Check out 3-D art made from canned goods

City Harvest celebrates its 25th anniversary with the 3-D art installation Canstruction.
12:59 | 11/08/17

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Transcript for Check out 3-D art made from canned goods
Good afternoon thank that's eating into ABC news I'm Nicole Philip. And PPI generally try to come up with something really clever to pick my intro I cannot. Wait to get the talking about what's going on behind me now. And it's because of the 25 anniversary. Of the cancer can events here in New York City. Perhaps someone with me who's. Better equipped to speak on that and my thought. Stanley how are you know how are you I'm doing while Phil Stanley you are with the event this construction event here going on in New York City. And Kim told a little bit about. What's going to be going on in more than a couple of days and the I'm a member of the instruction committee on New York. Basically take simple competition very friendly competition with teams of architects engineers and students they mentor. Come together once a year to build giant structures made out of whole cans of food and they're judge. This blatant public in an exhibition and at the end of the competition deconstruct it. All the cancer donated to city harvest whenever you know friendly organizations that rescue suit and we keep the hungry. Phillips 25. Years over the course all this time personally think the changes are some of them I guess. Inspiration. And change in the U theme going out that the that the there's a lot of inspiration all the teams. Arm. Always excited and they. Both Saddam planned weeks in advance different sketches mock testing and so forth so it's an amazing every year we see like different type of structures. You know from I say she's Steve sea horses too. Pricey sneakers so it's always an ACC different. And what's the coolest structure either everything there's a couple of them years ago I've seen one that's like a DNA helix so that's amazing and DNA hearing. Wow I'm even if I can draw and those who let alone to make it out of hand. So when here who's actually been doing this went thirteen for twenty years. We'll probably speak to her right now Christine. And her sculpture is packed Kandahar a lot of puns. You will not be running out of puns today the court I started whether there into the lobby where that came from I can think our of the soon may eighteenth as he sent Hinton comes. I'm doing this for funny you also. I'm the last six years we teamed with a local organization. Dream which is. School up in east highlands three of the students attend kids' help us build. Each year come and we have those students also help us pick out what we're in the bill than we try to do something that will be. Easily recognizable especially in a lot of young children come in come through. So we want to do something like pac man that's easily recognizable by them. Often so I was gonna ask you buy your inspiration but I'd be defense something that's more easily recognizable. So funny in the years past if you have been doing it for twenty years what other things have you drawn inspiration prop. So we didn't minions won the air which I love minions are awesome and penguins tonight my favorite thing on the planet so we did penguins Lanier. I think last and we did that. Hunger angered hip phone. And they you know partly because he monsters of his stay in net. Young kid realm and then as you said yes you know it sent them find had a get that hand in the continent and suddenly. Or hunger or something like that so you'll see that in all the names of Canada. Bringing in the beam into the maintenance of those bills she liked canned nonviolent can put the. Uncanny at minute. I am sorry. But. Apparently I'm the argument that Christine you've been enhancement money here it. And you'd be different people I had against switching out of the teens in new people come in and things like back. So when it comes to being the team camaraderie into the team coming together what do you think dean fend off the most. How do you know when you've seen a team that really worked together really got it you know the great thing about it you know to build night. All the teams have only one night to go to some teams thank this year had to finish. Like I sat and we've seen teams finishing around 7:10 AM BC I think as a lasting was about 4 AM but I love the fact that it's. You know if you mean he brings together. Can't section New York is a 100% volunteer base. So Christine theme for example is a great great example they speak it. Team up with a local high school so we see kids there all enthusiastic that evening and it's and it's just a great way of bringing everybody together and I just left the scene that evening seeing everybody altogether. That's. Grace thank you so much Christine we have a lot more defeats so let's keep it moving. Thank you. Have you ever put any. Of these structures to getting yourself or I actually a couple of years ago I was part of the team. It was amazing I think that getting our team did Kate. Aiding when anything but it was just you know great way of getting together and that it takes its that the entire exhibition we raised I think about seven. Thousand cans and donated all that. Back cause. Speaking of donations this is something that I really wanted to make sure that we discussed because this is not just about cool structure that. There are behind it's also going towards a good cause all the cans will be that didn't donated sorry to city harvest cracks yes it is. We've been so fortunate working with city harvest of the last sixteen years so this year as you mentioned as when he fifth anniversary. We're still suffering ten years would arts Brookfield and Brookfield place this magnificent shopping destination spots from World Trade Center. So this year we have 26 structures of altogether about 993000. Cans of food. Equivalent in that weighed about over 53600. Pounds. That you rescued 64000 pounds of food. That basically that about 26000 families where insist they knew increasing to about. Over 70000 pounds of food but we can't do it alone that's why we ask general public when they come here to see the structures. Bring a can of food and be great. Yes will be donated city harvest it's going to be don't think there rescue. It's an eighty. I'm means in an alchemy of the history between 500 food pantries across the Five Boroughs. Those people come over here now and they want to donate food they come right opportunist but perhaps. And human eggs little demonstration. Of how we'd. If anybody do you see you get your welcome to come for free but we suggestion donation bring canned food and they would have had been that he is rob but you know who. And those roads right into the bad. Look at that look at that. So this is great by the way I did not just how amazing these structures left but just overall just the fact that. This is going to a greater to a greater high than we are feeding on the time you every start doing a lot of those things now which you know we. Sometimes you all throughout the year I agreement especially during. Thanksgiving getting gas holiday season it's time when people. Are even more for their especially right right because we're seeing that and am happy meal true. Our organization is just a small we helped a little bit. You know hungry population in New York one in four. People in New York looked go to sleep hungry each day. We're just doing of those small part of that and I think our organizations are very transparent it's cut brings to get dog that. Design community it's one specific cause and we're building something that we. A creative mind to it at the end advised to use all that donations just eating in younger I think it's a great thank. You re a winner here today don't we can you take it over to impact. We've had so it as a mention it's a simple competition but there are some awards are given them so it's bragging rights. Some new words are giving out our original design. Best season label. Most fans know. Structural integrity what it looked the most amount of candy and everything using a structure world the most common cancer I think it was about 89000 plus. On this year we had the most and which was 101250. 7250. Can't those are a lot of people being back that it got a couple of it is. So we're approaching. That that's. Neal. Award winner in and money to UC Joseph. Well hello there Joseph Stanton how worried Lew. You you're an award winner best meal cracked and you can also doing it for fifteen years ago. Gensler the firm has been doing cancer to fifteen years a section might eighths helped we build. And that we were able to win the best meal award this year Giuliani showed off. Are sculptures made out of tuna fish salmon but then also we have spinach and beans and water. A good robust merely to make a pretty good mile salmon spinach and mean thing. If you're one in wildest famine in the fish and that's called Popey the Sailor can. You get it so that is water you're on the feet nation beat all while there even bottles of water you whose for the woman who ordinary. Very clever. I question. So I know that you can't necessarily lose the chance to get there because you know you have to now given away to people that any hassle like. You people already public signal at the couldn't wait I wanna have them dealing with super who have. So have you ever had an instance where someone sneezes deflect complaints that it would like. I think we're kind of it's like an indoor outdoor mall and here so they're right there have been birds that have been flying around in years past we had a very Atlanta I'm gonna bomb was bouncing similar to have a cannon bouncing on pot pies this. We had a giant peach bowl on and and a bird landed on and it kind of fell over us we actually don't tape or glue any of the hands together it's all gravity that hold some of them. So that's just a risk you run we get a call from cancer actually come down with fixes. Ever had in superior actually in the process of making and you'll like seven Iverson the way god and then. Yet he didn't move this project to six hours and mrs. Without any mistakes and we kind of went straight up from bottom to top six hours we've had such as the that taken. Eight hours ten hours some twelve hours of the lungs are out of here by sunrise I think we're pretty good could we build it all in one night. Okay independent dissident days but I I do want to ask that if you briefly describe the process from. Beginning thought process to via its. Now we have a large group of great team effort at Gensler as that's when he people on our committee that meet in the early. Early summer may June issue and we do we start hashing out ideas for what we want to do we like to do things that are. I'm Stanley friendly stuff that's instantly iconic and and recognizable obviously Popeye bankers. As instantly recognizable and that's I environment there. But in years past we've done Bugs Bunny we've done carousel things that Stanley is children really recognize and I instantly. And are drawn to it. Thank you Joseph. We mention that just have won best male. How does one win best meal would have what does that mean what does that entail what would you have judges. Flat panel of judges that come to get their deliberate. During the competition and that's how they decide and that a variety of judges coming from culinary. Architectural and could be a celebrity or could view it in a news you know simple so all of those people. Decide on those factors depending on how I was created to structured integrity and so forth and that's happened it. Often thank you so much. Before we go I have to ask. We who started this off with them hon good and to do with the words and I try. Do you live in kind of stuff that didn't become public that the government them off the top your had been do you guys have your favorite hand and over the years maybe names of some of your structure is the avenue army doesn't. It's really fun game here at home and independent thinking about things your friends to come up with funds for cancer really great way to do it we did candle and Eric of Canada. Deputies piece of the planetary we have Popey the Sailor can pick carousel we've become a force that won the canister of but really weren't collateral off the continental. But we did also balloon got tattoos balloon dog that was called cans best friend. And and you. I've been using lately since we're celebrants and five years users can testing. And passed it well all of you out there can on now. Let's think that our. He didn't getting better guys think couldn't act I have I have more more. Could come on them typically at annual inspection event here in New York City to check out Popey the Sailor hand. And I'm pact can that we just saw over there with Christine and many many other structures that we they have. On display for all of you out here today until then I'm nickel.

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{"id":51021959,"title":"Check out 3-D art made from canned goods","duration":"12:59","description":"City Harvest celebrates its 25th anniversary with the 3-D art installation Canstruction.","url":"/Entertainment/video/check-art-made-canned-goods-51021959","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}