Celebrating National Bacon Day at BarBacon

ABC News' David Merrell heads to BarBacon to celebrate National Bacon Day.
7:40 | 12/30/16

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Transcript for Celebrating National Bacon Day at BarBacon
Hey everybody check that out. Lee that beautiful day didn't just rationality. Undated with the ABC news them here are big. But the camera season CD. Marilyn BC news here are making its national bacon day. And far bacon is an interesting place it's any fits both the bar and it's a beacon senator restaurant. So perfect place to be celebrating national bacon day. I'm here where the owner Peter Sherman Peter. It's a little bit about the inspiration behind your bargain. No one ever done Beijing has a restaurant. His. Doughnuts what gimmick. But nobody wants Richard. When he backgrounds in and fine dining. And I wanted my serve first venture you know what did you slower feedback could be you know it's as interesting is completely going to be. Absolutely so we have heard a lot and there's there's been tons of hype about bacon in the past years almost as sort of a novelty. And there are taking a more serious approach to dinner and the and so many people that say oh Univision is the fabric would have four you know 15100 years. We're very open to dialogue. I think he goes in and out of labor really ridiculous ultra thing that people. You don't always remember you know there are probably at breakfast with the parents who don't all those things and that doesn't change. Records wouldn't be seeing is anonymous and when an American public and distinct tapping into the act when you're. Definitely definitely so let me put this Keller Becker us there would be just a moment. Our vision. Here if you could show us a little bit of the process behind. Making your different kinds of bacon what it looks like we've got news put Vick in Kenosha. We've got crossed up here. And don't know OK so tell Roswell to what do you vision is. We're ugandans. The government and I believe this for its overall and oh yeah you're finishing it you're making it crystal me. Six or seven different types of victims and we've just played the rebound from day one. But always as important flavors postings changes who don't might find new ones that I loved one but on. And again you wanna cook dignity and any number of different ways and we. Around 2000 pound division will be. Not to do that for distilling. The bonus valued. The best record and news. I actually think he only makes the most sense. The same time it's really about the hot hand. So he Vernon and you'll have to spot for the wrong I don't know Vanilla and beat people around. Girls over there will be 1000 pounds of bacon it's you know there were two. Just because it was still good food and open a can be done. All right so what kind of bacon is this exactly. Seated resuming all. Do you really can't you know. We've something else on here. This today and again today but we hooked up to. So that's a lot of that you see just how much better thousand 101000 pounds of big read something into the process once. But was told he doesn't please. It's clear room me. We do in house. American it's true we've got to be. He comes out. Chris this you know to go on different ways that we. Let's go redundant here. Shows without processes I don't know how stirred into to have something ready to. Well there are any number. Yeah. And big news. The murders of his ways and like a hundred most of blues. This battle. Reza moment. On a talk to. Just don't Wallace. A little bit about your background you come from up and they can background. Aside from. Jerry yeah. There are about to get no let. Big is something that we'll. Guys feel rounds. You can be sure it's a little of your philosophy when it comes to cooking bacon. Recently. I don't want my big. Last words be. So we just. I happen on its. So we just pulled some big and this this looks a little less. Here. Boy dad. Depending on what I want to do you know you a lot of people like you. Lot of this is gonna go to crumbling and you obviously capable from the revised code through. No sir I like to finish this is with the red light you don't work is like a good flavor a couple of years ago the revolt Battenfeld fingering her. Beijing. Is very soul field leaving a little bit bitter. It when you don't look at that weren't actually gets its. You know. Those extra. Wolf the state principle with the again this is just the normal blood that you believe they believe is so that a standard. It's it just feels normal big news. On camera slap it's. Very sure everything you need to break it down almost everything before you cook gives you about 200 degrees. The normal big fiscal quarter and fifty them it's flexible and ready for workers deliver your you look at. Difficult. To order which is pulling for the whole or that makes this supergenerous. So it's ridiculous story on here I know you've got all of your different kinds of vision set up any sort of life. What you would take a wind played. For a and so that's an option years Barbie and history from day one be bad play them. Her prison for a big movie news.

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{"duration":"7:40","description":"ABC News' David Merrell heads to BarBacon to celebrate National Bacon Day.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"44473259","title":"Celebrating National Bacon Day at BarBacon","url":"/Entertainment/video/celebrating-national-bacon-day-barbacon-44473259"}