Classic Batman Cosplayer Talks Superhero History

ABC News' Michael Rothman meets a Batman cosplayer in character at New York's Comic-Con
2:22 | 10/06/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Classic Batman Cosplayer Talks Superhero History
It's art about is there. Michael let me. There and that could mean man features that are we. It I don't know. Batman vs Superman stuff as they guesses as to get people don't look at it but you know them. Sixty you'd think the first time we arrived at together you're in my past that I picked up checkpoints to connect Kennedy and now running around. I think. Actually Superman. Though. I guess it's. It's the big the big bad things. Which was pretty cool and let it was. It was eight glorious minutes and that's wallets opening arrow there at the fantastic. The second price of admission for me I would Baghdad say they bites me in the hours ago when it apparently we're bad guys singlehandedly. Automatic right. I never doubted you for a second and I gets that a couple of things get a bill. And and to come a time along the coming at this convention. I don't know I guess about twelve years. I don't make every year which we at you have to watch live fire. But everyone's Ali and there's there's. Let's bring a good thing if this a piece together a homemade costume. They custom made the whole thing myself top to bottom soup to nuts every year I do something different. That it would boot I was going to very sleep. Little more armored doing. That's Jerry added actually. We're defeated Hitler line. Stated that they honor and I usually grappling with the here. But convention rules state you know know what. Is that paper machete put together and crash it looks very custom it's actually. Carbon fiber underwriter with like there's been an accident plastic Atkinson and sensible thing. Literally like mindedness. I. Ask you real then. Peter let me in my life it's Charlie I think. Do you have any like statements you can show us.

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{"duration":"2:22","description":"ABC News' Michael Rothman meets a Batman cosplayer in character at New York's Comic-Con","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"42622938","title":"Classic Batman Cosplayer Talks Superhero History","url":"/Entertainment/video/classic-batman-cosplayer-talks-superhero-history-42622938"}