Chris Connelly interviews Andie MacDowell for 'The Callback'

The actress reflects on her career and parenthood.
32:36 | 07/13/17

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Transcript for Chris Connelly interviews Andie MacDowell for 'The Callback'
I'm Chris Connelly and you were watching the call back as the series of longer form interviews were doing with people with whom I've had some sort of professional history over the three and a half decades that I've been talking to people in the entertainment industry. Today's it is with Andy McDowell she is the star of a film called love after love. We talked to her during the TriBeCa film festival at New York's. Here is adamant ago. Any make out like you for joining us my. My pleasure congratulations on your movie love after and get a player Russell Harbaugh written by Russell Harbaugh and Erik medals. Which you place Suzanne matriarch who. Finds the lives of herself for those around her shattered by the passing of a loved one lasting legacy. A synopsis. Want to ask you about that in some do you tale but first happy birthday. Thank you sound minds one day goes yeah Wednesday you're saying you wanted to make sure you did not spend accidentally cracked I was originally gonna fly that changed why is that a bad idea. For those of us who were celebrating its I've become very precious tomorrow or you can you know you have to like protect down. You only have I don't know I'm Ebert date rape me birthdays I. It's an ailment on. Anyway it moderates get. I went to ground too. Much to try. How perfect is this that you would go to Seagram hugged what second or third day after its opening it's fantastic. Statistic rates yes I want to did you it. Any trepidation about hearing that they were doing something on stage with ground who with ground Arctic and you are amazing history. I you know I I was curious about the music and of course you know wasn't musical. But they've done. A beautiful job and then an addict and that it's the same story with slightly different interpretations. In different people playing roles and but it's it's a black its image and lift lift you know dynamic kill god. It make you feel I mean when you look back I tell you the whole time I was this I'm surprised my faith. Didn't crack because I just that it was smiling the whole time. It's a lovely chance to really low on of course. I need so much I know much. Like looking if you take them. How it changed and what did it mean to the past for abusers they weren't durable. Went backstage in mountain went to handy stressing and went on to so. Everybody was. Lovely pictures. That they ask you treat us really neat about it without. A picnic eight with me with. Three. Wet and that one of the guys Atlantic asked mother and me audience issue recognize me on the op. A policeman acted as a match in my. And it was interesting in the audience to just people looking out me. And now. What is that experience like for you. What are the feelings that go with being in that space and be recognized as being part of what is now classic story that means so much tool. It's now out it's a very. Beautiful place to be handcuffed it has such that the story has such meaning to people not only is classic holiday classic it. What it says about being the better person you know kinder person having a more generous loving spirit. Is it's something wonderful to be taxed as people look at you may think that the waiter thing. Why do you think that story has such residents for us so long after the movie's. I you know honestly I think it's very well written the dialogue is Smart and funny and Bill Marriott the change death. And so in a Cape May make people laugh at themselves at their own imperfections their own shortcomings. There inability to be better people. There grumpy now asks you they're you know there there are just. Unpleasant pieces. And it makes them realize that all of that happens and if they can simply make a choice to be a better person and then look what happens that this happened means. Jets are Kong and simply. Put if you enjoy about making it. What are with the what's program assistant with the nicest man to ever work where he was the speedster actor right afterward he's. Really quick he's a very fierce and it was a very Smart man. But he was like a big Teddy bear did it just wasn't anything mean and it's there was no essence of town that ever felt angry. He was always happy. You point that you say that as I was under the usual experience for you in terms of the film him. I think it's an unusual experience from meaning people in general. Think you know many people have have pieces in them that are unpleasant and I just never thought acne and now. He was always in a good man it always made me soul. Like Alice loved and cared for. Distant expression on its face he's he was just the pleasant beautiful man and I worked with him multiplicity. I've got to do it twice. Did it help at that point your career where you had self confidence that you knew you were gonna do a good job I think to get help it does help when you fill out. Do better to do their work I think it's really hard to go and have had happened to going to situation you feel like people are doubting Il. And don't have confidence and you it's it's it's almost like there's a wall up you're never you're never gonna get through it. It's just not gonna happen. So I you know I I think you need to know that. The people that directed pitcher working with and the people around you seen you see you what something. Wonderful and that capable on that you've got deaths and I trust you. And then. The beautiful process. You know we sort of came up doing the things we do around the same time and so I talked to a lot of young performers in the eighties and as I look back now it staggers me. The number of really skilled young actors. Who were just beat upon by directors of the 1980s who were just pick debt and told they were no good and nonsense and stuff so that other. Other performers have to step in and protect them. Or screamer. Screamer is used to be popular. It can't pick to head of the late. Like. People in control. All the well on some people back again in the eighties particularly renowned for screaming and it would screen. And I'm not naming names because I was like it didn't work with hearing me screeners only had a conflict. Like that air. It works like that scream I'm incompetent like isn't that sort of what you're saying what is once it would screen at. Not fill needs but the smaller walls. And I would be so uncomfortable market barely breed. Catholic my air would be just cut off like you're gonna do any good we're. I don't I don't like actress being kidnapped. You have to be nice extras because. It they're part of the team you can't be you can be me to people like this that the whole feeling becomes nasty and in this no good way ill. You have to be nice to everybody everybody there has to be. A feeling of camaraderie. Raleigh Cain. It feels like it's better I don't know if it's true but it I don't hear I don't yes I don't think they do that anymore happy that the popular. I don't think it's frowned upon now. Thank goodness. It's not is not the power of people power people don't do that they've they've all got off to the hedge funds they're doing something if reacting there yet it matter that got fired. Now people don't tolerated anymore which advocates thing. As you began your movie career could you imagine that thirty plus years after you started. You would get some play roles as interest thing is the role in this bill. I am so thankful for this opportunity because its not easy it's IDC. To find the role that some to have someone actually write a role like this for mature woman. Com and then. To get pets because they're other people like me that would. Want the opportunity to play a role like did you have to compete for that through this real high in I a I got this rural and I'm so thankful that rough let me and I still thank him for letting me play. This character. Its use. Very interesting and complex then broke and then everything wonderful that you want to do with an actress. We're used to seeing films where at the beginning of the film he the death of the key figure. Very visibly disrupts. The world around a family. And there's a lot of conversation. Explicit conversation. About the way this death has eroded people's sense of self. That conversation. Is absent from the smoke. Correct yes it's all at and the behaviors. What they Q. What they carry inside of them. And I think it's you know there's a lot of reality hit two legal a lot of times and damn plane that art. This functional at this point they were extremely dysfunctional I think they had been a much more. Co Heath half. He. They knew how to behave. Everything had reason. And without my husband and it's it's adds if we just don't know how to function. And it's not even so much of his particular characteristic it's as the idea that he was there and that it was that he was the stop and bathtub and. All the water and write and nobody nobody really understands who they are anymore. I really don't understand why not let what happens and the first time that the first time I have sex when I think with my coworker. I don't and gain from me at the reason it's not a choice is just as it she's going through it day. And she happens to have someone be nice to higher. And why it's it's kind of that XP for what else in my academic I'm gonna go and in. See them myself well maybe dispute. Is that kinda. It's not like she's really thinking and I. It much thought into what she's doing just inexperience somebody that the body and went and I. And we see you dress we see you from behind as your dressing after your account and everything in your body language conveyed is uncomfortable a kind of embarrassment. An embarrassment I'm content to it's a mistake this of them at stake if there's a statement today. Should not have done math. And Eden the second time which is obviously a choice she's. Now this is and thought out enough in appears to be more enjoyable. Somewhat but not really if you look at the faith he had a lot of options to choose from because we shot. It's every scene could have been done put together and taking to make a different Mehdi. And it's interesting to see what wreaths ended up choosing. And one of the things and watching Hannity that I didn't. Clock exactly. As well just scare all couples who now it really looks like and the appointment. I mean I think I recognize that day how ugly the building. But that I really didn't get the force of what it would look like on film. And it was interesting because I feel like yeah. She had had a management experience that was fatter. But it was still she still law that's what I found that what he Detroit team yet. What you gave him choices you yeah I am that choice that was the two life. Dedicated and you handed in the menu and each shows yeah and chatted what you you have given that you do you did give him that flavor yet you're out yet there was one that was that at the option was. If there. The option. He had a options. With our interest in for you is it's a play that kind of sexuality now then. You know the sexuality that's asked for from the young performer when your starting the kind of you characterized it as a sort yeah inexperienced. Threat actuality how much more interesting is it to be this sort of person. Yeah. You know I could find it interesting to play them. Raw. The camera facts I can find it interesting. But I don't think that that was cracked that's why he cut it together that's way they weren't certain scenes that he could have cheers than. That war loving and tender. And sensual. But he made it this shot me adds there is that there is still of that land mine. I think it still takes her at this character and that piece that something. That was too beautiful to replace to replace. How it is not said he still needs to just can't replace. It can't replace. Logging. He norm math. Husband. You just can't go out and find a new one and replace it's not possible. And that only in this may be issue well. By the time you see her aunt and her new home at the hands. The life is back in you can see if you look at who she is and appeared again I'm very sensual plan. Secure her and sexy in an insists will. All bargains are kid he has yet. Yeah I was is rated yet as the great dad I'm anxious Yunel field yeah she's eight. And this is here it up. It's like just in law penny and biting and you see a new person coming in coming back so I think it was a choice now that rest made. Like how that empty nest and hair it I don't think he would've wanted to show me with Matt being completely Salinger the character. Being completely satisfied because you can't I mean I think see the choices that you don't replace somebody like that you don't does. Idea doesn't want it just it's not a dog yeah. Even as you go your path the detonation in the life of your children for the passing of your husband is massive and they view a lot of that anger on you. They view a lot of that loss on you yeah come you. Julia you're trying to find some big. Yes there campaign where are dealing with ten. And we're not dealing appropriately with each other and are. A little self adults and little via. A whole lot us older adults acting. That is acting out. In function in depth crossing the line. We we spoke about this that they had bad boundary. And their boundaries are not and that sexual way they're not bad even though I'm intimately. Tender with mine and it's not sexual. But it's definitely a about injuries is your response. And awesome mind meddling. Meddling and the way psychologically. Information. About how I feel about the tweets he. Which is not my position than he. And yet we in the audience who did find ourselves agreeing with your decisions about his. Tom carry around little but her hat is your choice survey and collect in the women. He is correct and that's where his two. I would meet. What I would think if I. She's someone. Rather. Hughes some future child's. Significant other that's not your position they're position. But those boundaries have eroded to the point where he can sit behind you Wednesday. You're so selfish that's your son talk right. Yeah well there's well not. At them. But there isn't presently or isn't I thought well it's very alert at the end app and he. Needs. It. Now we use we do get to see you we don't always get to see you do this which is fun we get to see you. We get to see you put that same coworker laughs yeah in the middle of an audition while watching. A young woman do model in Vegas from. Michael Hughes where does this Oliver at it why is that something. So why did why we are wide view what's important about how your character is off the car alarm. She is and the costs and departments I think that's part of it but I think it's also. I think she's just let my may be acting like talk about whip. (%expletive) I am wearing the sweater now talking about this letter had talked about that I should doing. She says things which it wears sweater. You know I thought maybe on some love. The fact that she was going to have to pick the com. Someone that entice is a man might be frustrating under. Her and her sub conscience. And to see someone who's so easily can be in tights and and to think that I'm gonna have to do that some resentment may be and it's. I thought that can be hard evidence. They could just be that she's really sick of this kid. It in now and do it before it and it before I get better and for Eds to having some control over her life yet felt like she has no end all. That means you can can't really control anything that's going. Non. Was that ever you were you ever that person doing that monologue. Dress that way kind of callously not really known. I'm sure I've acted like I don't they day. Yeah I did I think Alan did that but I detonated in France it's much more. Acceptable all. And wearing seat. Allison. And young you can get away with doing when you see get away with you. Well look at the French just don't care they've gotten they probably are thankful that you walk around with something seat for all of long. The man the lamb and everybody. You know quite delighted to change showed up for dinner. Which are shelling through some sheer pizza fraph fat wreck. I I I remember doing math. Think and I think when you're that age. Your unconscious in a lot of ways. Presenting yourself essentially the issue such as sensual creature. That. You know it's inmate and you too. Be that way I think it's natural and it and a way for you can be sending out the message. You know like animals here now I just think it's part of years nature. Out I think it's harder thing to do when you get older so maybe there was a piece CNN there's a piece of fat. For her. Is lake OK so I'm going to be an amazing game and this is hits in I have to go back to that. Don't really wanted to and I don't want to see you do it either. It is fun this is fun to see you know. And a female character get to do what men always get to do in movies which is to act on a feeling behavior early rather than have to express. You know it's always you know men are I think often men. You know have trouble expressing their feelings in the you know in the spirit that way and so. Show it by behavior and so yeah Carriker incident this as well yes why is that so important thing for this film that we don't get a kind of sitting down. What did he mean to you what how is your life changed why has why is the fact that this loss is never articulated. So important to what happens this. I you know I think that that is quite often what happens in life. I I don't I think people. Don't always talk about things. I think miscommunication. Is one of the greatest losses. Of healing -- life I now home my family. Doesn't need. They pretend that everything's okay quite often in bad situations. How does that but I think this family doesn't have the power to parts. Pretend. Not only is do they not talk they just. We get lofts and there. Pain and suffering. There it it's at its reaction to their payments Francies see him. There behaviors because of what they feel all. That's what they're in that's just how they'd hate. What happens when you articulate. With a view. Somalia and what does it and it can rug. My. Iraq. A look at out. Option. It doesn't work I mean I I don't wanna judge is maybe that works for people. Work for a player and on college. Share. Is that like whack a mole was that pop up another occasion expect. That got pulled com Zach. I'm about a carpet every one. The hoops. It. That your children's. Do you think. I think my kids and our better we talk a lot. My son gave me you really great compliment coming out with the deepest person he. And in fact I would get if anything Hackett TD a talk too much and up over analyze and I apologize constantly a look at my mistakes. A look at my mistakes that and my kids and some of dawn. And I'm still agonizing and accurate I don't know and it you. This is interest in because back community. I was curious alaskans feel about the naked because I'm not one of those people that are. Really comfortable. Being naked. On film but it's always been something by. To see it really didn't wanna do I got body doubles which most people my generation get now everything has changed that. It was you know. Thought I was gonna creeping out but it didn't bother me in the least. What bothered me like they knew it then flashed me news I don't know I just there you now have seen before and it was in the big deal. But what was I'm comfortable for me. Was when we were issued in because they shot an upstate New York. I was very. Rehman I was reminiscing for the early bits of mind Mary range. We the father of my children we that I think parents and and spent time up there aren't those part of me it was reminiscing I have a tendency to do that. I can remaining two. I can think about path to be sad about it. And I think I really got into it on this navy because of the character Alice. Suited to care actors that I was going there. And as a senior the Barr amendment after I have sex. When I'm at the bar. And I'm just kinda sitting there I'm really often thought and that kind of pop out of it and it tickets for the line and I get up and walk off. Israel not sip of the line and getting more and off I was acting manner because I heard action. The first part they've got in the was before it started acting that you see Neil Austin stopped. And the whole movie from he felt a little bit like that to -- process. I don't know that I was acting. A lot of times I know that sounds crazy because question to members of birds and do stuff. But it never felt like I was acting because a kind of this plays. What I felt the care to would be and and that she be so me and missed him so much. That she would be living in her head with her memory. Because he's gone. And on the way she could functioning get through it today would be to think about. Him. And so I was doing I was doing out but the thing that scared me was seeing that scene. And seen my faith. And knowing it was real. It was just me. That means eliminating them. What you see it it's awful. Yes that was a loss. It's it's I think when you still there is a thing I'm why and that and a person and you have kids with that the law it's like at they're still there. But it's also a death. Because it'll never be again it's gone. So that's where the same feelings. That she. And politics tapping out. And as another scene of me where I'm just sitting me. Don't thing. And that that was Warner and there's me and B I really don't care about not by any means it's buy me whenever it's. And it's hard currency in revealing that gap the sad. Went there. In x.'s we're watching. Is worse look at everybody's gonna say it's O and comments to me. That is much more intimate than me. There. When you look back on everything that you've done and you want to feel joy. When you wanna take pride and happiness and everything you've gone through and achieve what kind of image comes tomorrow what would you be ruin anything about them. I few remaining. I love Allie can be to simply sayings. I say you know all about my kids. Upbeat about the lie son and who he is now my kids are considered to. Great he. What they do about my son and seeing myself in and spending more time with my in a date game and project. Ideas. Wonderful life. I don't have Grand Canyon and I think about what Graham but he. Ali we do know you'll be called her room. You decide. I don't MoneyGram. That's pressure. No drama. No I tell them that night laugh. I like Nana Nana OK and that's a classic Graham and it's not that I don't mind being grandmotherly. I want to be grandmotherly. I'm comfortable with that. But Graham it does sound. Like that man. Seen it easy for young person to say to bury you for again. Kathy do you get the word out now and he think. Now you also have young people who are interested in entering this who are in fact than during the business that you did and what does happen for you to help. They can helpful for me they're crave. You want that really pray that's what other Somalis comfortable being look at part of my problem would be naked thing never wanted to do anything and there's my children. You know I come from more conservative time as welfare and conservative place I had all this influences on me Gaffney south Carol yes and the Carolinas and Skinner all very conservative. And white hair Angel hair that's not like parents and surely that much bolder but spent more time in that area. But my kids have and that they become their very European and away they travel a lot they thought. Aid. There. Education was a broader and bigger states than mine. You know they spend time at rod in big casino that cannot lie over or they've. Seen a lot more that theory they're so they're comfortable with their bodies and taken were rescued chances of being an artist so now I'm comfortable because I'm certainly not and heiress. Not at all they're like. Hewlett mom. But in this industry they have the same challenges that you face in terms of having to hear no we're being told you're not this or something like that and that's hard for any parent to mention. You know his or her child hearing can you guide them to make sure that that doesn't erode their sense of self. But I would be annually mother Agnes that they. A huge artist and the company truly want really want. And I RD auditions. Margaret than did not ask me. Don't ask me how Lance. Don't do that I'm one Q thing. That we. It is. I do. And mine and the woman tortured. Done it's done that dozens and eliminating. Now they're better than me. And yet it day actually auditioned for and Hewlett. I auditioned for something. What it but they know who you or I did have a body of work that I appreciate Europe. Your fight that's on. And I felt like that and then I watched whatever this that I am and say okay reading I. Active mine. In it but ape and wind whipped my doctor. I call it that I've run lines with. Well run mind why not get them by this is me helping mark united. I don't know Alex Ariza is that why me telling you it's. Gray cat. In here. Doesn't pencil. And art. And you guys will yelled at put a Mike right I'm you know you gotta feed a southern girl. You know this morning course how we're late at night Charlotte N like old news now wild and really. We'll see you will see the pictures. I'm not going to ground at Torrey but for me it was play and I had to get up early. Advocate here. We're gonna make sure we get some food and get AT. We did we try to beverages will do food next time you took some. We'll be wonderful and thank you so much. I wouldn't you having less I don't know there is however thanks again for a minute film.

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