Bradley Cooper in 'Silver Linings Playbook'

Actor on starring in David O. Russell's new film and working with Jennifer Lawrence and Robert DeNiro.
3:00 | 11/30/12

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Transcript for Bradley Cooper in 'Silver Linings Playbook'
Top. Off. The whole time you root for this any way guys are I don't work and to be with the woman that he loves Catherine Barkley it's like -- can point. And he does he -- he survives the war after getting blown up he survives at any -- to Switzerland with -- you think he had that there. Now she -- -- -- I mean the world's hard enough as it is guys did somebody say let's be positive let's have a good ending to the story. -- -- -- -- -- -- for I can apologize I'm -- apologized for this in order will do I will apologize about half Ernest Hemingway. Because that's who's to blame here. You have Ernest Hemingway -- us and apologized to us to. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers. Popcorn when we tell you what's happening at the movies and it and -- and objective now you can yet. The movie will make you feel. And it stars Bradley Cooper the jets team that clip and we very cleverly had me Bradley -- But the real popcorn and -- wait no. Don't be room to operate it was just that it's all these this. City you're telling me play I think it would be fun that we started east. It's -- oh it's a little bit of nudge. But sentiment -- and not to know vehicular Israel I think a lot of you probably hang over. Now now -- and I we are in the middle and government. No I can't get this movie and actually has them. David O. Russell has -- -- and one of the -- -- and the great thing about him -- -- a collaborator. And I was able executive produce with him on this and be a part of it not just from film. I've seen this movie about 9000. Yet so fight I can't remember who -- -- please send me away to a small little facility and I go wildcats certainly -- instead they got violent what. Why is -- in there -- gently. We first meet him in put away for my well you know he he made a plea bargain with the courts he bought -- -- his wife sleeping with the history teacher was high school. And he -- -- instead of going to GAO he pled insanity so we would have to do time but what happens. He went into hospital and they diagnosed as being bipolar. So now he's out of the hospital he's not really admitting that aspect of itself does -- take his medication as we go there he just wants to he's figured out how to get his -- which. I know I can relate to assume you do sometimes a situation. Where you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- yes. And he you know thinks that he's just get a read his wife syllabus Reza restraining order out against him he's just gonna get his job back which is never gonna happen. Annie and he's -- -- -- light which is like now as he lives at home and his parents he's got no call our New England well. And through the course of the movie this. It is unbelievable. -- comes -- Lawrence in the -- of Tiffany Maxwell and she helps to open. Ability to live in the moment of well things can actually change that we try to control -- But the cool thing is she also was going -- she Tiffany Maxwell as just lost her husband and perhaps you're cop who got killed. Tragically trying to do something romantic for her and in order to deal with that -- -- -- to sleep -- everybody in the office. And -- pat senior played by Robert De Niro. Who -- that says get back I wrote an -- from Cape Fear from who is who was obsessive compulsive. To a point where it's at disorder. And you have all these characters and that's all David cares about David -- who cares about telling him that that story that the family. In the house on the block in -- neighborhood in 2008 witnesses that. And so what's gonna happen -- in any -- movie that's tough to put to a genre I would argue because like life. When there's a tragic moment certainly in my life there's been a lot of comedic elements that -- You know yeah allegedly seeking comment to -- After the tragedy as well you know I don't know I -- sometimes soaring to -- and I -- and you know there. -- -- -- I definitely had a feeling like things were being created. Not out of any premeditated motive that they were actually occurring in real time. And that's excite -- Because we shot this movie in 33 days that's like getting attend -- -- -- five it's almost impossible. And the only way to do that is to get out your -- you show up and -- start. And the way David Russell likes to work -- was he was to be -- for six degrees so he can change we can change coverage in the middle of the tape that's the best acting that -- that you go there and it's. Happy if there. And and that's exciting that's exciting it's like being in the classroom in the two you know it's one of those president of the teachers gonna call you. You know -- you have to be prepared is not just about sitting back and raising your hand. You know and then Robert De Niro says you know some people so -- bedroom perfect meaning me at this -- rolled them in their bedroom. I don't know whether yet it has nothing else was down but that you can't you know that's that's gone is that to show up and it's exciting it was -- -- sporting event we robbery wind at the end of every day. And that partly seen as a scene in the movie where. Jennifer Tiffany -- finally. She's an entity in the -- that's in the all come together in this one scene that we shot that in -- day in this house in this room and it really felt like we were doing some sort of you know -- experiences. And certainly theatrical production. -- it is like that no way but also another one of aspect of this then you -- what is. This ballroom dance come there. There doesn't let's take his own. These -- What. Does. Philosophy think he convinced he wants this white. Oh yeah now beauty -- that that's -- salvation to something Alia. So when you're working this is David O. Russell do a lot of rehearsals or you just don't go right and. -- I was in Schenectady, New York when he called me doing a movie called place in the pines and he said I want you to play pat that the role has become available I said. Well of course I'll do anything to -- when he movies and went but are you still shooting and in October and they said yeah. That's in three weeks -- suggest you can you come on -- to work on stuff in this book I don't know if I can but. I'll just -- and I drove down by rats from Schenectady and drove from -- New York to Philadelphia we rehearsing. The dance choreography the next day and shooting in the weeks there was no rehearsal basically. But tons of conversations and the thing about him is all he wants to do. Is -- work with you know with the right direction but you were actually living in the character and exploring and as you're doing it. You know there's not it's not about nailing the scene it's about exploring missing. And so we modulated pat throughout the first couple weeks until we found the kind of -- -- form. But there were a little less dramatic -- -- -- almost yet because you know he's that he is the formula by which you meet all the other characters and the story is told he's yours he's your guide throughout this movie so it was very important that he's. Not to on the friends because it'll be very hard for the audiences they -- them. And I think we don't do ourselves any favors the first -- -- -- the movie. And it and that we've seen you know the movie I've watched the lives you know screenings of it you know the -- was like what's happening right now who is this guy and then and then we honestly sort of get them back on our on our on our side you know and Tiffany -- the reason. And I was nervous. And I was definitely different things about doing this as I've never been asked to support OpenId that they -- -- -- director where he can't think it. You have to do it.

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{"id":17844212,"title":"Bradley Cooper in 'Silver Linings Playbook'","duration":"3:00","description":"Actor on starring in David O. Russell's new film and working with Jennifer Lawrence and Robert DeNiro.","url":"/Entertainment/video/bradley-cooper-plays-bi-polar-eagles-fan-silver-17844212","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}