CMA Fest night 4: Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan says how he used to dream about closing out CMA Fest and talks about this year's summer tour.
2:38 | 06/11/18

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Transcript for CMA Fest night 4: Luke Bryan
The only thing I can think of that's better than to get the play that states it all to get to close out the whole thing the whole shebang. That's a big seal of approval so the worst for last. No it's fun you know we don't. It's always a sound and are desperately to be or use says I mean remember the days that. On I truly truly dreamed of being in this position to where. Would be on that state and says it to be the final performer. What Hampshire. Was a magical week for the fans been an amazing week for me. It's it's pretty are so hopefully send them home with some wonderful memories send him home with on nine. In an immigration. And he always think now. Al how the city of Nashville is just so energized this week you'd just released what's going to be the song of the summer and swing vote. Cooler the summer telling what the vibes I'll likely. Public will. We were and around the carrying here in my voice we're in South Carolina last night in it was amazing that was like. 30000 people at the Carol a country music festival. And op plates on ross' sunburned senses that the world on the beach. And employee and like a summer beach song and I turned in my man afterwards miles liked them that is oh. That is filled huge I mean like. Watching the fans just sing that sing the chorus. It detonate any time you have a new single out it's always. Such an exciting moment and on and certainly. Sun rise just kind of win NT. -- just went into the top two warning your top thirty. In you know. The Kansas are here and more on the radio and it'll just gradually get bigger and bigger which is always fun to watch. Kind of the the evolution of of a song. It's perfect song for the Celtics summer that he had net and have time to squeeze it and hey we gotta we gotta we got to make a video on this and so on were. We're excited about you know coming out with a rope thirty nostalgic V that hopefully the fans can only two in. And art but yet very busy says that defeated in a make it happen. But we certainly will.

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{"duration":"2:38","description":"Luke Bryan says how he used to dream about closing out CMA Fest and talks about this year's summer tour. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"55809995","title":"CMA Fest night 4: Luke Bryan","url":"/Entertainment/video/cma-fest-night-luke-bryan-55809995"}