Bill O'Reilly speaks out about reported sexual harassment settlement

"The View" co-hosts discuss O'Reilly's comment that he is "mad at God."
6:29 | 10/24/17

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Transcript for Bill O'Reilly speaks out about reported sexual harassment settlement
Welcome to "The view." Yes. Well, well, well, Bill O'Reilly is speaking out about his reported $32 million sexual harassment settlement. He denies he did anything wrong, says this is an injustice at the highest level. Take a look. Am I mad at god, yeah, I'm mad at him. I wish I had more protection. I wish this stuff didn't happen. I can't explain it to you. Yeah, I'm mad at him. If I die tomorrow and I get an opportunity, I'll say why did you guys work me over like that? My god. That's what you're going to say to god, bill? Why did you work me over? Hmm. It's god's fault? He says this was a hatchet job by "The New York Times" and apparently god and they don't want him to be on the air. Can we clear one thing up really quick. $32 million is around the same amount that O.J. Simpson had to pay the Goldman family in a civil lawsuit for murdering two people. To pay that amount of money, you're a lawyer, it has to be pretty bad. I say on the show all the time, rape and sexual assault, sexual harassment, the most underreported offenses in our country. 80% of women say that they have been sexually harassed on the job, 80%. So for allegedly for bill O'Reilly to pay $32 million to lis wiehl, that must have been some sort of activity that was going on. He says he's mad at god. Bill, god is mad at you. I felt that the thing that jumped out at me most is when he pointed his finger and said how would anyone do this to my kids, I'm protecting them. And yet, when some of these actions happened, his kids weren't on his mind. As a new parent one thing that's interesting is aside from my own integrity I find mimgsz jumping right away to what would Alex think, what kind of example am I setting. Somehow when you guys remember the loof fa scandal, the tape. Now there was a technique. What? & Look it up. It was an interesting phone call. Clearly his kids weren't on his mind when he was doing that or saying those things, so to use them now seems a bit hypocritical. Almost smear lis wiehl in a sense. I know lis. She's a former federal prosecutor, went to Harvard law school. She is lovely. So the fact that he paid her $32 million and now is saying this is a smear piece I just think is incredible. And if you believe "The New York Times" reporting, they also say that lis had to in order to accept the settlement had to get rid of all documents as well as all photographs that had to deal with anything with Bill O'Reilly in order to get the settlement. Now, the justice department was investigating Fox News at the time for sexual assault, sexual harassment. That sounds like a little bit of a coverup to me. And if I were at the justice department, I'd be looking for those documents. Read the must too. I will read the must do. We must do this. This is from Bill O'Reilly. Yes. Bill O'Reilly says that the $32 million figure is according to "The New York Times" and O'Reilly has disputed this "New York Times" report as lie sz and smears and 21st century fox says it knew about the settlement but not the specific terms including the amount when it negotiated the new contract with O'Reilly because after they found out he settled with lis wiehl he still offered him a four-year contract at 25 million bucks a year. That's not what he said in his thing, right? You have to read his thing. It just says the $32 million figure is according to "The new York Times" and O'Reilly has dispute "The New York Times" report as lies and smears. He also went on to talk about Eric bowling's deceased son and blame t"the New York Times." I used to work with both of these men. It's an absolute tragedy what happened to his son and it was brought up to politicize this. I worked at Fox News for a very long time. I would have liked to have been privy to the information that he had paid out $32 million to a woman while still working in the same place as someone. Whether or not fox paid it or he paid it I think that's still information that women who worked at the company had a right to know. Every time there was a giant fox scandal I always wanted someone to say and I'm going to say it here, the best women work at fox, the strongest women who have been sisters to me in my life that I talk to every day. These are strong, independent women who are dragged into this just publicly because you're associated with it by working at fox and it's not fair. That's a really good point you made. Yeah. I love the point that you make that, you know, if you are aware as an employer that someone has settled five, six lawsuits against them for sexual harassment, is it your job as an employer to tell the female employees that they may be sitting next to a sexual predator? Certainly h.r.'s -- we talk about H.R. All the time. Where the hell was H.R.? The only thing bigger than these men are the companies protecting them with these nondisclosure acts. If the claim is without merit, why pay it? Yeah. That's the bottom line. He's protecting his children. Yeah, baloney. Well you know what, bill. Probably just take another couple of vacations for a while. He's got enough money. You can't walk out of this. You can blame it on as many people as you want but at its core, you participated in some way. They are naming you, so don't blame god. Take a look in the mirror and say you know what, what I did was dumb and I shouldn't do it, I'm not doing it anymore.

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{"id":50684630,"title":"Bill O'Reilly speaks out about reported sexual harassment settlement","duration":"6:29","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss O'Reilly's comment that he is \"mad at God.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/bill-oreilly-speaks-reported-sexual-harassment-settlement-50684630","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}