'Cats' Cast Members Discuss The Musical and The Program That Inspires NYC Children

ABC News' Charli James
8:13 | 12/12/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Cats' Cast Members Discuss The Musical and The Program That Inspires NYC Children
This is Sam he's helping it navigate backstage though this is pretty well actually we're youth theater fans here backstage right now. Two. Rare performers are getting ready. And where you can see some of the costumes. And some of the props. So it's gonna moment for 12. Ethnic oppressor he is the executive director of inside Broadway. I'm and the man who created this program as well so you can get a little bit of a sense we can talk with some of the cast members are actually. I think the kids' food is. There are to send the kids intuit V. Theater to get their seats as they said that there's two performances today just giving a little more and two performances today for the kids in early on in the later life and in total there is going to be. Over 2500. Kids that get to experience. The show today though we're gonna grab a couple I handling can give you a look around just a little that. And it's. You can get a little bit of a sense of what it looks like back here. Well we've grabbed some. Cast my prayers. At. So we're gonna follow to the cast members down here since it's a little dark rate now on to the quick change room they can someone like me. They can explain what that Armenians are up this. There. Lamar behind the scenes here hi I think. That's live on abcnews.com. Right now on FaceBook page content can do is introduce yourself and tell us what characteristic. I'm Georgina Ascot in late Victorian. And justify the likely mongo Jerry. And so we are exactly right. Policy commitment that Jackson and science. The quick change area here at the outside and at the eve. Mountain Tucker says his quick change bill lately. And tune its tactics. And this is the first performance as they're doing for the kids but are you guys. Preparing anything differently you hour. And an over people who perhaps don't know as much about the plot of cats are you having to change neatly your ex or anything like that certificate now. You know it's going to be great indicates because it is ceiling inside look into the behind the scenes. Aspects of it do costumes and wardrobe and orchestra all the different elements that make this show happen each as the week. And then lake ridge a couple performances they're gonna have some nice surprises for them and yeah. The energy is a crazy out there. I know we can hear about it. Very excited and out there we're talking to some of the kids and it's interesting for them to learn that there's so much more on it goes into it then the actors that they see. On stage. And shape you guys can talk a little bit about how you know relating and the costumes and everything changed your performance. What kind of questions you expecting from the kids see Hank I'm sure thing. Let us answering questions from the kids are safe today I think land that big big things as this. It's it's gonna feel little doing for me because I'm gonna do my Cella out of characters and I'm not coming week on my cat ears and I am cat tail. And I couldn't be blamed a 1010 thankful for. And to say manner so close to that that changes things differently and still gonna try to presents. What I would normally again shell but it certainly helps to be feline and Jess is actually getting intimate. The apple constant league M near. Or is this performance of the great. That must be a minute that cats if you haven't yet that very intensive. Makeup and costumes. Yet how is that. Day after day. I mean the cost ins and everything is so elaborate and to be a part of such a rich history of great dancers who have done this show and the amazing. Politics like a village to do that show and with costumes inherently make up it's it's an amazing crew. And again it's really finding eight shows a week then on make up you know playing playing pretend and being on saint each of the week I'll take it. The victory in so one question that the kids did have outside that when I ask them what they knew what they were interested in learning but they went down. People dance like a cat how do you act legged cat and I know that it takes a lot for you guys to learn characters get into character. When or how did you guys get. Into it be Kat NC. Time to the longtime art director Trevor Nunn actually had master classes with us. We literally spent thank gate. It's true like we literally spent a day on our needs. Getting the cat salinity down. To a science and and I mean after react to the Kenya flyer and you finally is certainly actually defines who was like an Allen can call look at you with a beta cat yet do you think all sorts of different experiments and then there's nothing to this cat UT. They probably didn't never looked cats this. I. Now I don't have cats percent like at the pat but now it's like wow I'm really just one oh. Really looking for a tear performances. And thank you for being part of this. Segment for ABC news and it's great programming via that we well catch you guys yeah it and come to you know but. That's because we're written those. Okay great. You. So bringing and now like oppressor he is the executive director of inside Broadway I and very cool that this is that not only the 35 year that you guys have been doing this. But it started with cats is that right. Yeah isn't it wonderful that you can start something with a great show like cats which was very revolutionary in 1982. And here we are thirty Phil lives years later and cats is back on Broadway so it's a nice it's a nice way to bring the alt. And so 35 years that's a long time what's what's changed I mean you're not only the executive director you created this programs he'd been there from the beginning. I did here since that they had. By yeah Broadway has things went on. And Times Square has changed quite alive and the you know from our perspective wonder the interesting things is the emergence of arts and education. As a part of the school curriculum and as a part of education today because. Pretty much unheard of back then 35 years ago today it is a wonderful recognition of the value. Children having arts and education in this school. And this is not the only component. In fact Broadway this is actually just one part. And this continued in the schools can you tell us little more about that yet we have a very extensive teaching artist program fact we're in about a hundred schools throughout the city. We have about 50000 children cheer and the teaching artist component brings professional actors into the classroom to work with the kids. All and having their narrow their own production in this. Well the show is about to begin hearing the director out here's a Michael thank you so much for talking with us. We are going to be bringing you the program as well. As we. Walked Alex. Of the backstage area so and we are going to come down just a second show you the theater it is packed house. Look at all these kids ready for that snow that we are going to sat up. To bring you the programmer gonna come down for justice act and if you're watching I think it's a great now 100 ABC news did you know where you can watch the program. In just a few minutes. Thank you so much for joining us and we hope you enjoyed myself I'm fairly came from him I'm theater.

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