CMA Awards: Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks talks about his wins coming in twos and whether he's voting for Keith Urban.
1:35 | 11/07/17

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Transcript for CMA Awards: Garth Brooks
Oh. Yeah. Viewing in 1991 IBC you. 9798. Last two years to the backing well I'm hopefully that's what it means I didn't even think about that to you senate okay. That would be nights. I'll take every reason why it should happen I'll take at all it's it's fun but tried to explain somebody please don't think I'm crazy. Last year you know belong directly and we didn't think we're gonna win it. The call your name now this year under its. Last series knew you would get a win. This year now since that caught her name Lester now your order so it's it's going to be fun. And what do you think about the guys are up again love these guys and a lot of them you know you katic seek them on the scene as one older guys. You see these guys who got what Stapleton cut just grow up you know and polarized. Could see these kids and it's fun and love Keith Urban and voted for Lester told but it will for an answer. Have just it's it's got its it's if you're lucky to get to be a part. Of this group with them that's a damn good group to be involved. I knew the performance this year is particularly specialties and much of for the songwriter himself it's Mitch Roussel never ever had a cut. Ever and so ask me how I know it's dispersed that ever. It's a single and he's actually playing on the record the scene that they couldn't get off the demo. And so all the guys got together we've voted and he's joining the band for the seeming you're gonna see him latest thing so I'm hoping that and so scared right now he can't even hold an animal that's what's going there's.

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{"duration":"1:35","description":"Garth Brooks talks about his wins coming in twos and whether he's voting for Keith Urban.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"50989515","title":"CMA Awards: Garth Brooks","url":"/Entertainment/video/cma-awards-garth-brooks-50989515"}