Celebrating National Puppy Day with Disney Junior's new show 'Puppy Dog Pals'

ABC News' Nick Watt celebrates National Puppy Day by surprising children at the Boys & Girls Club of Burbank with a special sneak peek of 'Puppy Dog Pals.'
17:37 | 03/24/17

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Transcript for Celebrating National Puppy Day with Disney Junior's new show 'Puppy Dog Pals'
And embroidered. I hope this is a girl by the I've afraid to look. For me you'll always be the column who drank coming on dumb and dumber ass and my first movie out they first either. Doubts the first movie had a theft for the Farrelly Brothers and and I want to do something about Mary with the early Brothers. Very first movie. To you in the early Brothers shares sensibilities. I mean girls those guys are you know they're just they're Waechter crazy so I'd I'd love you don't mind my history's call me by my sensibility is kind of the crazy out there and it's really cool because you know we were able to object kind of a real good comedy sensibility into the show it's as for younger audience but right. I mean need to show your humor strikes me is more. I mean it's kind of I'm I'd say this and a nice way operative. Juvenile he humorous that people like me in their forties in the door yeah yeah the united you have to tweak for it for kids. Yeah like I humor is always been kind of like a little bizarre and we year's end so we were able to bring some of that into this show because. You know puppies have such a a weird sensibility like nothing matters to them they just run around and flop around and so. We thought of a puppy could think he probably think weird thoughts too so so as a kind of a good match having. Having kind of a little little sense of wacky humor with Iraqi puppies. And meat and more prize puppies McCarthy gives you pretty much freedom to yet. Beers weird as you walk yeah as you need programs GAAP. And these guys go to some really weird places I Munich all of the world we have them over and Egypt we have them on the Great Wall of China we have them in the Eiffel Tower we. We have the vote though leaning tower of peas I mean these guys. And there in Hawaii either there in Mexico there aren't there all over the place so it's really fun and it gives the kids a chance to kinda. C a bit of the world while there right now with role in bingo. And I'm an answer as human. What we've made fifty episode 5050. Bought but their eleven minute episode so it its 211 minute episodes per our. Each episode is its own story an adventure so that some lost fifty. But it's been amazing because. You know you wrote little idea right don't know I am I I helped write them mine I've written some of the episodes but I can't break the stories I helped conceptualize the stores we have a whole team of amazing writers. And so. It's it's a whole team effort to get this done there's nobody levels to animation that it takes it takes a village to to get this done you know via. Yeah but it it's really fun because outside of lake just. You know going of these wild adventures we kind of let kids see C a bit of the world so the federal accrual. So I think. We're gonna try and surprise these kids with these dogs apparently they're not supposed to noted there are dogs here. Yeah I think a couple of them deny them like kids are social we're trying to shut out one that knew they were. But I. Set I believe we have some more puppies in the strode is coming away right act. So I Rick and it did this because. You need to like talk to these kids as well but once they see the puppies that are in it so we you know what maybe we'll just forgo the talking let them go but I mean I feel that you may be need to we need like more of you need more droll I mean shall we say the Europe. To say that you were just in beavers uncle. To make to make you more appealing I you know I don't big Justin Bieber and over power to draw of the puppies and look at that. They look like popcorn pogs and like bouncing around like jiffy pop them. And is and in the lovely are these dogs are these don't actually up for adoption or these these are actually up for adoption. All of them and are they all Brothers and sisters. It's that I have Brothers and sisters got two different letters that same place. And there are all up for adoption Lunsford and advanced. And I know that and I'll find wonderful homes and how old are that they're twelve weeks. Probably you are viewers you were wrong but the AG said three months I don't know he's right. My math that you go less bald adding that they. Twelve week old Pug puppies in the piece that things. Chewy chewy period in surprise. What do you think actually go and it's here guys. Always ready. And today have names yet or there had to be named in the view. In America cities are unnamed. Three months. His Brian Arthur is a Lexus I changed it. Back to do you lasting damage to it though it notes and maybe he's sorry. My friends the season team we're. At least they're remembered your rod. Brian. Brian loaded jam variety. Well all anything but again this rover are what you'd you'd. Brian and Alexis were just OI just Medicaid scream. I think we should get these companies in need of what's really hear. I do you feel that puppies are going to be more drove into middle aged man Frederick Gannett. Oldest door opened and a misgivings puppies and their. Google it. And. And this one's called Brian. I. I'm Regan trying to coordinate or Renault are we get it right. Harlan. And editing and that little pay dividends and kids can go. Yes. All right you. I. Bryant is the best isn't it I want Islam. During my wife we know it if I went home this. Month. Location. Oh yeah. Can. Kind of their luggage. Elected. Yet. From let the F. She didn't have it both. But. And. Yeah wouldn't be. Look at this time. A paper and again they were their friends Monaghan they have different. World you know. I'm getting there. Kids are going to be introduced shortly. Into the ski fest. He yeah. You don't when they end up how people you know. Race. Everybody get them here. He is it yeah. Could not yeah. Yeah it. And you know who I know what you're why can't get. You know I'm and home. And even better for the fifth yeah. Are over okay. We go fight kids coming in. Five children. Children and puppies. Oh. April hours. Yeah. Oh yeah. Okay. And I don't. Yeah. New movie and he has every right yeah. Yeah. There for William. They don't quit. Yeah. Oh yeah yeah. Yeah. Did you look up plant yeah. I. And only. Yeah. I don't. Know. Yeah. Yeah. I. Are. You guys behind you. Step back and got your CE American we're gonna stop highway packed it away. And yet you're on the I think yeah. There aren't any. Happy to put down and everybody in that at. Lee. How. It got stuck. Yeah that he. Thank god. Yeah yeah. Oh yeah. Good job. Around day. Yeah. Yeah. June. Oh yeah. You mean yeah. Or. Hooking. Up. I. I. Yeah. Ryan. But yeah. I. I'm. Yeah. Hitting a good feeling like yeah. Feeling like me. A. Yeah. Oh yeah. I. Am yeah. OK and making. Whenever you want. This man. Consists of your old man allies leaders Justin beavers Oregon. You know one of the kids just it's hard mentality was that he was fifty Aurora I said twenty originally edited 54 and indicates that well. My dad's an 36 told it and he was massively unimpressed so. The figure that it vest didn't listen. From puppies and kids to T middle aged man this is not very appealing I think and so who's your show. April 14 April 14 puppy dog house on Disney and Disney junior and feel of puppies if they'll love. Bonded to this. Gonna love now. And as well and the now. That. I might say Brian I think in a Jeep Bryant. I predict unit people. Debt woes the name of the BM. Good dog good dog animals dot com I think is where you can. Good Tony good dog animals dot com good don't animals took home where you can. Adults Bryant or any of his Brothers and sisters and. And.

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{"duration":"17:37","description":"ABC News' Nick Watt celebrates National Puppy Day by surprising children at the Boys & Girls Club of Burbank with a special sneak peek of 'Puppy Dog Pals.'","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"46344712","title":"Celebrating National Puppy Day with Disney Junior's new show 'Puppy Dog Pals'","url":"/Entertainment/video/celebrating-national-puppy-day-disney-juniors-show-puppy-46344712"}