Chris Harrison exits 'Bachelor' franchise

What to know about the future of the show and who could replace Harrison as full-time host.
6:46 | 06/09/21

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Transcript for Chris Harrison exits 'Bachelor' franchise
Longtime bachelor host Chris Harrison has announced he is stepping aside as the face of the franchise he hosted for nearly twenty years. The move comes after his defense of a contestant photographed at an antebellum theme party TJ Holmes has more. Over the years we've seen a lot of bachelor's and bachelorette scum Miguel. Chris Harrison is out. ABC announcing the longtime host is stepping aside as the face of the franchise he's been a part of for nearly two decades on in mr. Graham Harrison writing I've had a truly incredible run as host of the bachelor franchise and now I'm excited to start a new chapter. I'm so grateful to bachelor nation for all of the memory we've made together tonight the journey begins again. In a franchise known for his shocking character of the dramatic exits. I'm kinda. Scares us. Harrison has been the consistent presence throughout the 25 seasons of the bachelor and seventeen seasons of the bachelorette and their multiples channels until the host sparked his own controversy earlier this year defending Rachel Kirk an elf after photos of her surfaced attending a plantation themed party in Tony nineteen. In his heated conversation with Rachel Lindsey the show's first black bachelorette. Until well it blow Rachel isn't going to look into scenery is not a good looking when he when he won out. A victim. Never commissioners she celebrate old south to sell if I would slap party. What would I read that at that party. My guests. These girls got dressed and went to a party had a great time Neary senior goal. Now does it reviewed OK I don't Rachel you army though uproar pushed Harrison to apologize. It was a mistake. I made a mistake. I am an imperfect man I made a mistake. And I alone that. Stepping away as guest hosts a field and retired NFL linebacker and author Emanuel hot Joseph leading the conversation on the last season's after the final rose more. Former bachelorette and Bristow anti shadow or the Helm of this new season with this unfamiliar territory for. Unscripted dollars and question has to happen is what's the long term how does this play out over the long tail. As a read our thanks to TJ Holmes of that report and let's explore that a little bit more with the help of ABC news contributor and series sex and radio host. Mike news Mike good morning to you first so what's your reaction Chris Harrison stepping aside. After nearly twenty years. Well good morning I'm yes I think that it is sixth. Yeah. An angle so many ways we're best. You want because prisoners as always has been a part of the Max literally everything as the excuse the masters series we were pretty much introduces him. Hey when you been around someone over twenty seasons as long as he has been when the masks are you really get to know personally come into your house. I'm every week gives you will enjoy seeing the master without him is his his. I'm right. It also saying that it was needed and also would say that it was necessary. There is this season for everything nine as you know and I do believe that this season Brandon didn't end in no way. Handover conversation with the racial. I think dwindle as far as. She may wish it there was is no quicker return in his sleep in the wake the backdrop for a happen in our society today. Our society is having difficult conversation around race and race relations and race dynamics. And for the weight and keep doubling down on the big risk it's okay to be ignorant about a subject. But it has been doubling down in the insisted in the entire. And how he did Powell was what I believe what caused people to how. Have a reaction to him so where he needed to lead the platforms and Edwin B common continues distraction. What was happen. So Mike where is the franchise go from here how does this change things aside from just. Who's gonna hosts. The united unites our demise this a while ago in his first came out like cool and I think paraphrase Lewis who they thought that will be discussing the concert delay in the bachelor. I think that Baxter hasn't really important moment in our society and pop culture always goes on to mirrored our society to reflect what is happening within our nation. Yes this this show about dating below we are now going to be do that that the vast solar production but company that he knew produces a bachelor. They have a chance now you're really not necessarily expand the conversation on race is not their job let me you have an opportunity to moderate discourse during the want to offset these contests is what happened these other thicket Texas who have. Half of the master or the mass arrests. They can really begin to ask questions because I know anything about it and win most of America go down on the first day a second day. These questions did you come up and so I think that mass there it is unscripted television. As a chance to truly make any unscripted my allowing these I have conversations to come forward and go forward I think the only with a contest has learned but it gets a chance for. Lesson look into the views of America because he's contestants console in different parts of the country that has some different kinds of viewpoints. And what better way to learn about the viewpoints and different regions of our country I did you contestants who have net. Not to put the delay Padres Ripken age and race theory on the master contestant that's not what I'm saying. But they do have an opportunity and they so choose. To really advance in hand to help moderated his discourse in their own way. Fantasia Adams and Kayla Bristow have stepped Dennis temporary replacement so they're getting great reviews so. Do you think bill keeping gig. I sure do hope so Diana I think having mixed is interesting one because they were former contestants. But didn't shoot they don't want they had. Have shown that there aren't afraid that says speak their mind and to see their opinion that you nowadays than he would choose choose. Getting behind where in front of a camera. We're getting are behind her front reminder phone at. I think we do now have a responsibility. I'm not too be afraid to state our opinions right into the moved. I'm comfortable and damaged in situations those who have proven time and they are able to do now hand are willing to do that and I finger and type a dynamic is needed to move forward because of the vascular and I just can't save them Max learned that. That's the sale to net assets sale of this last season. They now have to. Have to redefine themselves and then when that is I don't know how they can do business as usual and I think those holes would help them lead them into this next. Sarah the Max there. All right ABC news contributor and Sirius XM radio hosts might news thank you might. Thank you.

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