CNN's Van Jones Discusses Division Between Trump Supporters and Democrats

Van Jones stops by "The View" to talk about the growing political divide in the United States.
7:56 | 12/01/16

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Transcript for CNN's Van Jones Discusses Division Between Trump Supporters and Democrats
You talk about everything but race tonight we talk about income we talk about class taught by region we haven't talked about race this was a white lash. This was a white lash against a changing country. It was a white lash against a black president in part. That while. Then Anaconda. Fans have. Been one client. You know he had. This little reaction to Donald toast victory on election night and now he joins us and hot topics. Please welcome China's manned. Meant I would love you to explain to people exactly what you meant because people don't. Did I do not president tell you don't know what you're talking about some please explain a little bit for us. Well I think they when I wasn't. I was not saying that all fifty to sixty million people who voted for Donald Trump are are racially hateful people who want to be in the all right neo Nazi camp rack I wasn't saying that and would be actually unfair to the trump voters to say that they're all racist. But to say that though all right in the neo Nazis who were celebrating weren't a part. That would be unfair to the rest of America we've got to be honest about what is going on. Both political parties right now I think have big problems. The and they don't want discusses her if you discuss it you get in trouble. The liberals you just talked about how liberals and Democrats we see ourselves as the champions of the poor and downtrodden that's how we see ourselves. But we have somehow let. A little camp called in leaders founding it's not be people who come into the party. And it's obnoxious and they talked down to people everybody hates it entities as a Democrat this it will what you're talking about what everybody knows we have a problem believe isn't. And then with the Republicans. They see themselves as the party. Of colorblind individualism and that's beautiful but they had somehow created to connect up space for a small number. Up racially hateful people the come in their party and they've got a good. Help for me the truth is messy. It's never Hillary's perfect and and in this being Obama's in he's perfect in truck with the into Chrysler truck was holding steady for the working people. And never stirred the pot on racism. The truth is nasty and nobody perfect we got to start talk about them. Elitism is is a lot while on the GOP side so I'll tell you that on it we disagree allotment immense respect for you I asked about this white lash comment though because when I heard it. Obviously I'm I'm as white as they come on I may not be in touch with with the issue the way I should be Agnes fat. But when I look at it I say President Obama won the election in 2008 and 2012. Many in what spot because a lot of white people young people people all ages races came out because they believed he was speaking to them. So I look at that I say. A lot of white people put an African American as the first president of the United States. How is this election about race if that's the case how is it a backlash to that as an aide not just be that these were two very flawed candidate and and Hillary Clinton. Was not someone people's felt inspired to both went and it wasn't reflection on race or President Obama. Look. Percival and what you're saying has a lot of validity. Ands. There were a number of factors anybody says it's only this was only that isn't being fair. But I think we have to start being true. The majority of white people voted against Obama both times the majority of white people in California. Voted against Obama both times. So you don't have a country yet not now do they do for racial reasons don't. The majority whip open vote against Democrats for a long time so that's it I'm not saying it's only racial but we keep patting ourselves on the back and think we elected a black president no. We elected a black. Okay. And that that the truth does messy. What felt like you can't say. Or I'm enough I had somebody else to break but I'm happy you know at a high I miss you my friend as we've brought in all the time together again CNN site. I didn't we weren't burgers and get on the front lines that we where I miss you very much. But that what are the other. That you sent on election night was the parents were scared about what to tell their children in the morning. And that struck a chord with me on what's we don't know what to say in the looks what did you tell your two cents fully note part part of the thing that was hard is that my kids. Were in LA watching me on TV. So the first time they see their daddy. After that thing happening that. Now it says I'm not there within they were upset them what's at an analyst but are not doing my thing. So when I say it's hard to be apparent. And I'm raising my children not to be bigots and not to be bullies and to do their homework and be prepared. Now have to explain this I was talking to them I went on to America I was talking my children. Yeah some interesting people that he's appointing I mean I think. This evening not much. And it's Stephen no human notion the secretary of the treasury he was a former golden Sachs partner I mean I they attacked Hillary Clinton up the watch zillow about her attachment to it says beaches of the Goldman Sachs. Tom price of the secretary of health and human services he staunchly anti abortion anti gay marriage starts obamacare apartment. Jeff Sessions accused of making racially insensitive comment attorney general he's got a big Steve a bad and we know about him yet the bride art news. What do you think about these these choices. You money. Give him a chance. Women I'm. Say that. Please can you imagine. If Barack Obama. Elected president. The first person I'm a point need to be my advisor. Is the former head of Lewis Derrick on spinal call. You can't say it's give me a chance already pretty high and about record and I haven't had before and does want is my clean everywhere you think and Bob I. My freedom from. That's important because people keep saying we have to give him a chance and we do have to given the chance but we don't have to give them a pass on everything. You don't get. They never gave Obama half. Can you imagine if Hillary Clinton receivers got and good in the sub neither of the group calls go home. Society. To for cutting up men yes it was that broke castration organization that did she say if you let real thing. It's as fast no castrate asked us if Hillary Clinton at that somebody in from scum I popped up. Do you think Republicans think we'll give her cheek but not all. This from an organization yeah that's made space war. White nationalist white supremacist and was proud of it now does that mean he's one. I don't know well but about that we don't know we got a lot critics say don't analyze data for Elijah the dogs a wake up with fleas.

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{"id":43905343,"title":"CNN's Van Jones Discusses Division Between Trump Supporters and Democrats","duration":"7:56","description":"Van Jones stops by \"The View\" to talk about the growing political divide in the United States. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/cnns-van-jones-discusses-division-trump-supporters-democrats-43905343","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}