'Logan' star on everything to know about the film's villains

Holbrook appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" to talk about the making of the new film "Logan."
16:53 | 03/01/17

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Transcript for 'Logan' star on everything to know about the film's villains
Is that. Police chief Charles quiet go inside now. You can turn around this as private property. Yes it is. Fact I believe belongs to promote smoke and company based in Shanghai. Where you give me oh man. I. We're live. At this morning. I'd like to Meehan. I mean girl what could. I know you wouldn't. Call this. Girl just woman. So. You know it's been in pain. Hi everybody I am Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you what's happening at the movies and I just saw a movie called Logan. And it is I think one of the boats. Different as well of one of the best. X-Men movies that you'll ever see it's not even like. That it's something completely different and Mike yesterday buoyed Holbrook. Is a rat bastard he's just he's somebody. You know I met him as a team and I still hate me. Even though I looked him in the arc office. Humanity evil past. Thank you yes it took a trip expect it and what was it that James Mangold so all of the directors on and it's that I need to have would overplay. This is. He only has a name like the Bancorp you know I think Donald Donald knows this we won't with the that he sits in the war Donald home. Leave so Lott was how did you do. Get yourself and. Well I. Politician when I was doing nothing weird about the midpoint of season two and senate tape now. Three months later why I'm totally forgotten that that was a possibility. Got a call. What. Got the part. You know. I I'd met James once before. And scuffling fuels roots group worked with the as a writer director. Some welcome tombstones. Leon's I knew the head injury there you and they. You know everything starts we. This century's heard that'll are. It's true you know I discovered a couple things in there. You know I just as soon as some. It. It. Accident that was your ID. It was written ads. Southern so sort of drew off certain personality. When you're contemptible. Yes yes he had that but it's not quite had him. It is different. And dialect as some here. Ways just. Think of finishing and here. For mean always. Is it completes the character for me. Usually. Lines something set in the pocket with the it's Fannie some of them he's very kind of welcome. Yet well as the hospitality there isn't OK you know problems with the lightness. Your first conversation and in the back claw with. You Jackman Wolverine is kind of Alice Campbell at that I think yeah I think yourself it will rain and attitude to. Yeah they you know James was was really open for me you know doing some cosmetics. Creating. I think all those things. Just held back story you know. Tattoo. You don't have to go into much but you can tell is military. There's wound users. You know it is again silences mannerisms they really let me just play with that I. That little thing like the are the effect of all its fifth at which are chopped off. Egypt and surged that you really would just into the coal. Accident just wanted to. No no that's got to be what what is. Well. So basically the readers. Are sort of ex military them. And all news. A brilliant. Engineer. We're sort of neurological robotics. So anyone who's lost linens. Curtains and we're time. He's prepared dozens what made them. Which a thing goes into his character laws you've got a guy who. I I think he feels a little bit inadequate. Ultimately so. That's I think you know we all cover up in securities oh I think that's what he pushes forward with kindness does. Yet to mask and so. He's sort of not as qualified I guess is mutants are so he's trying to warn. He's trying to improve and so he does speak a little bit of sadistic life. He does which you know he's he's trying to get back. Basically actually three which in this is product dances. That's it's a security threat against you know society. It's eleven year old girl and yes. Who doesn't speak for good long while right now I mean the power that she can convey. It's through her performances. I mean I can of them when I was alone let alone. Last year probably. No Woodson this is a big deal in terms of what the X-Men in that. It seems to be. He jaguars last. Run through. As this character a flow of Wolverine right. It doesn't really have to be because it's that in the future. And he's like older losing his powers and somewhere but what you said did east title he won the set and say. Boy. This is it for me why you're never go thing I mean you look at its Hughes. Basically started all this thing you know he's kind of in the pioneer. That has. Paved the way for all of these tit for them. So I think it's a good thing to go. Like us. So as actors when you're doing this this James mangled disk and what do you go do you do read through do you do it or you just get thrust include. Well good question you know it's every. Everything I guess every food every project projects different. I kind of approach them all different with this I had about five days. Between Marcos and and shooting this it's you know time management. With James you know the great way about the engine he would speak today afternoon please wars character. In the dapper whoever exactly the same he's he's he's got a phenomenal way about him. If you go back and look at his work the performances in his films are incredible. So there is. I guess a connective tissue between. The artist that he's working with and film and is making its withdrawal. He's completely taken. I think there's your honor and flip to the moments. What was the toughest thing to do. Planes can't. Your is always feel like her takes extreme and out of focus and concentration. You know yours yours. There's so many things going on it's really used it distracted but you have to stay and in your pocket and some. There is the moments. That. To menacing. With passers that are now. It. Access the compassion. Because it's so easy to get lost it involves. You know for. Look you know then. You realize. There are just extraordinary talented actress from who were trying to make you better and and in turn your trying to do the same thing. But I really interest it's it's the first time you on where all the starts and I know how serious you're back in yet. Your beginnings and career were as a model. So did you have a lot of that crap where you know if you remodel Europe Zoolander yeah I was really was her first offender there was sort. Yeah. That is became so good of modeling that didn't an action game. You know I I didn't really have a lot of opportunities. We're grow up so. Was working at a theater company. And you know broken by some to take my photograph age. This will happen whatever. And it can come to be true and so I think three months after the camp Norton. Never looked. There's a great opportunity you know got to travel and let's say you know you know Smart about it. Save the cash and went to school. That is good achieve never had a problem getting past that I remember saying to mark -- ratings here but you started as a model and he. After years of still had that defense it all together is equality. I guess your not that you're not capable of do anything other than. I'm not really bothered by. As an actor who. There's some kind of natural schizophrenia that comes with it because there's so many people in your there's just. Maybe a year earlier this I think it's like no it's the tech equipment. But where do you put the characters you play. Oh well his conclusion. I usually like recognized long trip after afterward. Then it's just you know just dissolve a little bit to sort of decompress. Here's because it's you know yet the ramp up. And you know we're doing the film it's sixteen hour days and from there. You forget what day it is but we on volume again million dollars that news so. Yeah I'll fall I don't feel sorry for serious offense if it exists it dropped its just that. You know I know he started you were with ghastly event in in militant acts like a great. To ends when it rear begins we there. And then wing did get knock us when you get to play a real. Character Steve Murphy DEA agent. That plate you've had given the testimony and acting the part between I think one of the toughest things any but he can do which was to do now arrange. You and it wasn't just narration Mike hi I'm Steve Mercury it he years of the whole public. Our the do it one and you do it or reuse. Ended and do so that you watching it and you're going ha I think that's usually eat. Reaction and it just really worked. It's it it's a tricky one. And you know I'd Jose Jewelers the creator of the show. Wagner Moore who plays blow they terrific actor from all. They did case. Two part film called at least one which is about sort of the violence from the gangs and drugs in all of that in the for those of Brazil. So we took a lot of from from. That show into north sort of the radical I was sort of hands. And I knew it was going to be a lot especially that knows bilingual show. You're working and you're either if what you speak both Spanish and English your your re your your. Digesting information I think it's an it is a really green and sort of education for awhile. So I just one and to kind of you know two. Sort of hypnotic thing that would lift huge crosses its. And not overwhelmed because I think you know you look at where the greatest we're servers involved news very Lyoto. And good votes and that's a reroute the you know at some of its of performance on themselves. That's a two hour you know and I knew that we've got ten hours yours. BD two seasons and now we're gonna head to season three and what. We've captured power will ask if it's season two where are you going you're gonna tell me now. That you're not in season three I've been hearing rumblings when the rig. Do that remodeling. There. I may be careful about this it's just we have the tape to write him. You know. The show is called a card which. And so it's about that Wednesday you know it's about it's not obviously yes Bob Moses is the kingpins. Program master. But you know you look at the evolution of some like a chopper and that is the that chronological. Dynasty laying out front of you because once although. Was just on the other cartels that. And they sit world wide we have to in this two Miami. Willis is given to Mexico when you guys know. And that's the and you look at how so Microsoft loans through all these sort of schizophrenic so I don't know why. Here I'm I see many seasons to come where you could be in. But I'm looking from your own rumbling. Right movie can easily. So you're not. In season three is that what you're saying boy who don't and I can't remember. Art this year just the evil bastard again until the I because it's your first of the Latvia eight Pittsburgh the you don't know that we ended with every. In song. Oh its own song. I don't know what music easily you know when you were shooting. Road team. So did you bring it on. Yeah what a going to I didn't know it and was responsible and I just need a few bars of something this kindergarten. Let's bring it. I want to see what he can do. But oh goodness. Why bullet you know the heart. Which is. We're gonna go look at the cut now. I have not. Been waiting for you do. You put those loved it didn't hats the whole point. Oh. The what's here. Her eager. Your CEO Eric Kelly you. You've got a lot to do you do. So happy. Came. Did. My name is Donald. Look at the look at this sequel people to Logan will be called Donald got all geared the first person to say. Great to be true to you.

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