Brett Young on life as a new dad

Brett Young talks about how his new baby daughter changed his life.
2:17 | 11/11/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Brett Young on life as a new dad
Tell me about the new woman in your life. She is. 21 days old. Today and she's way better than me authority and they threw me sit out about my wife she's better than meet. She's still better than me she's actually more better than me now but now there's a three week old that's better than me as well so I'm are ranked third at my house now. And I'm okay with it. How's the new arrival of rock in your world. There that's about how long do you have. I think that. Aside from like trying to figure out. How like how I've enhance and enrich and protect her life. The thing that's been the coolest for me is watching. My wife go from. Some did love and respect to somebody that liked if you saw my my my social media posts when the big news morning call them like a superhero. I was just talking about. The birthing process. Watching a new mom take two way in my wife's cousin and live on no sleep and keep this child alive and happy and thank them they're the craziest thing has been watching my wife actually beat column that superheroes talking about. On social media three weeks ago. What is things I'll never forget about this because two years ago when you broad tailored suit. See amazed at how proud you were. To tell me that she was going to be with you. So I think of this sort of a little anniversaries for an. It's that you it was so that that was the first. And I mean. To go way back with the story I mean when I wrote the whole first record about Taylor you know we were together for six years in them apart for two. And so don't. The C a major talking about was the first time we walk the carpet together back together. And so meant it feels longer ago than. There was really only a couple years ago and and and so yet I mean now with the new Arabia home she's. She literally going to we just started testing bottle feeding today. To see if it's even possible for her to come through the awards of me this week and there were it we're gonna make our best effort. Because it it is it is a special week for us.

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{"duration":"2:17","description":"Brett Young talks about how his new baby daughter changed his life.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"66921632","title":"Brett Young on life as a new dad ","url":"/Entertainment/video/brett-young-life-dad-66921632"}