Billy Crystal on Harold Ramis' Death: 'This One Hurts'

The actor discusses his collaboration with Ramis on the 1999 comedy "Analyze This."
3:00 | 02/25/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Billy Crystal on Harold Ramis' Death: 'This One Hurts'
Billy Crystal you're joining me on the phone thank you so much giving us your time on this -- most -- worked with Harold Ramos of course on analyze this. You met him much earlier than that what do you remember most about Harold arraignments. I first album 1986. And what I was always. So amazed that was -- -- -- Presidency was for Britain to existent in the comedy world but he did you know goes bust -- Groundhog Day in the second city background it was a very. Scholarly. But most commonly used -- Tom what -- kind of figure. Always interest citizen religion and psychology -- And it really helped him in his writing in his understanding of character is I'm really shocked about this and very said he was a wonderful. Gentle spirit and really gonna -- -- Well our condolences to you of course to fellow actors who Harold Ramos of course brought us such. Wonderful films over -- decades years you know going back all the way to animal house on an area remember just watching -- -- that and also your collaboration with him as well. Closest parallel manulife says he had two. Very different. Actors. Property and -- Asselta joined together in this. Movie that that we really needed to hit the right to hold of it was against a movie but it was a common they need to really be a fine line. There would do with would be Trudeau the -- that office. Playing -- and our relationship together and it just. And it really was. A great deal of -- work in personality that sent to the movie. So that Bob and I could become the I think it really terrific team we were -- that -- And animated movie -- -- but it also raided a very good movie probably more importantly and experience of working on him was. What is really lovely for Bob and -- and we've exchange emails to -- desist. This one hurts this is this is a good man. Wonderful husband father and now grandfather and to -- -- Billy Crystal thank you so much for -- -- us. So sorry again for the loss of your colleague your friends as well as a great comedic actor writer and director. -- -- -- -- --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The actor discusses his collaboration with Ramis on the 1999 comedy \"Analyze This.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"22661039","title":"Billy Crystal on Harold Ramis' Death: 'This One Hurts'","url":"/Entertainment/video/billy-crystal-discusses-harold-ramis-death-22661039"}