that to me in song. We started this is where yet well you know what here but I heard like I'm gonna be turning to dinner plate Bob Dylan on a welcoming all journalists around. Because when we have time for one song and I know we can it was we don't. Yes we don't rhythms I'm telling you I'm sorry it's always to ruin what it would take on this at 6:30 in the morning. My words I haven't had the two hours of to some grease so how about red zone that is now going to give us. The song that he sings in the shower when he gets more. Yes I will only do this if you finish or do and of the line from. Well depends on the songs I'll do Bob Dylan because he did play. You know. And there's a song that did there's a line from. When of his songs it's so appropriate for the times. It's not just the trump world but it's the world that we. You bet it starts women nor do you think like us don't. Cost. That is a whole group here cost about time Ames day rug she means. Seeing their 80000 people here. The American icon of beauty should've heard this you really slow our rate harmonies it was on the meeting was torture for a meeting get them. Thanks hitter with one day you're gonna come with a come we song.

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{"id":46775848,"title":"Richard Gere doesn't have these blockbusters on his radar","duration":"19:41","description":"Gere appears on 'Popcorn With Peter Travers' to talk about his new film, 'Norman: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer.'","url":"/Entertainment/video/big-blockbuster-films-richard-geres-radar-46775848","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}