For Christmas, Duck on Duck on Duck

Mile End's Antony Nassif makes Duck Two Ways, Smoke Char Siu & Confit.
7:10 | 12/21/16

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Transcript for For Christmas, Duck on Duck on Duck
It yet so it did that coffee's basically it is slow cooked meat thanks so looking back. So we BC take it got flakes salt and. Edinson for a couple days because I think that whatever you want to all of this is like you need a few days are prepared none of this is like if I think I'll let of this something. These are more it might think this isn't so after all the a couple of days in Sydney could insulate three hours hello in the oven and Connecticut salt and a all of party. Son out of dealers and that I gravel handful phenomena but event has all the fat that it visiting him. I do think we need to get this. And then resident listen down. The so called an attic this together and make is in excellent piece back. Boy yeah. And help preserve and also desert recently if you keep cooking heat he conducted at bat. Begin and I thought it sealed in the Vatican last few weeks. It was an old mother to observe him. Yet loves going back to kind of be here. Right. No amazing anyway this thank you for this on this island that finished off Al skin side down and all of this got back here. And I let that go. No noticed lately. He doesn't look kind of reaction you guys get to this menu at the first time needed it did people know what they were in for when they came and wolf last year he went secret traditionally specialized Viles though. When they came in they really weren't expecting other papers it anyway. Spotters they came and these guys. And it's an incident but it was really it was really get it relates to wrap. So like Wright and lay people but we begin a very get reaction from on this of people in our party but tactically but just being. Get the book in advance that they then there's a disabled individuals who go online the mylan looking out. Paulson tell you personally it's only in any. Politically I've been watching here is to grant. That was well at the real meaning and this program yes. It looks villages everything thank you so much. See now are getting a little. Of overlook countries. And he did. That comment. How did you come up with this particular combination of the meet then and accessories and condiments and all that you go to a lot of different. What you really the one and one at. Well I became pavlik appears to look at it can't assess that all the Chinese parliament's. Although CDs like all the weird. Jars honestly have no regulators have yet another attack I don't regulate can't expect seeded Phoenix I think bitterness but generally they're like amazing. So does lake avenue scene and witnessing an economist for a while now Sosa's I think what went would allow one. And that it's just an album out what I'll look. GAAP. Rent them. London okay these are smelling good looking good sounding good. It hurt the dust as a symbol. It's. Soy sauce voice in dry Sherry. Chinese buyers place. It put a little bit sweet soy sauce as well immediately yet. That's the dates for the trustees us to assemble and have put it just makes everything together. Certain that they get it yes yes exactly and an eight apple. It takes a very roasting juices from the panic panic and it Saddam but ones some of the Batman and the scene. Duck battle over the again not that. That party. I read zone out of the slices done. Hello the big tub of lots of calls by the way it payday you're an average Italian. Just guys have a lot of all they announce them. News. So I like placing an up one and has faced Alec cleanest inside down. It says that is like getting a nice besides I'm missing a mother thanks again. They I cut it. Standing. As possible. And I think the conduct you know he while it rests. Order it might have minutes. Any meat I was well into restaurants and have been you have only geez at least he has added that she's going anywhere is also backing of the B. If any agreement yet. After like rose since only that you quantities that are wrestlers only significant they want to really kind of heads. In case. Played. It in the remaining in again. Currently apple plays right now. Back to the Krispy that he got they'll fall that he could mean. I think on. Pilot top. The other you know. Yet and that damn. Season. It is dredge it you really get in there. Yeah. Around a little. You know one of those. When it. Mean. To me. Having a simple easy. Smog that rests on physical and AV eight like cookie victory today that it Rick Davis client paid no problem not the Bernie you know they get out of here needed. And then then and isn't even just eat just like this plane with a. Well I'm on the menu are to be added you know we have the lowest price below my guy analysts and have. A bull lowest rates are gonna have that he's broccoli. Smothered in spicy peanuts soybeans that up neatest. And I think equally in need organs huge huge bottom aisles. And desert courses are hiring what you think he's it is. Classic and tonight you thank you sound like there was something on you guys check that out my island daily they have three locations are still spots available. Yes there. Online and have come at a proper Chinese feed straight Christmas dinner thanking them I appreciate it. They act. He'd be happy.

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{"duration":"7:10","description":"Mile End's Antony Nassif makes Duck Two Ways, Smoke Char Siu & Confit.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"44326455","title":"For Christmas, Duck on Duck on Duck","url":"/Entertainment/video/christmas-duck-duck-duck-44326455"}