'Black-ish' star Tracee Ellis Ross on important life lessons

Ross appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" to talk about "Black-ish."
17:14 | 01/03/18

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Transcript for 'Black-ish' star Tracee Ellis Ross on important life lessons
We what is George Allen's new low. Nelson what's in the residue. Stays. In the breezy and settling in napping on the couch. At least me and his lady. It's so unappealing hearing yesterday just got some he would do my own street. And here listen and I think since. Tune honor. Can human testament times sure are. We really shouldn't. We're saving her house opening. They can really loves theater. Hi I am Peter Travers in this popcorn when we tell you what's pop it in the culture and if you people aren't watching black usually you're just foolish. So you need to catch up on it now and money. Today. Ratios Ross. I should say Golden Globe and I love the way that you bring it with you I did not tell anyways well heavy five point two pounds too much for us UK alone not to specific OI looked it up because it eat it too heavy its. Five point I wonder what the Oscar ways you know after you become an. And me next. And means vs ot there verse is. On Golden Globe I wonder what. I have to let you know. We do well when you have them all pop up and I am dying out and you come back I want them all Lima. Yeah that in no problem. You have. Such as the year. It like an on screen we just. Comes and Otto it. I'll tell all know if you bottle it there's limitations on you all right. Oh. Yeah wait life is going to be with yeah yeah yeah but it is you face light as the taking years of therapy or we now to what the truth. My real middle name is joy and I came out in this effervescent way I am I've always been bubbly and always a lot of energy money. True nature excuse me and I'm properly true nature is pretty fun. Pretty joyful and pretty pretty light bubbly. Well I'd bet that you know it's like having a comet on the net and black. While you are quite a few comics there's lark planet who is the most exuberant. Jennifer Lewis recently per share edged sound hash ED UIOC horrible to me as a character yes wonderful to me the human. And we enjoy each other immensely but it is this that a very people. Between Jennifer d'antoni and myself. There is here. Today there is the areas if we act. There is now and crazy act and yet. With everything that's happening this show deals with so many sort of hot top. Topics and really important subject matter that I think all of us as humans are chomping on right now. On hand are not normally usually addressed on television let alone a comedies so. I mean it's it's interesting I think about it sometimes like I asked if he were to list some of the big subjects that we have. Dealt with honor show you would not think I was describing a comedy. You wouldn't now. Postpartum depression. Now he had yeah. Accident scene. And the history of this country and sort of what should be taught in school and what is the honest and true history in this country the and word police brutality. Parents aging and not wanting to the doctor. I mean you know you feel about the recent election how we feel about the recent election like you know these are not subject that you think now. Ours is really funny and we still also make people think Laphen thing. Do you guys get to contribute ideas to what's going on or you just let me. The writers' content I wouldn't call it a slave to the writer I would say I am a joy of performing their material because it's really extraordinary writing a show. Date they break the stories without us I'm not a writer on the show. But we do I do have input inserted the new lines of what's happening with the character which I am very vocal about one. On making sure that the fullness of who she is as a woman is coming through in coming crop and the stories and things well his. But no our writers are amazing and the story that they stories that they come up with the always intrigued by in so. Moved by an hour show is how we entered these acts because it's never like. What you would think like even the dean vote racial episode that IA where we explored Obama is heritage. On the win the fact that it started with globe being upset that her son. With dating a white girl was so surprising to me because Bo is. It's very liberal she's a feminist cubic loves her son. She's this sort of where your heart on your sleeve woman and for her to have issue with their son dating a white girl was really fascinating and sort of are ready. Starts the story like on its head. And as a result you get to kind of unpack something that's not and packed in the way. I'm same thing with the Edward episode of the fact that we enter that not through the teens but through the little one in its talent show I found is fascinating. But. Let you you know doctor rainbow that your plan. Is in many ways like Q you didn't go to brands and he went to Britain did that you are product of an into racial happens I am I love you. I've seen you on a couple of shows and people always announce this tonight. Trying not to do it that music. Traci your mother is Diana Ross yes and you always agree he adds and weirdest thing. I I totally agree. It's totally true. And I know there's nothing I can do it changed it. Now would you want no no no no it so there's no point in even. Disputing that she is my mom. And you're dead is in that business he's part of that team. And that it is he's not anymore than he is if I get my sense of humor and so many other things wonderful father and on. If you do not on the an incident and shedding ancient scroll back and seen some of the adventures I have with my father and I want my Brothers got married this summer and we went on a road trip to get to the wedding. Payment at. Some news that an act that. Is he very much like Beau Bridges and we are now I know he gave me we are so. Literally my father and I like what people think look like my mom and when they see me with my dad they're like a light on it but I think I think it. The same hi I literally insane for Saudi it's like looking in the near. With my dad we are so similar it's bizarre. But in the growing up bop yeah about Virginia Bobo to yet with the accused execute this thing yet where that every adult and found him about bridges but it's not perfect but in that episode which deserve to be in the time. Denial because it's so re Dee Dee know that when you read it could you even got to narrated. I did it was told through my eyes through those eyes and I just thought that was a wonderful episode and we explored it unpacked this idea of being makes in this country a mixed heritage and sort of what that means in. What what's that experiences like when you're growing up and sort of attempting are having to choose a side or discovery yours different sides. And how you make sense of that it was really fun to play mostly because her point of view about being a mixed heritage is very different from mine. I truly was not confused I felt very much embracing of both sides and still do and I and I am still in exploration. And curiosity about both sides of my heritage and what that means and how that plays itself out in my life in in mind when I'm connected to or not connected to. It's also what I love most about live life is. That we are none of us the same and all so much the thing. At the same time and we get to sort of enjoy I believe in a colorful world but. You're growing. And not having that kind of initiative. Let. Do you say to yourself as a kit I'm good thing like my mom when I don't say that now now you never said. No I always wanted to sing actually think that was the main thing I want to get it out that at the end of the show we every get things. I'm not doing well you because how I gave you all this popcorn. And. Yes it's not dealers are targeting our elected but you can be thinking of it was your answering my other glanced back we talking in the west line yet of what it is that figure. You don't have to do it doesn't have to be done it can be any song by a heavy breath at the end know that customers' money. You know. Oh I don't know why. What was the lesson she passed on view about having a -- re here in this. Business. And she must have had something to say trust yourself. Yeah. I think I learned so much for a mom that wasn't necessarily from what she told me that from her example. She's an extraordinary woman on Ann's an extraordinary mom. So I think it was more are not what I learned about some of how to walk into my career. But in. How to be a person. And soon know the importance of Stanley and the connections that I have and ends. That. I could have a curiosity a sense of curiosity encourage about how I walk through my life time. So the idea was you can do anything. Yeah if you worked hard. Yet it wasn't just you get to Jane and me. It was you get to demon do. So never said that like that before it do you want it yet but it's true because they think an additional three. With an odd way it isn't doing as a deal and I think part of what I learned hasn't gotten older is it all takes way longer than you think it does and it's not a comment on what you're doing and doesn't mean you're doing wrong. But I would think your parents would be a little bit nervous about you and tearing this business no I think my mom's had a bit of a good run of it. You kidding we wouldn't be anything can happen. Happening on that does that would make it more intimidating and it would be like how do like get out of the shadow. Well I never. Or felt I was in my mom satellite something I I was raised in her in brace on her shadow and I've never attempted to try and be my mom although. I do sanctions some of the main thing and I mean and I take dollar clothes and stuff. I mean you now in. All of us learn to Cherry Hill thousands of she hasn't noticed there may think I'm college shopping. And I and I. I for a wild hair would ask your right it takes that into anything now an eyewitness but it my shirt might walk out it now like I'm not asking me you didn't go gad shall come be a very large when you that he is not a joke it is true. Yes yeah I don't I definitely a lot of the things in mind homer. Stolen. Shot outset that from my momma I think look this could count I think there's no honor she's dead when she when we were younger she would say a double edged thing. What's mine is yours but just a you know. I didn't spend all this month made others money for you. I'm organist and it's so you better figure out how to deal could come here and enjoy it but nothing leave yet now when that goes on not adding. But when you look at it you. On screen and television movies what do you proudest. I think with what's happened. In rate now at the role that I'm playing. And who I have become as a woman. I ain't like that I am expanding. The ID. Of what it is and to be a woman. A joyful woman he. On television. Played it through the face and being Nance of a black woman and that there is something that we're doing on black S that is allowing a platform. For me to. Expand an idea of what we have seen on television from black women. Which is shockingly not a lot. Which is disappointing me not outline which is embarrassingly not alliance. And yet been thirty some on years since a black woman. Was nominated in the lead actress category in the Emmys and thirty's some on years since a black woman one Debbie Allen being the last eaten a Golden Globe. That Psycho social thing that's happening that you can only change in your own individual. Right this is well it's something that the industry needs to be smarter about but how can they be made or persuaded to be Smart. It's not for persuasion it's actually for them to grow and be better. PM I don't think that's something that is. Any individual's job for persuasion and I actually think it's more about opening your eyes and seeing the world that is around you he ends looking outside of your own privilege whatever that made me. Out of your own blind spots. And it's an opportunity for people. To stretch and grow outside of their own comfort so that we all can be. Steen is the humans that we are men appreciated and loved and and connected to as they ate human race. The great thing about how the your feelings and get expressed within this character ball shell are really great because. You're never spokesperson for something no Hume it and out of all. I'm my character is not me on so often. She doesn't have the voice that I have. But my character and black case and my work in my career has offered me. A platform to use my voice in ways that. I eight feel comfortable in ways that. I think need it needs to be news what a great situation. It's it's her attorney Craig saying it's how great I think I'm on EE a gag. Yeah oh. Neared. Yeah as the song who did. It take you. All it. Like he's gonna do this. That's what it's getting away with it but I want to say something Arabs is just before you obviously thinking of the real well and your mom when she was and they think the blue she did that Billie holiday's song god bless the child great they are in that you know it doesn't matter basically. Mama may have and Papa may have. But god bless that it had you have your wrong. You really do that can. Now that's. Now now now Agence stop that you should stop because you can't thing. It's why you didn't know how olina pop art yeah the one thing. Just thumb. Now I want to do it and our nephew Lee yeah now. I. Now and be holes and looking for a little. That is something that's a little bit more than you everybody everybody Ed Reed. I think you look like the person who would seeing in the Chandler and be. And think about what that is. You're fry on it do it are you gonna think ultimately I knew it I get a little dog but the top where you are. You goats and I can't say if the spark blame but again seeing Boone. And that land a man and then stand in the news. I think kicked and rain in June live fun it's. Oh I'm trying this man meant. You mind vehement not the skinny. Cast since then the loan me. Yeah I think you. Oh yeah hall. But north that would hold back and think. We don't have a at a higher ground attack. K. White dude are. And.

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{"id":52117452,"title":"'Black-ish' star Tracee Ellis Ross on important life lessons","duration":"17:14","description":"Ross appears on \"Popcorn With Peter Travers\" to talk about \"Black-ish.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/black-ish-star-tracee-ellis-ross-important-life-52117452","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}