CNN's Van Jones Says Trump's Win Is 'White-Lash' Against Black President

Will the United States heal and come together after Trump's campaign was perceived to have racist undertones?
7:34 | 11/09/16

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Transcript for CNN's Van Jones Says Trump's Win Is 'White-Lash' Against Black President
You know it just talk about kids and and some of the things that are happening but it. Last night and CNN is manned Jones had added disturbing theory about. One of the things that may have led to chance victory temple look. And who talked about everything but race tonight we talk about income we talk about class taught by region we haven't talked about race this was eight white lash. This was a white lash against a changing country. It was a white lash against a black president in part. And that's the part where the pain comes and Donald Trump has a responsibility to night. To come out in reassure people. That he is going to be the president of all the people who he insulted and offended. And and and brushed aside. I agree about the unity part about Trump's need to bring everyone together but I disagree about the white flash and the reason is that. President Obama got elect he got elected in 2008 and he got reelected. And a lot of white people came out voted for him he got a lot of those voters the country united in 2008 I don't care if you're Hispanic or African American or Caucasian I don't care what you are. You united under his masters of hope and change and then we'll lack at hand. So I don't think people were rejecting. President Obama said nothing do with race for me this had to do with two flawed candidates. And people wanting change just the way they did want in 2008 they want to change at this time they wanted an outsider and it looked at Hillary Clinton they said. I don't think she's gonna bring change I think she's part of the establishment the system is broken she's part of a broken system let's go with someone else not. President Obama did not poured gasoline. On racism and say go light a match he did not do that this guy did. I exacerbated. And pulled out of the woodwork or the racism that was underlying that one. Matthew got behind the scenes and you saying that some of the people. That didn't actually show up we're Democrats and one of the things that could be identified as a problem is. In the right away from the beginning. Everyone put their weight behind wolf Hillary will be dampened the candidates almost like. I'm not saying any systems were rigged adjusting the DNC in their own mind everyone the public decide Hillary's gonna be our. Are represented at. But eight neat he didn't listen to what other people in the party may have want it because that was the number that didn't reflect. What everyone else to say yeah that's probably trial that they didn't have a million now from the primary. Accidentally go back in Broward and actually had a higher turnout and Latino black voters then Mitt Romney did. When I'm believable yeah. And on his list system was raids yet right. Matt seemed to have made this point about how I'm justice and came I was here. About how the us leaders of the country follow the people. Melancon bat well that be true in some cases but in this particular case the FBI. Hess has stuck its two cents right into the middle of the election so it's not you know the in other words it in weeks of some kind of a nefarious. Outside act the FBI coming into the middle of the process so it's not just about the people it's about these organizations. Better light out of bodies were conspiring. But who are involved in our freedoms but that the kids that's the problem of people who while many of the peak. Oh who voted for him agree with you and and maybe not in the same respect respect to the FBI but they're saying the system is broken. The establishment is broken we had making anything else saying there was collusion between the Justice Department but and the Clinton can't lick those WikiLeaks came from. Knotted. Necessarily a good source of people want to town. Well they know about them nobody can count tennis isn't true well equipped you know if you're using crappy stuff. Why why to I have to say this is crap when you know what's crap. Lot of what happens I don't know what voters don't know let me say this isn't true I don't know I I don't even if that doesn't work wasn't. You can say that there was no white flash there was a little bit why at last I've read them. Watts what's happened in America over the last eight years yet he did win. Four years ago. And from that time also came all of the jokes about he's not American he's not this is not that. And you know tearing people make sort of the kind of off. All sent to racist joke that isn't you know his children Belinda at. Someone who has said and then that it has say who was but it was somebody sort of high up who said you know Hulk. Containment is a guy that would have been popular Mike Cox and I looked at. Did not telling you who sat. Some Atlanta but I couldn't tell you. Because pride is not who said at the point is that it was set yet you know. And from you know. Accusing him of looking like Curious George all of Stockton you know so suddenly when you hear all of this new heal all the obstructionist stuff. And you think won't happen. You one not me obsession you wouldn't be doing this to somebody else. Why you don't want as well the so they're using the same on his race you you have to and you don't have to understand that you don't have to get an. People of color know what this means we now. Why. Eight years because no president. Has ever imagined they would backs not so there is a lot of that and what do you agree with the they're not. As a black person and a person of color and the president has been paying attention to this then it does have some of. Don't just as there ever in a white girl in unison don't you know I feel I honestly Philip if you if President Obama could run for a third term I think he would beat Donald can't he can't. The point not about whether mind what. President Obama is running do. It's been you what you've heard for the last four years. As you know he doesn't speak for us you don't know anything about us he that have marked our best interest in what is quite vague talking about. He's an American president trying to help you. People want to think about trump well and that's not gonna always be about race for sun absolutely implement I'm messing with you let's try him I'm missing that. Then it comes from the lands of the race I'm not everything okay think racism I'm saying that's what it feels a lot pat. So excellent I don't know you know this is why black you don't want to talk to wacky records I'm side. Just have to hold on you know because. Any time you say hey this is what it feels like it was Elliott bring up the race card so what makes you not want to have the conversation I'm. We went this because what you. Make me feel like is. I'm not. I'm not. What I'm saying doesn't make any cents. When I'm telling you this is why I feel like this and this is what's happening in this is why so when you say it's all about is not ever all about as man said. In part. This is what Daniels axle backs what I talk about I read back.

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{"duration":"7:34","description":"Will the United States heal and come together after Trump's campaign was perceived to have racist undertones?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"43424725","title":"CNN's Van Jones Says Trump's Win Is 'White-Lash' Against Black President","url":"/Entertainment/video/cnns-van-jones-trumps-win-white-lash-black-43424725"}