Celebrate National Ice Cream Monday at Ample Hills Creamery

ABC News' Tony Morrison goes to the Gowanus location with co-founder, Brian Smith to talk all things ice cream.
18:52 | 07/28/17

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Transcript for Celebrate National Ice Cream Monday at Ample Hills Creamery
Everybody I'm Toni Morrison for anything it's that time I'm here and beautiful Brundtland it is the last weekend of July. But this is also the last weekend national I'd be months of course. I'm here at ample hills bravery guarantee most that's most are Raddatz most coolest so cool in fact. They are frozen. Ice cream place in Brooklyn so let's take you inside and get the scope or twenty. What was I saw about. Quote. Everybody. And I really I had mr. Bryant sorry and I fifty noting. This is ruining our experiences Argo want to shop at some guys are actually known for me. Holds fast and hand me ice right here yeah that's right we do use machines. We're not making it only would there hands. We make all the make sense of all those visas have been a better cups. But he'd government we make everything here and we make the ice cream from beginning to middle to end here. We do it on display to the public that people can look through our window with Valencia Spain as it. It is a hot summer day yeah right in front those that take a look over here you guys that are. Easy began to his guns and damage spots it's over here we we can I was running around like. Just like the ice cream havens in the middle of very few lines come into the crowd and study analysis the name together put on our here in this half vote. We even. Here and there are experience and my air. I know you're cover that that beautiful there. What you guys can't seized in the AL my equities in decades camera when an expert man. Also a candidate and so let's go back. Obviously that was mayor Ernie. I everybody. Come on old Ryan gets really fascinating and now ample hell's that you guys are actually there are registered. Theory my plant yes that area right though it what does that mean well for them. Mean this machine basically. We me all right means that mean we're combining a and milk cream and sugar. And we need in you've got to put it in her but here right agreement that we've looked and then turn it is. We're. Is its path right. As a hundred gallon accurate but if you do that. That means that the Department of Agriculture overseas you're actually have to register at the Gary land and me hero. A lot of it went by. Call them back that place flavored knife and slavery. But we're doing it here from start it and it. And the reason we that it middle and make a lot of different kinds of flavors we make. A mark mellow liked him for example we grow up hundred pounds. Mark knows rated. Hundred pounds and there was little if this is serious business this is that a 10100. You know this. Now much iced things with suggests this is one. Well this week could run to victory day that we can view the retreat we can 300. This week that turns into about 450. Down. 'cause you're adding a couple things one secret ingredient air quality in here at it with them. I think lot there you hold it here and you can feel like no light and really good I mean is denser. There. Do you have here. And then all the mixes the cookie the and the all of today. 300 pounds of nickel turns and four. That's actually think. It's ready to go through what else's back you have probably not very well you can see here that's actually. We're right and then that me being. These. Christian here Pakistan has that. He's about to. Well that night game so basically that that. Bank. Twelve down the right. And right now that we make in top of them and that these are we him. CC I think. Because it you. Come. And he manually mixes then that the but you. Gloria and it's. It is a very mean all. Where. So you mentioned overnight guests a massive process it's not just me. Should return. Certainly not been a few minutes no thing undertaking just every flavor is two to create profit of one happening there. The bank the cool over night. Yet like me days to make them have to get based on one day and I'll. And then it gets turned. Like now then it'll go to a pre. Every flavor that. And this is just one player in visited one player Christian too aren't you are at peace there but that Christen it the very first person my. Ample. And has one does learning how to do that so what's that. They took you Chris and who lent added this whole process. It was here. First year. He sent it after a here is being part of so you know more like travelers fired a few weeks if you do it yeah. Now. Questioned them and they'll feel like really your ability got involved. And. Mean yeah. Mcginnis and coming flavors you guys. Combat displace. Grenades. Probably wanting five to thirty flavors. Home felt that the south of different flavors so yeah at any given day they'll make fortified place. Rain every day for place and you can see here these are trees of one. And is that you guys that fly out. Louis gooey butter state which is tradition from Saint Louis is basically it means he's powdered sugar really been reeling over the we. We're gonna make it Sunday in just a few minutes using this is the basis of our. We heated up it's nice and warm you put ice demo room. Back. We can start thinking about doing. I'm here are an INS. You know here is we're passing by this is that felt that I experience. You saw in the machine over there this is the mix itself. You could drink it. And be really where you can take. The time to turn this night's game and that's also good but that's basically an it company treatment liquid form that the next best of them go into the McKean. This is that chocolate. Senior aides and me systems that I think that goes into the sweet cream. The one of our other things that we just me you pass this coming right at to have been right behind you. I left France. Mixing called the monkeys we make an ice cream. Parents please buy this. And communities and hear us. That's great now. No we're you know the way. But Natalie not no way if they get out hustling bustling kids in it pretzels. Potato chips and bits back. Okay crumble them together often and butter and sugar and cook it and and then that that makes him in hopefully. Where did you come up with this. Tell them that Nicosia is just editing me to display is. Everything that trial and there sort of well you know. With the people we've talked to them but if because they're privately with different kind of combination. You the operation back here and then lose it there five. Security is seeing ice cream. Product for all your case. He all of our we have seven. Cops currently in Brooklyn and manner opening in new and a few weeks after the city and on that I excuse me here now in this. So it's a little chaotic set of brass numbers. When when things go down or machine breaks through it's really tough. I am getting the munchies submit images here are getting the minds he's that would let me it's an art let's do this Sunday we'll do it with the munchies on our movie you weekday both good and get started. Do that on the. Walk through here we take over our hair net. Just come back over here. What would. Assays are also popular flavor and it's like toddlers have. And again he's doing my understanding and they'll and mark chocolate you have a bunch of very unique flavors. You know you've nice. You guys can help. I don't know please don't let us. We're gonna make her own Sunday here. So basically this is there we communicate that we just on its side there and we're gonna make this Sunday with monkeys flavor on top of now yes it is arm my wife and mind my life is like whether fifteenth anniversary and we came here. You have to have photos and we have this Sunday last night. But he anniversary. Why doesn't her it is a perfect anniversary yet. We do is Sunday if you say so myself. So what's so this is the monkeys ice cream OJ says please cannot be. Pretzels and potato chip busters events them Eminem's as. Well room. I think we'll do as well a little bit of another favorite flavor mine quotes that now that's the mark when I was going we know. Hundred pounds of mark it's me that this right here classical to and it's called snap now pop. Play you know we're snap crackle. Just through the now I've seen them over sincere. And we need me governor Sunday of course. We make all of our hot fudge from scratch too as well. Course. Wherever this. Here. This is that officially the best friend and news them beautiful. Only. It's very we entire one of these last night now. This. These are the munchies Nixon again with curiosities of the sundae topping. There were just gonna a few more of these just because. Wine. I got quite uneasy yet IS are sold and as night by mesmerized by this thing will clearly define it seems like in this kind of whipped cream and I think. Where's our whip cream that we just me. Thank. You so much. Things Lawrence. You know. So we maker whipped cream from him scratch every day. For the old fashioned way. Much good scenery fresh victory making it today. What will we've moved this really should do this terrible view from most of today back. A lot of pain. We give there. And in the one last thing. This through the sick of it I prefer chocolate sprinkles. Yep it's ill check we're gonna go. With the chocolate sprinkles on here. That is are we doing today. Sunday. Yeah and we go to our roof deck him eat some of the okay you have everything yes we have a secretive group nice example route that yes we've though that what wonderful roof deck you can look down on the kiwanis. Neighborhood of Brooklyn. And we can. Toys and lead the way down doing. Its use. It O'Keefe and. So Romo threw or staircase herein. Losers are cool and see if the kitchen and Hugo listeners again we've built it and of the ways to. You know for me policy. The process. You know I actually fascinated. Yes the machine that you had hit back your turn out. On the ice cream for all of your locations is not just here you like. You're busy yes malignant wanted to see customers are now and then there just have a AM ice cream stand. You are turning out a ton of ice cream and news. If it does seem a little. That's in a little crazy when we take. If this up right here. Chris good. Expected here. It stands and seats. To now. It as a guy everybody. Eleven abcnews.com. Is that they say hello before house guys came what are you having. Matthew you what you're eating what what flagrant. If I'm. Amazing wears a restaurant here reading that was the and Don done what are some flavors every hair. The munchies honesty and popular. Rice crispy otherworldly. And you guides about yours of course I think perfect so brining us a unique flavors here where you coming up with life is labor's needs and. More it's a big group process the you know did beginning when we opened six years ago it was all me you know every every single flavor everything decision. Buckley now we've got a lot of creative people in the kitchen and how to creative people on the team. And so it's that it is not dissimilar to a movie studio every pitching Meehan has pitched me on flavor ideas pitch him favored name ideas. So you know the buck stops it made you know it's a collaborative. Process and anything or take down a nearby evidence. Absolutely no I'm saving one free it's there all right. Area ready. It literally this. You know scoop. And it now. When. Sirens roared. Back time now that the lot of sugar. You. I'm OK let them anarchy. Let me ask him. What did you decide elected via I screamed some months it well it you know in retrospect I think. Forty years old open for offense part two children were. Six months old and three years old there now like eight and ten. You know. I have been it's been that rating bad monster right. Nine other birds and aliens Cingular cellular SI I Israel and I gentlemen nice idea grew and it. You know the thing is as I've always made guys commit home at hand crank ice cream maker they have like all that ice cream cookbook there was a passion of mine. I sort of imagine that you know retirement. Neighborhood banks and shops. But. Having the two kids. Writing every day it was not fulfilling in the same way that it had been. And making ice cream Lou I found to be just as creative but it was in service of something. Brought people together creative community. Made smiles and I know it sounds silly but at the end of the day. It was hard to know definitively I've written. Vincent that the into the they have a pretty good idea whether we've made good night's game and it's just if found it more fulfilling and almost more than the ice in my lifetime. We're really interest in the idea of creating space you know you can see this space this stack. Party room we do birthday parties the place space for kids. Was the idea that kind of third place there Starbucks has treated and so we really wanted to bring them back ice cream in the way people experience. We certainly run like community here you know it's not right and lock the door. That energy is there what's next for you is it global ice cream dominates. Well I get back at the publicity. We are in the process of building a factor right now and though the space that we walk through this now so that the senate backed government and I extreme. Back at Korea now another shot the known now we have the loser I probably can't. Make enough ice cream downstairs to where you saw them fears of about a thousand square feet the production room we are making workers it was turning. So we're gonna build a 151000 square foot factory that will allow us to make a lot more ice game. Still we're going to make everything from scratch all the things but we're gonna do it in service being able to expand a little bit farther. Take points out into the marketplace and open up more story. Brian he's there think you've got a quick sewer and for our viewers if they're in New York where else can get. There Isiah rise in order ample hills dot com they can order rates and we shipped anywhere in the 48 lower states we can fit right in field. That's moving also in Florida and Wear it floored Disney's world Disney's boardwalk now Julian in Disney stands are everybody. I'm going to devour this I think you have an extreme MIC at. But for now I'm Toni Morrison breaks news.com. Here in beautiful Brooklyn. Happy and then nationalize few months and as the great Friday thanked by.

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