Bobby Cannavale on 'Vinyl' and Scorsese

"Vinyl" star Bobby Cannavale appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" and talks about working on a dream project with rock icon Mick Jagger and director Martin Scorsese.
16:18 | 03/04/16

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Transcript for Bobby Cannavale on 'Vinyl' and Scorsese
Are sort of effective building that night. What was plan. As some kind of bongo beat of direct form something. Skewed cooler place to make sense to turn and governments that the car. To break his own stuff. Never established and India. You hope they don't. A. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you what is pop and in the culture and there is nothing popping like vying. I don't know where to even start about what it is this is the music industry in the starts in 1973. And we're seeing it but my guess that they Bobby kind of filing. Just jumps into this part and takes it to places where you gotta watch. Great to have you Peter thanks nice to be here. When you've got this part and I hear it started long time ago that they talk to you. Yeah it's been about four years now make your jagr came up with the idea many years ago that I got involved while I was shooting boardwalk empire. And Terry asked me if I'd read a script. And I think you know I'm very different yet he had no idea I of course you know I said yes and and I didn't really know what that this story but the pedigree. I just knew that it was it the script that Terry wrote and and I just followed with a victims was epic in scope and you know for a guy like me who really hasn't gotten to play a lead role. He was just a multi dimensional I just don't allow finally get to play a part where the rule was really Britain has. Fully formed fully defined characters usually find myself having to create that these sorts supporting roles and the rest is history but it was my four years ago via. But when you're in. It's you it's that there are some you bring things to life. In a very unique way. Boardwalk empire may be supporting well with you when the enemy force this anybody that watched it remembers jet. They remember what you did I wouldn't be sitting with Q there was a rancher and you know it's. A little scary. But they I was area yeah but this guy is it he's he mob connected he's got problems he's. But he sees something in him. In his love of means he's just lost he. So much the businessman even though he runs a record company and that's just loves him so. Let me say that because that's what I thought but while on the surface this looks like this story about a guy who's all those things. But really what I loved about it when I think is that he's an artist really he's got the soul the artists that he's but he was involved in this that is the only when he can be involved in the news he's just artistic we connected. Nothing in actor I couldn't imagine doing anything else and electric probably going to be good bartender that could probably wouldn't bar. But as you did could they did get hit could kick people on board but it. But really what I want the only the only noise can do is this acting thing I think for Richie that's who he is that there's something I think that we in sort of identify with that regardless all the other things drugs in the mob connections and the way you treat people. You know his artistic so lows on the line. You're barely born. In nineteen that's right it. There's nothing that you live through yes it is but these two guys. Mick Jagger and martz says it. Certainly team up in this world. Learn fan. You have there an incredible resource you know mean. Now they both bring different things to me actually you know like Marty. You could just sit with Marty you've spoken. To Marty and you know you can just sit and via rapt audience member just listening and talk about. The time the frenzy with me out with the music scene you know mean Marty was one of the assistant directors and movie Woodstock. You know they'll show you you know there's that part in the pilot where talk about being it would start. And you know and rehearsing that's in need of you know I was actually at which. Oh. It. I like whacked and then we show you a picture of himself and its standing on the stage where Jimi Hendrix it and then with Mick what's really valuable for me is to watch the way people are around me. You know like I'm playing a guy who's very comfortable around artists whose very comfortable around everybody's sort of but it is very a personality. And and nick I say this about Michael time it's like he's like the sun. You'd oh people just it's incredible to watch people around him they're just. The light is so bright and so you know you see a world backstage the stones concert. And some pretty important people were there an eyewitness. Floored by him you know like its interest in the watch how they interact with it's really. It's it's it's fascinating but how much did they get Bob EU or performance. Of rich in how much. Do you look to them for guidance. You know Marty's. That's that's the dream you want to be directed by him but that thing that was surprising to me was. I would have shown up in just gone and done whatever he told me to do we here do this do that it's a great. But for about three months before we start shooting the guys put in his pocket kept me there you notably over the house and we've heard talk about the show we talk about the the Arab we talk about music's of that would talk about the show at all but he just made me feel really comfortable with them and and he told me like I want this to be collaborative I want you to bring your own ideas to this. With it now we look at the script we think about alternate. Ways of of saying what was on the page. You know we'd have these rehearsals where he and I would get together at a hotel and you know and but schedule every hour. Different actors would come in and we rehearsed the scenes we talk about the scenes first. And then we take a read and anything let's do it again but do with your own words and then we talk a little bit more and all that was just. With Michael to get everybody used to being around him and they think there's that sense when you when you with Marty suggest. You know you gotta get over the fact that you're sitting with Martin Scorsese I think he knows that. And and he wants you to be really comfortable with him and by the time we started shooting I felt like the guy the very first shot that Irish. Spurs shot in the movie. Get the set and it's the scene with the Germans that the continent conference for PolyGram people. It is the long conference table longer in this room and I got their and the cameras on the G and the cameras. Literally this is where I'm sitting the cameras here. After squeezed in for my first shot in this thing the camera starts right. And I work really part of the first. And I think that day I think we should get started which just you know you can do this Wednesday. And at that that kind of faith that he has and you he builds it up over time he's really really Smart that way by the time we we were shooting I felt like he maybe feel like I knew this was character was great so you would have paid them to itself like it's just a lot it was one of those things so how are you feeling now about your career. What you feel that you're on a trajectory that you bush wanted to be on because this was something wanted to do when you went it is all I've ever wanted to do and popular. I've been. I haven't had to work at it job for about twenty years now and little time I felt like I felt like I was never gonna get out of that. Sort of race of going from Florida board of bar and so as long that I have to work at a job. And I can do this that I feel like it's I've been feeling successful the last these that you're not doing that that you have enlargement of what else we the bartender I was a doorman it was a security guy at a club at work the Empire State Building. You do edgewood. I was we're gonna framing store. Worked at radio station. It did everything a clean toilets that he has won 22 downtown. I was that's how it was an audition reader. Also you're moving closer though to show yet I was an understudy in the theater. Nots I've done everything in this business I mean I was an extra. That there was an under five. You know dive that Scioscia on defy it view card you know that it commercials and small parts. Medium sized hearts and now yeah this is like this is it Billick I've worked my way to this moment if that got this part. Fifteen years ago I don't know that I would be as confident as I am. Now I don't know that I've been able to handle working with make it more the and now I can actually say things that make it Marty. And you can't be and I feel okay with it but. When ever icu and I also see you on stage you know I remember in the with a hat group with Chris rock and this is just a lecture what you're doing it's it's like you had a feel for that. The why was that that was that was really what I thought I wanted to do was just work on stage that was really that's what my favorite of all the mediums. I did my favorite yeah. Yeah I really love rehearsal I really love the communal experience of working with the crew with with other actors and the director. And designers. You know it's very quick television especially at film the very very fast sometimes you don't meet. The actor that you're supposed to have this intimate relationship with until the day you're shooting with them. So I really liked the process of working in the theater and and frankly I would have better roles in the theater. But them with that was a big breakthrough for me because that was how I met Marty and Terry in what he. When he came to see that play and that's how I got cast include jasmine so. No my instincts my gut is always told me. Which way to go and and I've and I passed on a lot of things to do these plays and it's always worked out. So you're getting something from it but people are also there watching you yet which is great. Interest thing because people when they see they're gonna say home he was this great boardwalk empire did this but you mix and a you won an Emmy basically for will and grace review wills liked yeah. I've never done a sit com either it was weird about the guy looked out I mean I got that because they did the station agent when I did the station agent. I had opportunities to do other TV shows and I was like. Not I'm gonna do this movie because this is a great role and it's a great script and knowing my best friend wrote it directed it so I was like okay I'm gonna do it for five dollars. We're gonna give it a shot if if you what happens here. And Peter Bentley has changed my life that in and a lot of other ways to that's what got me willing grays and you know -- took off from there and but it avatar Mike is doing okay he's doing he's. There and win win for him to. You it's all gut you know man. You know I never went to Los Angeles I don't listen to many people would tell me I mean I should do this I should do that did that one's real and it resulted in a movie called snakes on a plane yeah and everybody was like you gotta do snakes on a plane man is gonna put you on another level that's the one time that I listened. To those people and that was it that's the one that I could remember not following my gut but as long as I stay here and keep my feet on the ground they Allman. And follow my gut if it works out pretty well so this you have a son Jake I'd do it twenty year old son. Jake who's also an actor's. I saw that to you and yours. Yeah that was he's pretty did you see him and then he was in the Larry David I play off Broadway I saw that as well you're very press them very proud of them it now on the another sign yet every twenty years that the government Havoc retreat if there. Could it be inches dangerously when your eight. We'll there are 65 another one this. And I wanted to time act itself Smart to do it's hard hard so he's Rocco kind of Villa where does that come from. I just always liked the name and I level the all the different nicknames you can have with a nameless Rocco rock rocky. Did you see him do you see an actor already blossoming in the hope you know week. I hope he's like. He's a scientist I really do really you know gonna leave a lot of scientific things around this house that yeah. That's. Now it doesn't cook they do what they got negative. That's no way to stop them when you encouraging Jake in in the acting business and you know Jake Jake was just Jake was always another amazing imagination. Was a writer very early on still a writer. Primarily a writer really. And and into music so there was always an artistic that the Viet there and the acting thing to happen until nurse Jackie. Because Jake used to helping with my lines as a teenager. And I was just about to start worker nurse Jackie and there was this reference to his character who's playing this kid. He sounds cool is that I don't know these it will come I try out. And he did and he just went and he came back a few times that he had to read with medium to advertise there and he just had it eulogies to come to work with me for years. Sets would mean them behind backstage with me and so he just instinct he knew what to do. Arithmetic ever shot was seen with. Edie Falco. Margaret Colin. And Carmelo Anthony from the mix and I remember I'd want to be around too much and one of the feel like it was hovering. I was watching the monitors and he was sitting there and it was like a raking shot across him with easy. EB sitting in front of him and him here. And I see him looking you know about on the camera there's a little monitor the monitor must've been facing him. Before they were start shooting and I could see him going like this. He was looking to see if he was blocking the actor behind it like where you can put his hand. As like how does he know how to do that has fifteen years old and he just had it and and they saw that walk away watches that are he's good that's where yeah you never have. EC is he a good critic of your work that he does he what does he think he really bluntly honest but as is the as enemy. Not so much. That's like he sought any. I was really proud of this movie at the without any Collins. It would spanking him awhile to see it and so I was like what candidacy that on the audit that's our. As what to think an exit that it really liked it because it was electorate that movies that like the way goes now is. So on comfortable in every scene he's in with a view. He's he's had his discomfort in the scenes and yet rises above it and he pushes through it that was really interest in to one that's hard to do. So he of these little observations. He's really relieved wants things that he notices. It is pretty perceptive that's exactly what's happening again. So dish you've never been but it ends always song which is seems to us now maybe it's a song you're saying to rock. I. I'm look at the that is now at right now you know what I emcee it and what I and many words to it that's good that's costly in the theme from rocky to be great. And then. Than. Then. Than I think it's just like this Bennett and than it turned gonna. They did you think he's going to be a scientist. Are now you're going about this in the wrong way and after just leave. Scientific equipment in house and no body equivalent rate to me had me on the show and really great best of luck. Thank you thank you he's very.

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{"id":37395296,"title":"Bobby Cannavale on 'Vinyl' and Scorsese ","duration":"16:18","description":"\"Vinyl\" star Bobby Cannavale appears on \"Popcorn With Peter Travers\" and talks about working on a dream project with rock icon Mick Jagger and director Martin Scorsese.","url":"/Entertainment/video/bobby-cannavale-vinyl-scorsese-37395296","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}