Bill O'Reilly Talks Religion in High School Sports and Donald Trump

Talk show host joins the ladies on "The View" to discuss the latest topics in the news.
2:52 | 10/19/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bill O'Reilly Talks Religion in High School Sports and Donald Trump
Steve Craig is a job and we never know what's gonna happen when this man hits the table so please welcome the author of the new best seller. Killing again. Bill O'Reilly. And art studio audience so a very good takes very. Codes and intelligence audience was so that's not let it yourself a lab first apartment they got to ask you we we're just discussing this highly controversial case out of Washington State this football coaches that would be punished for having. Prayer at school grounds after the game when your thoughts on that. Well today after school activity it's voluntary and the coach wants to thank god that none of his players got a concussion or something. It's ridiculous let them do what he wants the football players who. Locker room and and do what they want so it's you know our laws are designed. Two protect people from religion being imposed. You don't impose okay. So and that's good I like those laws nobody of voluntary expression of faith. In any form in America is allowed under our constitute treatment in the totally out. Speaking at the body count and Jeb Bush are publicly feuding right now trump again trotman added yeah. And you can't not LOK said he said that if he was president the world's traits that are came down during his pain. Anything we'll look com. The World Trade Center was attacked because of faulty intelligence and no president. Sitting president could've. Or write that all right so faulty intelligence. We did have assets in Afghanistan were al-Qaeda was being trained. And so they got. For a ferocious and they got this plot and they carried it out where trump does have a point. Is that he would be much tougher on a legal immigration. Then the sitting president's previously war. So he says look if I were elected I would know let guys overstayed their visas which the killers did. They overstayed their visas guys who have never been allowed in the country you don't well I mean if you overstayed a visa an America. Nothing happens to you. And you would assume with Donald Trump for president you get five years in jail. All right so that might inhibit people from overs thing of these. That's his point. Now Jeb Bush is gonna defend his brother because his brother isn't guilty. For the 9/11 attack and and trump say that but. In a roundabout way in bush was was number one a loyal brother number two correct that no president at that point in history could have prevented that attack pure.

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{"duration":"2:52","description":"Talk show host joins the ladies on \"The View\" to discuss the latest topics in the news.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"34583545","title":"Bill O'Reilly Talks Religion in High School Sports and Donald Trump ","url":"/Entertainment/video/bill-oreilly-talks-religion-high-school-sports-donald-34583545"}