Chrissy Teigen Makes Twitter Account Private, Co-Hosts Discuss Cyberbullying

Celebrities are upset over insults and opinions from cyber-trolls.
6:57 | 10/06/16

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Transcript for Chrissy Teigen Makes Twitter Account Private, Co-Hosts Discuss Cyberbullying
Celebrities. And are speaking out about how cyber bullying is changing the way they approach social media. A lot of Christi T gives fans upset that she went private on Twitter because of trolls and Katie car says that she can't believe how mean people. Low Arctic are on line. What's the solution. I scaled back I used to have worn a presence on answer rampant sweater that was personal life shareware by Chris lane that I was dating someone Arpaio is. You know it out at a place that I love and I did some of the comments I would gag. Dave affect me and I didn't like that about my south I felt like I shouldn't care. Like I shouldn't be concerned with what people thought when he did it. Because it would make me reflect on people might say why people's email and nobody and I can't I get back what what's the motivation to share transplant I think just felt like it was a space that was fine and that was a part of my life and it felt odd to have work stopped and not if I was dating some kind of wanted to be part of that there I went took place I've loved. I I want him I want all of that's to be part of a space that was mine. And it felt safe in an odd way you don't realize. It's not just people haven't they're just to make you feel bad it from media was why there are people. Or there there just meant to exhibit their trolls and and it trying to do that but if you think about it there are one point 71 billion active users. On FaceBook 500 million users on instant Graham 313 million users on Twitter. And social media can really really be agree that you think about the Arab Spring at how people are able to communicate and Alan FaceBook. You get to connect with friends and family members a hot. I have and the like those outlets social media is fine but if you. Feeling bad because your reading bad stuff about yourself being sent to you I might add by people who don't know you don't know anything about it. I think it sent and those two why are you reading their staffs. Once you posts. You know once you post whatever you unopposed why are you going back to see what people have to say it's a character plotted son. I don't know I cannot. I feel like I'm in a way because it's addictive you Donald GL I originally that you feed often you hear positive stuff. Yeah and you feed off of like you know I used to go on to Fox News hits and you get positive comments and make you feel good and you can you like what you feel. Like happy but then you also see the negative and you get affected your unit so it like that and went back an Italian. Oh yeah he is also keeping engaging so it's talking and listening so a lot of time a lot of things you put out there it's about starting a conversation yet what if you would you can't expect. You can't expect people not to give you their opinion if you asked them for him. Oh yes so if you are putting stuff out there are what the purpose of people commenting. If it's hurting you what they're saying why you why did. Why does it matter what they say I understand want to put it out staring at I don't understand the need to go let's see what people have to say about what app. I am I I I agree with that but I I think that you sort of have to have a tough skin if you are on yeah media but there's this wonderful engagement I think you can have your finger on the pulse of recital it is talking about a different you talk about it doesn't think I'm talking about why are you. Q when you post what you want Apollo all right why do you leading with what. Saying basically you give something I would I can't pitching did your melons are no you cannot you cannot. But it used to beat the and I don't know how not lets you saying you look at these are not just that and you can't say yeah. But it. I think that thing is that it is sometimes the conversation continues bloke thank friends that we play out jokes that keep going and people keep commenting. Sometimes theory it what you're going through acts is something that you're like whoa whoa. Where you wanna look at yeah what I think we're talking about not consistent thing because I know that they at times folks put stuff out here. And then they go to see what people are saying that so I thank you have to make a decision well either you know you want it to feel and terror gap. You can take it. Boy you know all that they're out there and say you know what I want to do that I'm just gonna tell you what I want to say and I'm not let's see what you have to satisfy your help on a show like this where when you give your opinion you lose half the audience already yeah so now they're out there would be ability distaste thinks you that they know will hurt your feelings. And most people who are trolling. I'm gonna go after a woman's looks Newsday and and they that's like that what's the main port Katie Couric whose famous and she's rich is iconic she's beautiful and she's still wounded. By nasty things they say about her looks and they know. That that's your spot when I was on the radio at a radio shop and they hated me so they call ups and sag. I hate you basically and you're ugly and I Telecom on the radio you've never even see. Yeah. Get back giving is they don't like that you could might can or me I had tracked so they like eight because I hate trots. Me like a pocket purse if if I'm reading I think something I got policy push back that doesn't bother me at all can't commit a winning the cup Purcell I don't think it's on I sit and say. All I care with this person thinks I think I reflect on. What is wrong with the world that you million you know I don't put it not Uga does is Whitney did you did you put it on yourself and you start asking IN about I think yeah I lately. They use 01 thing that I would encourage people lake Whitney. When we're having conversations in a show called the view there are places people can join the conversation the problem is when they're not joining productively like. We love to hear back from people about what someone looks like you're bad thing but just jumping in with your pink is not about my friend. I think that's very pretty it's just the language that not got what it spotlighted isn't I mean I always say that it's been Twitter thugs with keyboard courage hiding behind it egg hat avatar in their mom is based bank yeah. Perhaps why don't do that most people don't. Recognize who is B rating that they don't and then it becomes what's they've hurt what's wrong with me and I'm saying if you don't. If you don't engage them you have ever used when everyone is out but if you don't want to know. How people feel about what you say how that then don't look at it analyzes the on it is hard to feel well I don't gotta disagree then it cut that's not my issue my issue is. The attacks in the nasty rhetoric yeah yeah I always take out. An idea and bad. That they are anonymous bidder could not have been the quiet it's what I asked you can't you know. It's very easy to pick off people who spaces on the act patsy we have bit the cajon is to stand behind what we believe. Now that we have the causes come into work every day no one there are people waiting to pick us up they. Point of the matter is this is what we do for a live back. And we have every right to do this you have every right to respond I just have to read it.

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{"duration":"6:57","description":"Celebrities are upset over insults and opinions from cyber-trolls.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"42620485","title":"Chrissy Teigen Makes Twitter Account Private, Co-Hosts Discuss Cyberbullying","url":"/Entertainment/video/chrissy-teigen-makes-twitter-account-private-hosts-discuss-42620485"}