New book ‘My Name is Prince’ reveals some of the artist's most intimate moments

ABC News gets a one-on-one interview with author Randee St. Nicholas.
7:04 | 12/05/19

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Transcript for New book ‘My Name is Prince’ reveals some of the artist's most intimate moments
You might not recognize Randy saint nick Phillips after all she spends most of her time behind Poland capturing some of the biggest stars on the planet. That's the first picture I think. Since his the first photo you efforts have compatible but for her to 245 years spent shooting with prince was a relationship unlike any other. It's edges for critics and music can play a plane. And I get in the car and drive around for hours and planning the music industry Clinton. Now fans can see a glimpse of his purple majesty's life the way she did. In a nearly seven and a half pound coffee table book titled my name is print. This energetic amazing live yeah farmer who jumps all over the states does this Phillips Tony times in one show. Plays guitar and sings and false said oh I mean he's. Magical. Ball of energy that actually. As a person he's gent home he's. Com. She's. Hilariously funny. We were gonna do it at about ten years ago mentioned we're still making pictures that we don't need to do retrospective yet we got plenty of time. Of course saying. Yes I felt in doing it. Without him it took me probably about a year and a half after he left us. Before I even thought about. My promised him when we did the other booked when human nights booked but still this book now will do this for greater seeing their real life. Mrs. your promise to him idiots. This was a cathartic emotional Cheney. Two thousands and thousands and thousands photographs 125 years it was like you how he's sort of running around in a ball of energy such as CB still moments I think are really powerful I stopped at a stoplight and I looked over and there was this smoke wafting off for this building. And I went through that building. Is it still on fire and I I just sitting at the stoplight and I looked and I don't know why I just. Instantly turn the corner and went on the street parking got out and walked into the buildings my phone rang. And it's prince neatest Randy. What he's doing his it would it would shed. Feel well I just put down the side street and here's is building that I think was just on fire. And I think it be great as she is with the baby grand piano there when he goes. Twisted mess it's in Hollywood itself would definitely make a skull studio instrument panels pit a piano the ban on me then and now. And so this picture and used sort of pull the prints. Dating didn't think if you're saying that yes the (%expletive) up. To know princess Chenault Mets. He lived in a moment and if you missed the moment. He missed it which is. I've had so many revelations doing this book in thinking about. How. He influenced. All of us that worked with him that's the first picture I think tank at Princeton since the first photo you effort to could happen. The memories that went along. With these photographs. The hilarious moments with him. The moments of him more I just I told him once I would I would drive my car a freer hand. I know you're an alien and won't plead not because he was such a brat some times. And in the best game in the best in always in the best ways Princeton. I tell me. Had. A remarkable chemistry. The way I found out about ten ailments like kind of a funny story in prince called me again like 1 tune in the morning. Asked me come over to his house my father is visiting. Diamonds in the desert at the time and it was like morning 2 in the morning. And I said to my dad you won a kimono to prince's house he wants me to come marina something to show me such. And I looked to me and we got there and princes have few bodyguards and Dwayne Santa princes up in his bedroom. New Mexico up and I said we you entertain my dad will let go up there so my dad sat down I was talking to those guys. Helena and prince goes like this. He hits the bed like this he's on the bed in his bedroom and there's this big screen TV in just. Sit down you know push it down and it. Presses play and there's this very Rauf. Sort of homemade video of a young girl belly dancing any sense. So -- think. Fatally me but I think what do you think Michael what do I think of what what do you think of her. And I sat. I mean think she's that earlier gonna marry. And he did exactly what you did Hewitt. A war what noun and a she's. Sixteen years old. And I go. Well you asked me what I think I don't know lines saying this that this is when I think he goes well now. I'm doing this Egyptian team and I'm thinking of having her join the big and and I sit well in that case she's a great deli cancer. Yeah I think it's a great idea and then I said. As at all NATO's yeah and I cocaine and time because my dad's downstairs like kind of Monica Lincoln's one but it's sad. She co. My dad is down says he said did you say your dad is downstairs. And sit yes he is okay this I have to say so we walked down the stairs said. And my dad and sitting there. He walks up to him any puts out his hand any shakes his hand because I'm very glad to meet you my father's that I am glad to me it's him. And Princeton I can honestly say and of all the girls I've call to come over in the middle of the night none of them have ever brought their father. And we got fox up and we stick apply at that and then he married yeah so this is when he has. The fro it's that peninsula I just I love to Pam. So just as I showed you the first picture I yeah and the beginning. This is the final photo shoot and I think this is the last on me and hand moved look at potentially airline's sick. Move. I didn't realize that until listed putting the put together obviously I'm doing a book a retrospective of prince. And then in it. I realize that's turning type years of my life as well. Would think that people menuing that's going to be the most surprised him mind. I think that he was funny news. That he was. Released spontaneous. Because he's so mysterious. People assume that there's a darkness there and I think. But there was this. Lightness about. That he was striving. For. All its.

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{"duration":"7:04","description":"ABC News gets a one-on-one interview with author Randee St. Nicholas.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"67531504","title":"New book ‘My Name is Prince’ reveals some of the artist's most intimate moments","url":"/Entertainment/video/book-prince-reveals-artists-intimate-moments-67531504"}