College Football National Championship Forecast

ABC News' Michael Huberman and meteorologist Mel Griffin talk college football and weather.
10:51 | 01/09/17

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Transcript for College Football National Championship Forecast
Everyone I'm meteorologist now welcome to that championship forecast that's right are we talking about the college championship game late tonight on ESP and cleanse it against Alabama. Two best teams in the country so. Yeah we're switching up a bit from normal high moral actually a championship and asked how he felt a college and. They were talking earlier just because it's and Tampa today than us. The weather there usually die dispute more detail why it's actually sell this weekend in Florida there actually is were silly hat. Cold front of Israel and app also brought snow to the northeast this weekend and also dropped temperatures temperatures plummeted twenty degrees. In Florida outlets were in at thirty's hydrant and it needs. That means everyone breaks out there close there at the arts every went out where this week and bundle up it's still quite chilly tonight aides can't. It is between fifty I sixty acre east. Actually great book are you want to meet you want their politely everyone is scant going to be. Bundled up yeah parent can't but also good news is it in points the humidity levels are very well for floor SL at tackle fronted by in the that temperatures dropped the unity so it feel very comfortable out there. Cool comfortable craft an ice Florida winter. Don't vacation raping a belt and precipitation. Clear skies accurately so when these two teams but it laster that in Japan and development 140 ordered a great game it will enable the really honored and that lenders so and that retractable roof stadium in Glendale. Some instances in Tampa which is an open stage Rea asks if the weather arrest and the impact and I well out. We've seen it going on and they're in every act of medium threat see you out in Tampa and Wheeler has the policy. But we're talking about that game you need it it was crazy it is a rematch in two years later it's hard to believe and I carry the whole sort of thing with the play up his and the randomness of it get anybody edit it right. You know at Alabama's late in the New England Patriots. College football of course you know say that. But. You know they have been so dominant for so long wondered statement. So to see these two teams. Be able to have this rematch as gray as as fans. In order to watch this that you and I were also talking about is is really no fantasy element here that talking about who we would win. Now you here for estate if they graduate earlier supporter of the ACC. And you've seen your team play clintons here and you thing Clemson. Hasn't it takes me out. I don't sell at pumps the it was such a I was. In Tallahassee simpler if they make ends in it was so close I mean. It it was like Eddie Albert and do you plan and adequate play all out lots and it's time now with in the 2008 and he is acting up or foreign during our export act out against Alabama teen years ago I seen him play I watched on every week. During the regular season I know that they can play football and there not winning and if that he did it end to your note and Alabama but now we have Alan Kurtz rookie quarterback. In the evening on its late sell. There's really not act after their body hasn't been reports felt. There is we could see I know Alabama's favorite plot eye on it is an easy and want and as you know. I appreciate. We're taking mr. and going out. Someone's got to critic for the under. This could happen and it happened happened but right Clemson personal you know this may be a little better reasons it buys clothes that rate against. I they couldn't score one eye open it. Or other and Dayton. Kind of glad I think it is an. Issue that it up. Ani a pet it creaky. I'll put it there any one point and scores of really do it for clients. And the thing that I look with Alabama we know how good that. So we are talking about this that Alabama pads. Beaten every single team this year undefeated Fortson and everything he knew it by double super one game. Against all masked and I watched that game. Or this court Marianne it was what he would probably call it garbage time out to me this course in closer than actually was. The unit reality of guillotine that everyone they've played they've destroyed. And it would Alabama they've won games they beat LSU ten up. They scored 52 points against Florida the gators couple weeks. Aren't they are and they can beat you anyway you know race. In the us and we filed in. Against Washington. Where they really dominated the game he was scored 24 points and we gave up a touchdown it was early. And after that the completely shut down. That they're explosive here. When I see Alabama it's like personal I think if they win tonight I believe it will. I believe it will be it will lower scoring. Elect last year I think they'll go down as one of the best defenses Kyle they'd been that it. They've been mapped out. As you mentioned that you have a freshman quarterback and he it. He's great. He's already at practice. It is I didn't and you know. Throughout Al of Alabama sort of prominence it out football. They have not had quarterbacks who have really been you know hop first round graphics. They packed right now Roy. And you know this is a team that. It doesn't matter who's playing quarterback for them it's this think there are Johnstown for Polk army. So that'll be interesting to see elect attitude on its plans personal huge huge game. For the championship the other thing to watch will be. This is a very sad situation so after before the semifinal game against Washington. Alabama's offensive coordinator. The infamous Lane Kiffin agreed to become the new head coach or Atlantic though. And Kiffin coached. Decent funding. And then after the game early last week it was announced that he would not be coaching the team. This week pictures and it is rape or 88 the cease right and there's a lot of thought as to why that happened. Was he. Sort of not devoting enough attention to Alabama well first the approach you. Did he there was some talk that the he had pleaded for watch for the watching game was pretty. And original. Operative and it so. You know the question is why didn't stated who again with the patriots compares it is very much like it is his former coworker Alex why did you make this. And making its interest here is he replaced in captain if former southern cal football coach was fired. With Steve turkeys and other former palpable it was by. These are easier call plays for Al this year so we buried and to see in his first game. On the op and how that curbs and high office in goal grades turkeys and now. I I handled the line problem with its more like an interest in gold and you lately for that happen it just before the national threat to the a lot of you know you know the budget for what what's what's behind what's actually going on I don't I ever really know why that's which brain age. But the fact that matters is that how it's so good so how did so deep. That it really doesn't matter New Hampshire helped. Whoever is calling plays they'll find away right. Clubs or you know defensively Clemson has some really good players and opt out which shippers. But they've given up a lot of points or. A lot of toxins in Virginia tech's Korda number. In the AFC championship when they beat them squirrels and fifty. So an economic reports date it was. The quotes one of our closest. And made the score on a fourth day isn't one he popped to cut out there. Oh. Yes that was also merry X but so I mean look this is this is what you would miss what you want when you have this either football while some. We look and a I mean college. Football news is it's so excited so exciting. To see these two teams playing this into some sort of what the whole design a plan. Right that's our final four. Now you agree with out worry issued yet final I think it. Itself outlying idea. Like another featuring Nazis did not even an audience that's teens country on the other Athens in the country and he asked what the look even if we get a there's will be you know fans of teams are well right now. I think eight is that I think that it's actually that's really. Puts that this year. Think about the Rose Bowl games last yes and stating that he incredibly out of it probably going to be the best ball game we have this tires for Alastair MacDonald and that this can be heart that surpassed that. If you at eight those two teams now. Exactly and you know those teens with lots that were possible they. Off like they are outwardly it all I mean it was an amazing game and accountable and it's hard need Ulysses. Was routed fifties music by album's first they had some strides. In the year but have you had eight teams and you have those two teams in other teams just makes it more like. It's the instantly to the basketball. I love that. And once he gets you lead a that or that's what really starts right now in these games become this relief at. Exactly so hopefully that's something that you know we'll see forward advocates I. So many people want it that it might it might happen in the future and this is selling oil its Italian until a couple you're all right the elderly are silent. There's still work in progress there's nowhere to be gotten and I at a rate change of the interim we have as if they are now every American history something better watch coaches yes I am. Radio camp with Villa of this the announcement. Tutsis. That's not feed which is. That's awesome I think is going to be an fantastic way to end his college absolutely and sell. I'm sure everyone's and he watching Hong we hope you all are enjoyed arch at Egypt forecast today and clean its college. Well all season after we actually went up that they are joining us today and we hope you have a great one and joie digit gain and.

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