Comedians discuss the challenges they faced as gay people

Lea DeLaria, Judy Gold, and Randy Rainbow sat down with "The View's" Joy Behar as a part of ABC News' #PrideMonth speaker series.
43:52 | 06/20/18

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Transcript for Comedians discuss the challenges they faced as gay people
Tri tip my three very funny performance or continue to make significant contributions to both again comedy communities take a look at this clip. Are up into the comedy corner many dollars. Hugging friends did you you know since dinosaurs. Here on the six foot three inch Jewish lesbian comedian bring up to kids on the upper west side with my act. Governor 900 square foot apartment with one bathroom. I mean what I want to ask. In college friend did gold to developers and it says she's been making people laugh ever since this psychotic appearing on more TV shows and you can count on her to parents are getting a divorce it's. Yeah and that's what I say to distract all the kids. That's the basic nuts me winning two Emmys. As a writer and producer on the Rosie O'Donnell show up also writing and starring in two of Broadway shows the Judy show my life is a sitcom my face when an epic and mowing the lawn sure not. Resembled a Jewish mother completely turned me god. And glad media award winning when he thought questions to a Jewish month. I saw it was that analysts. Say a everything. Seven probably star yeah. On the horse and a gynecologist office. We're we're hearing word legal area made history in 1993. When she became the first openly gay comic on a late night talk show. The mere thought that the 1990 that it kept the beat where not all. Since then she's balanced a multifaceted career as a comedian. A jazz musician the demon barber of. Strong me. And an actress she. I mean. Not having slightly. Next month should return for a sixth season as big boom. On oranges new black. I was turning my mind. They think thoughts. And neither. If nothing else the current political landscape. CNN. Giving comedians plenty of material and has been a career maker for Randy green mountain because and I am yeah. No feelings his satirical song parodies with a sharply political bent. Have flown across social media and attracting hundreds of millions of views in making an Internet sensation back. Here you be this. Men each. So little true. He's part laid his online came to the live stage show. Has played to sold out crowds across the country and even landed him a spot on last year's out behind. Hello everybody how you moderate. So rotten deal is like all know each other in the gay community are not yet what's its occult is it. Yeah there's only six lesbians and we dealt with mirrors that. That's how hot shooting and now you know exactly donated to her well beyond that he made me gay and I made him get a hot. Judy well I remember you as a comedian many years and years ago it catch a rising star. But you didn't always you aren't always out on stage right rite I eight I. Kind I came out as a gay parent you know it was once I had kids. I did talk about my sexuality at all. We thought but your mother I talked about my mother I how many funny jokes about being alive was in a relationship or in out. But once I had kids. I thought what is if I don't talk about this what kind of message. Does that give that that while this is some thing. We don't talk about that we keep Wyatt that we're different. And I thought every comic talks about their families and their act and I'm gonna talk about mine and I wanted to send a message that. And it sort of it was it interesting the way. People would come up to me after a Sho Murase. Oh my god your families just like mine you name it served such an incredible purpose that I didn't realize it would have such an effect on other you know. I'm assuming you always would gain on stage and always always so that was ever o'clock for the period yeah I mean look at me automated talk about my boyfriend has not yet I'm joy I always was in fact it was very grateful when I first started out I can't tell you. What my name was I didn't perform under the name Aaliyah to Larry I performed at a named B. Dike on the line MC BW's other Tuesday. The F indictment finally coming up president church there wasn't Jerry you know all know was at that lies that Syrian sure yeah. Pop pop pop pop pop pop. The prices of some kind of went to change it for why did you change at all because Tom. What I would what dynasty street he would scream it out that you know and I would note Eric Young. I didn't know there were a fan and I'll. Atlanta I don't like performing better than they Louisville area that yeah pat and Randy what about your way you I have not come out yet. And have nots who have been made in me the he didn't brands you always what you always onstage. I was a year I'm well you know go back to high school I was pretty masculine Sky Masterson in guys and dolls but. Professional I've always this I've always been that I didn't really have a lot of the struggles thankfully thanks to. People like you know who paved the way the forming I a but wasn't wasn't the same it wasn't. I didn't have the same difficulties yeah so I just. Mike. What unabashedly and I don't know you know background exactly crystal Randy Ramos around my room him I would not make that the rain amounts. But the name of the San Quentin Kerry mower from my parents what you might just fascinated lose your mother's Glenn Glenn rainbow and ran dad Gerry Gerry rainbow. I wouldn't make it it was an he has brother somewhere over with the doctor. Are. Railway if that. Sorry that's fine you really an Israeli jaded on goal is so overdone about it I doubt that we're really read a born on Long Island and I raised in South Florida. Alcan Andrea you are raising Catholic girl who went Catholics so yeah. So how did that work out the out. It was an all girl scout Cabot school so. Now I'm happy I. I'm I was credit the nuns with giving me a sense of humor because I learned very early on that a I can make that none laughs she wouldn't be needed after whatever faith. Was it her hand at the moment did you get hit really yeah I went corporal punishment when I went to Catholic school. It's cracks me up now that people based peak teachers and other school now if I went home and told my parents. Moms they're patient guy yeah did rather at what. And I get hit again on this is this is so alien family boxes houses lanes raise their children I don't know yellow. Confronted because of your education. Leah confronted someone on the subway who was. Reading from the Bible or their Bible and yeah that was an amazing everything let me I think any apple and she. She's GE. Tore them apart said that does not in the Bible this is not my fellow at what at all and I corrected all the verses. I call you know I said you know. Yeah I just correct all the verses I've followed the gentleman around I didn't use foul language which is Ebbers for me. I sounded really Smart which is really amazing that I was drunk Rea and and died now I just bomb around eventually I chased him off the subway train which I got a standing ovation from the people on the campaign for. How brazen have you actually well attend all rain aren't had just become a huge hit close three so yeah so as soon as I started talking every camera has brought pop writing house every camera went up. And I had a second am I going to let this guy continue this is sit down. Or am I going to let this be filmed. I'm delighted you don't know and off I went fifty Allen is an hour. Alex's power Judy before you out as a as a game on I'm. This onstage you were it what you Wear you out to your mother to talk just talk about god. Might yet sell my siblings snail I was out to mutton my friends. And might it would acquaintances. Mine my third found out. And guess Al got I think. I think she no idea how else I'm letting kids apartment this is out so my mother would come over to sleep okay one Rome. Now this is free cell phones are one room had a queen size bad. An alarm clock on each side via the other room had a day bad with laundry all over it now alarm clocks okay. And I'll tell you an alarm clock as some time. She would come over with her little bag can be like a lot of wanted to hit Sharon out of her room off sleeping you're like not you're not picking her out of her round home until. Get out finally it it's really think they know. It's a kid it's so odd that I'm even talking like this because now people just call up and say ham today you know. But. The dictates I don't we don't to get that people. Back in the day do it live Roxy was strained right I'll might not into the liberal museum I think brain. Don't hot and that's what. Admit that he now. Why haven't why should we never thought he was can't just do what he was interesting brag. But my my my mother but my mother definitely hill and that when we actually said it out loud. She acted like she you know well this is why it depressed and like Bob I'm the only candidates not to press OK so. It it worked out okay all right relative yeah. It was it's it's your soul. Being in the closet is the most. Horrible feeling you know you feel like an imposter you feel like you're walking around hiding this horrible secret that your life is. Is gonna end if if anyone knows this secret and it's such horrible way our land and I just. I wish every kid could. You know feel comfortable and in his or her own skin thickness how much you Randy yeah. I don't and I had a much easier because I was a kid when will and grace was on the first time that there is spoken my mother and I had standing. Dates every week to watch these shows Glenn Glenn. Glen MacNow when I think we're gonna time limit the night I'll look at the rain comes and says she never thought I wanted to gate she made me this gay issue it I'm. Yeah. Did she wanted to gates head and she achieved that and remember the good you have to remember the years ago when they thought that the reason you would get it was a news. Overbearing mother and I kind of a wimpy father remember that yeah Dahlia I'm not very public case it may have and to refute that has that kind of that what I. But that's a tour of duty now I Atlanta lottery I'd rather see but you know I'm a big leg Broadway Show queen and she did. My mother would say finding guerrillas on I would wake up in the morning just a funny guerrillas on TV last time it taped it for you and about to the soundtrack as they don't want the suntech accused him hi there goes hand. It is really want nice game Katrina and then when I was eighteen she just she sat down and told me she says it. But a lot of work into. That's is at your your cat that I went that I did know where you say that I summer. I really did it was it was it once you know it all I knew out Friday but I did not have to verbalize that yes she did all the don't want to ask you want to ask about that because I always wonder. But should you when you have a kid that you think is gang should you presented to the child would you wait for the kid to say something I think you present that year that. And openness and acceptance not not specifically how they mammy they. I think that. You let the kids tell you now but he did they grow up in and a home where you know it's it's embraced. Look we all NATO. I mean I knew some. For I mean I can think back sums different about me something's different about me I don't know what it is and until you. You know get to adolescents. And your book you become a sexual. Being that's when you realize wait I don't wanna do that I wanna do that EA now and it's your born blood stats yeah yeah you can I don't is highlighted are. You know put it away with it I'd posing poster child if its imposing you know. Yeah I know why you should let them use a phone a friend and have me call your parents that. There's something. Let's talk about politics because. Are you doing politics in Iraq to know you are plans bituminous that is not. Well wait wait you wait a couple of you what sort of inspired by the trop administration I started I stowaways. Covered hot topics have been a few familiar. Obviously it's that bad for me am pretty sure. I opened my first viral video is like seven years ago and was called Randy Randall is dating Mel Gibson. And I was the first by arrowhead I would always just go where the controversy was the David Frum was talking about ice. Really. Misogynist they can't systematic way and that's really my wheel house that's. How my duty agent in politics absolutely I do I have to with the elephant in the room now and it's really interesting because. You know as a comic when when it MC brings you want him you kind of have this hey thanks to our house the crowd or some sort of whispering. And it's now we get warned of their Tom supporters in the on its good they really have no sense of humor but a ballot. Can't you can't joke about it like you could joke about George W. Bush yes but for some reason why. I don't know it's it's such a different mind set. That they. They have no sense of humor and no sense of humor about himself you know. He can't laugh but it just some very anxious to hype the re I'm sorry but I just want I just mountain. People don't realize who Oakland's Romania's. My father talking about Jerry rainbow was exactly Tom. And every behavior early he was exactly him what is it took just just the narcissus them and follows just. Even just he'd just behave like him and so I kind of feel like I I have. It's crazy but I feel like a have a better understanding and a window an inmate kind of understanding of this animal did he except to the way your mother didn't. Not as much. Because he liked Tom wood whenever there was any kind of controversy would. Would just look the other way or go go and another yeah actually yeah and then leave the politics right. All I do so like I mean my iPod my my coming has always been politics. It even at one it was basically does the politics and feminism. You know I've talked politics on stage and I'm just gonna further wed escalate a little bit what's what Judy was just saying about them having a sense of humor I recently did a gig. In North Carolina. And it is. I started doing my trump stop. And it was it was big house it was a it was basically sold out 700 seat house. And that may be nine people got up and walked out. Yeah during the course of that town some well then next out one of the nine people I guess was a huge don't later to. To the art theater which I was performing at and the next day there was a letter that went out to all the subscribers. Apologizing for my act. Well you know I'm not kidding so this is that isn't gay again play you know its own economy and yellow lights on in I don't know but I what happened to freedom of speech and what you know half I'm sorry. Yeah. I can criticize my president crowd the probably announce that there are sponsors and as you say subscribers. People who don't have any of that like I let Michelle. What's and I wolf yeah that would enter and well she is an electronics and cheeses and when she wants to say because she doesn't work for anybody rattling she goes to a gig like you just did she could have a problem. Right panic that thousands that does fatigue they I have to apologize wrecked two Mike Pence for something because sponsors are you know upset by announcing do women. You hope that and I meant it I meant I didn't mean to block. Insult anybody's religion they've misconstrued that I said I thought but do you have spots as you have a show on the air you haven't CNA you have subscribers you've got to. Watch what you say now it's time that the person performing should not right. And it day in my particular situation. Basically I you're saying then is unless I'm someone that agrees with the person that don't eaters position in light. That I shouldn't be allowed I should not be allowed to be proprietor at state. That's not what an art house is about that's not what art is about that's not what's in a comedy is about and it's certainly not what the constitutional and I is good yeah. And I want. This missing that it didn't happen on to George Bush right it. Yes I think it brings out of that balloon brag. I'll be cloned come he was not evil encourage right you know now I am do you doubt that's why I'm I was a happy life. That you know who worked for lying about what they might about the W did what I don't want people who worked for him lie down and there but he ever. Just make up call out you know but there's another layer to this whole discussion and I don't know if you guys of Dallas does but I recently got to get canceled rallying cause. I do a gender fluid joke. Which is a funny joke but. Ends and they someone Sami and got insulted ankle and what's what women who thought who got and so allowed well as a mom yes yeah. And political correctness yet let that analytical brat Nance. And I I just did a piece revised as well where college campus this college brokers aren't telling the comedians. What they can and cannot say now colleges were bastion of free speech and who bought and it is signs out he won't live right on the college's. But you know I heart I feel betrayed by the community that I have spent I mean we've all spent the majority of our adult lives. You know fighting for equality and yet you aren't so I treat you like everyone else's land deal have this prominent ran. Again. The people come up this in my life so I know what they're coming to ready so it's not really you know it's not business surprises but. Well they they have the same as human right they don't you know I I don't if you walk out certainly but it's interesting what this is the dream panel from me to ask the question where. Do you where should we fight for this a joke where do you draw the line between standing up for your comedy and your art. And being. You know humane then and caring about people's feelings. I'll tell you remarry be confused yet the beginning of my comedy was all about making fun of political correctness studio tell you that I mean and I started out as a lesbian comic. All it did make that was make fun of lesbian culture because. It was so humorless. So I mean I broke what is a lesbian bring a second day. I don't know I mean Jack Sawyer asked what Jesse Rainier don't you like you know all that to you all the doubt and and the companion they'll do what I band right on the second day what second day right now I broke does a lot of people don't know that but I have always been making fun of our culture and who we armed and fighting a political correctness. I have the decision of after ones making a joke about Hillary Clinton who is and First Lady him in saying that I love that than a minute administration because finally we have a First Lady you could. Right which it was what I sat and feminists are really upset about that so I went to my next day I had the Christian right on one side incredible conservatives. We at the Larry is going to hell on science. On the other side. I had you know sex is a knows no gender. Rom from the PC side as a dip pink ticketed by the right and the left. At the same time so I figured I was doing something right I'm making people fake if I'm making both sides though why yeah I do think that it limits your career at all. And do you care you know I think what's limited my career might be might look. But. Or. A yeah it's not it's what you say anything I don't know I think that when when people are always remark remark at how much but I do and how many different things I do my response is always. If you look like me. And have always looked like me now talk like me and ran out I asked again when you were born basically. You better be able to do a lot of things you're gonna be on the street you know by them this advance same apply to get in out. Well not well okay maybe I don't have enough instruments to the producers of the show no I'm not a lesbian but. And I. Kelly you're malaria didn't know how to do about it digit about lesbians and you mullet. Yeah out of San they went it. No they find that very funny because that's 20 that's right that's mr. and if that's true. I guess I've done about our culture they had they have been high alien there aren't if filed are again an idol her dad and I get I was not from that group of bright colors I don't like that. Like before you said this is still in family packed up and attacked and we know they raised and today. Oh you're lucky using an on site where people could be offended very easily buy things at anybody's sense so what is the solution to that. Hot well I am. I believe in free speech I believe if you silence people on either side you are. Essentially. Killing ideas. Thought and knowledge and I'm sorry I don't draw I've I think something's funny. And you're offended you know what the joke is not about you B album and not about you personally yeah and didn't tell Adam can't back. We all we have to lie and it needs to pick on exactly nitpicking at every word that the evidence that letting the intent where's Elliott that's right my heart rate is to make you laugh. Not what it's not about your your inner life of feeling insecure and everything's and they and yep have. In an argument with someone who is their biggest advocate of retin a time when leaders there so much. Polarization and arguments. You're fighting with people who are on your side and probably its biggest drop them again Wheaties in fighting yeah I great it's what Ariel tissue we spent half the time we spent screaming at each other. If we spent half that time yelling at the powers that be we wouldn't have our rights fifteen years ago and it yeah. It's time. I can't get these Twitter fights or Twitter are I always wills day. Bible still fight for your right. I right but all still I'm still on your side night. The C audio that the Nazis march in Skokie right ranked Jewish neighborhood that's the example that right but he felt the rights the right reverend Phelps you know this gave us a visual to say though you'd think we're not getting persecuted via here's here's a visual for you right -- a less public talk about this let's talk about what happened on television to Michelle Wolfson -- have to pack of course Samantha bee have was on direct I did they go after coal baron or are now now now I wonder why so do you think it's got to do with the NC. And Randy and myself well. They donated them to stipulate that a male point of I think certainly that pays a visit and asked to hit the town oh certainly and I don't know they they do though they did go after call they referred. For and joked that he made awesome can't think that was right that was a really blew Garrity at. Right eye opener for the blood hair body and I don't remember I haven't read it assists but didn't where women can't make fun of each item but Samantha does not present at the big gap. Do you think that she did not have some recognition in her head that she uses that word on television they're not gonna go after half and that entire network. Signed off on that I ended up means saying ideas help. It's I mean do you think they planned the whole. He says that yeah I just and then sent it would guess grant of course has been to they've planned the backlash as welcome as a team of people must know that's gonna happen. And the standing up and why don't call via closed at Bravo to the network to keep it had taken what shall I L wolf they went after have committed and that. Girls from making a very and I thought very. But nine joke about Sarah Huckabee and as a Mac using her right eye shadow IV they went to zapped her for that right greatness it says there are no explanation for that because is that this doesn't make sense of mail you can argue something that. Looks like. Talking he won't even go to that to the course pranks didn't have such a right then scan the only president who's never brought to the correspondents dinner he doesn't go to add. I mean of course they're gonna have a fence came at any little thing is that indelible bullies. Like on SNL. Get out. It seeks to be may remember the first time may they did an impression of you want answered now you want you can't. Let's go. Look fat. Yeah. Yeah and kicked down the right chicken yeah. I mean that you're important enough for them to greatest get a mean you worked well I don't know are you an idea. Did around Aaron apparently. We in congress who are household names unnoticed. Ellen DeGeneres by the way Ellen DeGeneres when she came out. It was in remarkable I have a lesbian lead friend who's in her eighties now. She said to me. This is going to ruin Ellen the generous. This will never work for car that is they. Mindset of that generation out pianists elder Dolan o'clock little unhappy but on the contrary she made it very big bright Rosie O'Donnell Wanda Sykes Margaret Cho -- Margaret she's got out. I'm sorry he's whatever she feels like Leonardo is now democracy I'm Andrea I don't care a lot alphabet city a lot of letters have that out yet have Ari Margaret that in one of the mentally yes Monday Allen kids see that do not see that all along gas. After a left hand they won't and I know your hand and hand. And that onions on his hand sexual yes I'm Dan I'm bad hands section up. But but but but there aren't as many gay male comics at me I'm thinking of you want to try to you know who else that yes there are. Who need a couple belt law wetlands are not deliberately alienate our guest house I'll tell you guys how easy things I think I a lot of them are not out. It with the world that yes there at that level now Burnett. Think I think about this all the time and I like my hasn't moved in with the fact let's wait straight away man until he is for the community this is great. But wait straight men are still running things. Two alleged threat and I think that they're less threatened by lesbians. That's interest thing because things that's it that's like saying a Dell is it's too much of it jumped to say that straight guys we want to see two lesbians. They can't but haven't they don't say no one is I do Larry is an eight win yet go back into the sunlight out of the I don't think there's a straight man on the planet. That would pay to see Neil Rosie O'Donnell Rolen around. Hot and sexy eyes as an all lately and it's not it's more rights to is pretty straight women make an hour Isiah I think we're stray so it actually its own kind of discrimination when you think about it but did you but having said that having said that. I wouldn't mind watching too high girls were all but never a slam put out. All. So it in and a business sense not and I know both feel if if you were performing for a gay male. Oriented organization you're gonna make a lot more money. Then if your performing for a less ban. Organizational that's because demand has picked right now now I mean there are. Pros to being big gate and Elop gay male performers you can call them comedians. You know regret queens and that those work you know the mail the game now to inhibit dress up like one NN right into their act. Why is it that it's funny weird to see a man dressed as a woman now again dressed as a man why is that. Why would an inmate. I think it and yeah. They think beauty you know it's it's make up its fate you know and then a woman whose but it's funny isn't this an avid not today is up up perhaps aware that it may be absolutely certain word misogynist. Yes I don't it has no more. But let's go back to SNL for second because they've only had two gay out. Comics on that challenge on the mugged then not comics that are improvising as it's a little different Terry Sweeney and Kate MacKinnon now waited out they're not kind to each advance. Aaliyah was unsure why along highway al-Qaeda out of the way but I did nature was early on when we start and she is out eighties Bryant was out when she passed away very young yes but she was out so to the track Terry and and Kate MacKinnon. Three the so what's up with that. What do you say I mean that all of the Kelsay same thing about African American performers in Al yeah. They did not have 88 equality until people's you know but people in the closet. You we now bringing people remained in the closet during the seventy S I think common. He is might be the last bastion of where people get away with stuff like homophobia. And raced down. And you know am Saturday Night Live is first and foremost a comedy during his vehicle run by the altar cock as of comedy right you know the out so most of the elderly caucus. Italian shell PLI doesn't count eight. It is how the price up. I'm I'm I'm surprised they let suspect has let bright spot for second Gloria. All read enough is being roasted that the friars club. Tomorrow that tomorrow and does she. Now that I was the first roast master female roast master at the price club Phyllis Diller famously disguised herself as a guide did you understand how and went in and they didn't even know she was Phyllis Diller and that's how old and don't they often yeah. I would say it's like a gay bar without the good looking guys ahead but let's so so that doesn't try his club and they are not exactly the most feminist group who now at so busy Gloria all read that being roasted banner. After she. Of the club is now being accused. Sexual harassment. By one of the girl 201 of the women who work there and wrecked limb. And they is Gloria Allred being roasted and it isn't and I. An all female rose again yet so right I said I wouldn't do it different are you doing that yes so was so tell us about that well. I need to do it giant Connor now. Exploiting it to do with and I am. First ball I just saw the Netflix documentary I'm Gloria all read it. You really have to watch that it it's fascinating. I I I just thought it would be fun you know an all female. Roast it with its. In the club it's not being televised well I don't know Internet bass I don't believe that really they know that I want first for someone else and it was not televised and was so much fun. And you know why no people who were on the day I mean it's like an old rentals I need clear yet announced isn't it inch and mean isn't it hard to write and a joke. In this me too moment we're in. I'm now and Gloria all red would even so give us some example. Well I'm not allowed to use any Fallon will sit keep the well I am gonna down from saint nice dinner together. Okay that's I was in the second half after thought I was beyond this roast and young and I doubt I not to film so I'll not hide behind our. And you analysts aren't what you don't them Ira I'll send a picture. I'll send my eight by ten. I had written that it could be argued that Gloria Allred started the need to movement and started. By jumping front of the camera in screaming retail. There that was the one that's funny joke I'll take your jokes take it clear that is that yeah and then I land except agenda under him understand nest egg because she's very old infant death and that becomes the residents and hotel and sends is that things aren't well. I'm not doing him. Opt out if but I know I'm not doing out like. The person is under fire the in the Tom Barrett is Kathy Griffin then what do you think do you think they crucified the girl or do you think that she deserved it flat. Against student she's doing well how she's doing very and have yet history will show that she went to who now she went well ahead throughout it was absurd bad. I really really grounded of apologized I really felt bad that she dead I thought that was their opener for the latter coming up yeah. Yeah I just honestly I didn't see anything wrong with what she did and I didn't see it and anything different that I'd seen. The horrifying things that they did to Obama while I was president. They've ended. It's. Yeah. How did my cat could get any more offensive than that and I yeah so I was upset when she apologized. And I think she should have stuck to our guns at the we have shared better she sucked regalia and set exactly what I just said you know he can say that and that and and may end and they cannot deliver the news without using it correctly without using those words and yet. Comedians are being vilified. For making jokes about us. Politics that's a world we live gap now we have kept to resist you have to fight that's all right now all you can do little right down. I have most my thought we I didn't mean to curse yet idol verbatim. He wondered how Long Island where I don't what I was in his radio about. What's happening is that these people on the right on very organized. Oh yeah so that in a bomb when they were doing these things about Obama the left is not organized like that. Yeah we need to get and we're among national Olivia were very emotional the left and also we can hold them Thornton on hand at one time right yeah. Pop. Up up up up up don't know what we that we running out of time really are you today about. I wanted to open the open this up to questions. Chris people in the audience on shore have things to ask you does anyone have a question for our illustrious panel. Now make want out there's someone has passed and now him there manly now all you're just behind us from the view what ends right you have seen it's. I hadn't. People there comes your shows that are in the right. Photo rightists. That are on the right yep oh yeah I know I log cabin Republican yummy food. I have no idea yeah I do. You do a lot yeah I do I can't I don't I hate to its mind boggling. It's that that you know. That you can support someone who believes that you're. Family is less valid then. Someone else's family that your it up we don't want special rights we weren't the same rights it's all about equality now. You're saving and I have children and I've had to go through. So many yet loopholes and getting lawyers and traveling with might my kids and you know people saying it Al who's the real mother her. Ira onetime. A onetime Sharon had the had them. Heck ban might in my younger son. And they are getting our books yet and they were getting on playing and Sharon is mama and I mommy and the date persson said though is this is your mommy and he said no. Wrong. And you know and he and then we had to go again. No it's I wasn't there are added you know call it now what's he's she's mama I mean you know it's it's you have no idea constant yeah aggravation. We have a question. Up there young lady hi my name is dependent and have a question from mile when you first came out. And you still believe you felt. How did it make you overcome. I wouldn't wouldn't when you see fear overcome. Abbott saying I guess your strengths as a lesbian one min. How did you overcome the adversity on it I guess so the difficult well. You act they gave you know. First I just wanna say you don't have to say lesbian woman lesbians are not because Shamil lesbian it's not a woman. Thank you guys I'm not pop pop pop pop pop pop pop. Compared I have left them Donahue but I down down right but. But the fact when I came out and this is something I've very proudly proclaim to people when I came out it was against the law to be gay. In every state of the union rim yes. I have I was arrested twice in my life both in Missouri and an Illinois I. In Missouri for open and notorious homosexuality in Illinois for binary. As what it was like you was asked that would have been 9789. It is not nearly eight and I want Anthony not yet. It was against a lot of Didier. In every state of the union it was against a lot of being gay in new York at that time. They had it under various it lies. You have to remember that in the night it was an early ninety's that was not at port yes but it was enforced against me I went I went to jail too violent. I nearly ninety's they in Georgia remember they walked into a gay male couples home into their and that's yet that room and took them out of their own house. Under the Barbary law Mike good else. When I came out. I felt I had something it jail. And I felt that I was the person that could do it. And that was one of the I just had a belief in myself I saw that there was a problem in the world. That I felt I could help change night and that's why I came out the way I came out. That's why have always always been open I have never been in the closet as as an inner chamber it as an entertainer. I've always wanted to make a change in the world and of course get laid those are the reasons. Yeah is very talented singer Carol and I think now and very bright there's a guy over there with my iPad can I just say some yet on the head. You know when IE. Was the young comic and I did I worked in Chicago who. And at a that is first time working in a gay bar lesbian bar. And I was with Margaret Smith who was on doesn't do is stand up but she was again was let him and community and there were so many I hit you know I was young and there were so many women who looked like you who were very but times like. And I was like. Why didn't have to get to its you know why can't they just an and Margaret said to me. You know Judy. They make they don't hide who they are now and they make it easier for you because there are out there saying here I am living. Doing the same things as everyone else living my truth. And not not you know hiding Mountain Lion and a manic it it completely. Turned your ran turned me around it now ha. Because you know African Americans cannot high aide who they are via. They walk in a Rome and I'm sure. You know seat I mean I don't have no idea I have no idea but I do know that Leo walks in a Rome. Saying they know that he is not hiding their every action there's if you believe very grant me I would. Yes I'm this young man. My knees fielding and I'm from Korea. Launching a similar south. Did. NA Jeff getting everybody and I don't ask me oh I'm. I'm just look during net and I have. Gave friend and confirmed in Korea and he'd want to. Say although himself to his parents bout. He's parents. Can that I he may conceded they he's parents cannot accept and eat please himself. So I want to ask you about that lot who'd you see all too human. All about express himself to his parents. He lives in South Korea aren't taken of coarse salt and then I'm parents and he can't have tried to just experience seems so about. He just skier. I was a kid oh yes I assure you all scared at some point to come out to talk about it ever wanna be right hand I you I what you're talking out by. Universities before. I lecture at universities and backed by the way is how I'd gotten by this comedian thing that you guys are talking about how or. I go to a universities under the guise of a lecturer. And then basically do stand up that's what I do. And I actually went after Wordock and I get this question do what duet. I get this question at every one and I think I have a different concept and other people about the S my answer to this would be and I think it's actually pretty good. He'll know what to say. He'll when he knows what to say that's when he will say it. When he knows that he's ready to make this step he will make it now he's still under the considering phase if you know what I mean but when it's clear to him. This is what I need to say to my parents. He'll say I don't even in the forties and fifties who have not told apparent they're not ready art and it's also much easier if you have a partner you keep it to say I'm gag. De Villa and not have a partner I'd like low because they'll say ultimately he'll meet somewhat you know or aren't happy you're so. There that's the notion know his aunt asked to be born no one is asked and this is that we were born yes and that's it I didn't tell you how to live your life until my parents how to live their lives. You know we didn't spot minutes and this whole idea to choice but we. She did not get our that in therapy that is right now would have a says wanted to convert to. Homosexual brag there was went to the compared to hatteras at rank exactly as if it's possible bright and enlightened people of my generation. Tried to be straight you know I tried to have a bike to you guys are an inspiration to was on May not. Speak a series event talking to parents of transgender children. Have a great day everyone sounds.

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