Bill Clinton Delivers Powerful Speech About His Wife at DNC

"The View" co-hosts discuss the former president's speech on day two of the Democratic National Convention.
10:40 | 07/27/16

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Transcript for Bill Clinton Delivers Powerful Speech About His Wife at DNC
Well day two of the DNC was thank you very much today until it was want the history books. Because it is very clear now Hillary Clinton is in fact. The nominee and Democrats. And yeah I spent. And former President Bill Clinton did what mall's First Lady is to be had have to do for their husbands he did for his wife. Yes today and he took the stage to reveal a little bit of their history to get to take a look. I have lived a long Pope blessed life. It really took off when I've met in and for the logo that girl in the spring of 1970 long for this time. Hillary. Is uniquely qualified. To seize the opportunities and reduce the risk we face. And she is still the best darn change maker I have ever know. Okay. Now. Rachel Maddow said it has repeated use of the word girl at the top wasn't the most feminist way to start things off. Much. I didn't think he had to be found as I think he was talking about his life with his wife is Carl fifteen Nazi personal. You know well that's them look slow descent and it's. It's like I'm my parents and then look I don't and I went up so good to me OK sometimes I think that it. Really humanize terror I love that he called her his girl I would love it if my husband said my girl I mean it it just shows that they've been married over forty years. And I think it showed. But deep friendship I think it showed a deep commitment. And I think it showed a deep respect and admiration for her life's work and back team's 2016 and girls with. Where man has let him yeah. Ever read that recount history look at it through the lens of who you were at that time it's kind of like when you your grandma's house and it's much smaller than you remembered yeah like at that time it was a girl and boy and that's I I don't think we should ask for personal and make peace instead he kept turning I know what I've met the girl but many analysts say. Actually that aren't as art rock and I think young woman at that time she was in college that is needed say I was a boy who met a girl. But it also Kelly seemed like so long ago like when you hear that history they had when you look back media at times she was a woman in but. I'm might not what does it matter my god that I didn't do it any. I might spell. It is my. So I think he humanize carry it out moment I think humanize him now I think that when I won a sort of watching that I realized. I remembered. Why I liked Bill Clinton which is that he's a great politician wants the same way that Ronald Reagan was a great politician he's the kind of guy that can get out there. And what he doesn't yet kind of liken it kind of wanna sit and talk to him. But when he started to ski type felt like I was listening to that's great story about how Bill Clinton has great taken up a girl. We don't know based upon his history running. The mile and I think the that credit picket irrational act asked her to marry him every time he's pretty hard to get I thought that was the critics who Hillary I thought what Rachel not I was trying to say that you not want to put words and Paramount but. You know this accomplishments. And you don't sell it. It needless fat Lily not likely. You if he had if he had done or not he would symbol why isn't a more human if he had yet leaked it was all about it last night. Billion did a nice job up the rapture what. Now people know some of her accomplishments which caught with Alvin there. And goggle still well we'll also slightly out that they had a love affair that it was a love affairs yeah. Last night but beyond that you know you said speak to the accomplishment in her mentioning whether he comes out of gates were does actor to being highlight was the listing of accomplishments you talk all the time about do your research you retest. Do you know a lot about what he talked about in this pit to played a critical eye to the clintons a lot of people seat and it just politicians want. What are opportunist and isn't one now I see red eyed. A girl that little girl yes and I have now is only at teenager at the time you know college. That was so driven all the way along I guess when I envision them I see them in office and I just see them as politicians doing this and doing not. Now we see someone that was dripping added it act in the justice in different places Arkansas. You know Massachusetts and each time she is like wanted to go fix that. That to me made me like her a little war and haven't been that I ever want about the clintons but the fact remains that both of them have dedicated their lives to public service yet that is what they have. Move to. There. Like to make it much. It's a bit different is he's kind of people when they yell Laura a lot of lot of heat have a lot of well it'll all they couldn't Atlanta for big they could have gone into private practice only to make me a lot more money at the very beginning and to your point Sarah. Think about it she worked to get children's health care. She worked for children's rights when you were under wind everybody else how that's like they did everyone. Off actually went there is actually had you like to ask today. To work with her husband to try to get up she had that gotten away with his partner you know I used to be talking about the first. Really think about that I had no idea who had a deal she is an extraordinary long that I I was I was gonna just the just the opposite happened money. I can't I keep it. I keep hearing this. But they made a lot of money I you know what went not a problem when he by the way I love that might Republicans make a lot of money everybody's like yeah. I'm not about how us. Donald Trump it. One of the things people seem to love about him is that he's rich guys get the clintons are not allowed to make money and when she gives speeches and these people want to pay her 300000 dollars a pop which doesn't know. No there's no reason for that but I think the reason is that then you have a often times those very same people on the left who make a lot of money condemning people who make a lot of money and saying. Yeah if you have to this tax bracket what common for your money and I'm. A flat at halftime and I don't. How they make their money you know I think what I was hearing in your answer was that. It not on the backs of other people did they make their money they did it in the name of those people and I think that's. They go after the as you say. They want them to pay their fair share of taxes why they have done they have all sorts of outweighs they'll hide in the. I am but you know want to help people RD annual condemn I mean look Donald Trump I'm not gonna speak to his character. Businessman and is an accomplishment there will be many carries a horrible acts to Karen accomplishment as well what. Just want to say you know I think for this but a lot of the discussion has been about whether or not Bill Clinton would be a good advocate for her and I think the answer is yes I think what I heard last night if I was that. Yes he insured with himself I didn't think that was the best decision but. He speaks to her accomplishments well in the same way that I think Michelle Obama was a great advocate for and Obama aren't adding I tonight at levels of I don't know about how she had. Aren't a lot of body she said this is a quote from her which actually made me cry last night she's that I trusted her when my life was on the line she came through not to the camera it's very crucial point. Not because anyone was watching that because that is who she adds she had my back and I think that that is it more important than what he sent. That people need to see that she's got this calculating which everybody that they may trapped on the rush when I shall whatever else you listening to want. Fox you know what what what what made me. Manning had to have a Lauren Manning had to say. Was was really poignant. But what struck me was what the congressman had to say which was after nine elevenths mind this brother. The firefight and other after 9/11 rather than do with Hillary was doing which was visiting people in hospitals trying to get health care for people. Donald Trump cashed in on a 150000. Dollar check. To help small businesses that was earmarked to help small businesses who. Where I was Donald trop the native new Yorker after September outlet cashing the check check it. They have said Pittman that bill didn't go it's the nine. Oh yeah yeah you know I well OK so. Unless there's a lot to say about it can we just saying. It wasn't his night it wasn't his to discussed he was there to discuss our. And why would you say why would you say and you know in the ninety's you know when I had that affair with that woman my wife. And expressed well. It's not. First you don't do that but what I thought was interesting the people that are coming after him for saying that he didn't talk about those affairs. Listen marriages heart. Marriage is about compromise marriage is about forgiveness angle then. It was to be about family values meant marriage is staying together. That shouldn't they think that this is a marriage that stuck it out and all of that I. It's all good one adds that. Okay now Donald people and well out on all hot there isn't what it out let you know this half. The head you know. Bill and Hillary have been married for years Democrats. Democratic women. Republican women and Republican men have been. Use this for years why is she still went I don't know Pakistan. What you know what many in business. There's still together your map to get. And it carried from the likes of Newt Gingrich who told his wife the bar while she was recuperating from cancer you don't hear it and I have yet but there are acts not the argument now that people are making argue not get the argument is of course Bill Clinton wouldn't come out and talk about this it would be ridiculous than what we expect the argument is that. They you Hillary Clinton is an advocate supposedly for women's rights she's come out and said victims of sexual assault you should be believed used to be heard what the argument is that. When those women came out she took them down in many respects and now I'm and.

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{"duration":"10:40","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the former president's speech on day two of the Democratic National Convention. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"40928533","title":"Bill Clinton Delivers Powerful Speech About His Wife at DNC","url":"/Entertainment/video/bill-clinton-delivers-powerful-speech-wife-dnc-40928533"}