Countdown to the Oscars

ABC News live from the red carpet for Hollywood's biggest night.
0:02 | 02/25/19

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I'm can't that we're and I am live on the red carpet here on Hollywood's biggest night we're still a few hours away from the 91 Academy Awards already. Creamy Vanilla Ice Brent turkeys all these people and I want to show you if we don't. Down this way. Looked at all of this media. Yeah. Media credentials were issued for that than actually getting cancer reported in South Africa to get so cool and that's all lesbians there. Actually I didn't hear pouring hours there's about 700 of them and they won those people. Through a lottery how fun it back this watch TV broadcasting. 225. Countries we have a great show every night we also have room Nina machine is at the Loews hotel. And she is that a watch party and seeing a lot of fun things to talk about tonight is really exciting. Along and you're watching we want you involved so it takes its Internet use past I ask. EDC and we haven't industry insider that will be joining us later in the show. And you'll be able to answer some of the questions he might have also as you're watching you can see inside of our screen the movie really cool live Oscars conversation happening and the people are talking there are our ABC experts. They are entertainment producers they are in the know so that's a really fun place to gather some information. About that. Starter show talking about how the Oscars will end there so let's talk about best pics or it isn't the first time in years but in recent memory. This category is why would have known but he knows there's going to wind and actually might be part of a categories that six and eight story lines here are the loosely based. On true events take a look at the nominee. It. Perhaps the most coveted Academy Award. Best picture I had. And this year that field is stacked with the first superhero movie to ever be nominated. Up against Golden Globe winners bohemian rhapsody and at the favorite. But it was green book that won the producers guild award often a precursor to the Oscar favorite. Foreign language film Roma giving Netflix its first best picture nomination the black and white film already winning about stepped proving to be an early contender and director Alfonso carotid no stranger to the stage and it could be his second directing Oscar after winning the gravity and 2014. Four of the eight best picture nominees have a nominations for best director as well including a first. For film making icons Spike Lee who lent his genius to black Klansman. Strangers to stop you on the streets they know that we changed my life at on this this changed my left so. Me can't get vetted net to know that. Europe art impacted. Some mines. And a second nomination for Adam McKay who used his unique style to tell the story of Vice President Dick Cheney getting Christian Bale the leading role in buying. S they'll Christian obviously loves a challenge. So wouldn't we starts are about what a mystery fiction was we've covered up a lot of parts of his life. And how a lot of what is character was about was interior it was a side Crist could resist. And then at that point I knew we was gonna go all the way. Did you CB heads that McCain actually suffered a heart attack himself during this movie and it's an interesting beacon UV. He said. It's what she didn't ice hockey decrease in mail because Christian Bale had to act through. Five heart attacks picking Cheney suffered Antony and told him about all these speakers and things he experienced it. As adamant he was having his heart attacks he knew what was going on actually had a Christian Bale to thank I find that. So unbelievable I just a couple of other historic notes that when a mention is that. Romo can make history and the first foreign language film to win best picture and it could also. The first film to win best picture and best point language so they're really had a lot of papers to talk about throughout the night including back. That Spike Lee will be the first African Americans. Directing Oscars of those things are going to be watching tonight. And it wants everybody has their favorite part about the Oscars. There's EC can't hear every single year and you might not even realize how important to show us. Let's check in with him enough food and his and it's time to lend about the orchestra and on the next. Time. Almost ending exaggerated her role is here because he's. Winners only have 97. He gets from their seat students staged events piecing get out of their book one of us and it plays the mom. It's true but can honestly that about where I am right now not Loews hotel just. The street from you they're having their own a watch party here completely signature cocktails on or some of those best picture nominees you mentioned. Yes the orchestra is the team that you may not even you will definitely here they play throughout the show that means throughout the three hour show during commercial breaks they have to learn. All the best song nominees look like a hundred other songs. We got to sit in on one of their rehearsals this week and talk to their music director Rickey minor. The Oscars everything musical that night goes through you what does that entail. Crazy me look at it at the nomination he'll all the films are so. Music there's your old different films of course but musically we have a lot of different music. And a lot of world music a lot of very exciting and for very somber very moody. And so it's. It's a kick in the day. And he plain and ordered him. How many people that have to care for Oscar thing that's I thought I think we're somewhere around 17 the. 170. So this case is memorized and our plane right after the. You can't because his to a community even if it's fifty films for me into going seventy kittens. Because some of them have more from a film that had I think ten nominations. You can't play this thing. When a play on we have to prepare more than one when a play on that one show what is it like playing a winner off. This divorce. And that the F in. Lobbed back and to please someone else. All right news. The wept understand that. It's your in the moment you want to thank you don't use overwhelmed. I look at the personalities of the prisoners and try to find music. Either they connect to or something that might inspire. Or did they have fun frankly something that's fine in an upbeat you know me me me me kind of dastardly out am I think the music. Dictates that we've seen in so. If it's a very dramatic play. And then. That person would. We're coming a little slower and more elegant elegant playing on very elegant. But if it's someone that's young and for the vision eyewitness that we use something. Fold. They're basically controlling the soundtrack to that effect. Which is a big responsibilities. I think their music is the highest vibrations on the planet can change your whole moon. In new Finland downed plane leaving your favorites on the radio and next thing you know. Know your back up again. So significant and really. You move move things along and hoping that that's with his. This group did not get much to the break some hoping for their sake the show does not run. Too long over three hours Kate how the gun eminent. All right I mean I thank you so much I want to introduce everybody to every nominee is actually I'm so glad to get in here sick it's this is Diane Warren everybody see is deeds genius behind the song from the RB gene BI VD documentary which hit CB here I'm. She's not mean it's not right renounced his little group. Thank you the big boys this is allowed Reuters. No I read that when you were thinking about the sudden coming up that you sort of belly you're writing about real life superhero yeah. Could she is a balance between now and end this sounds like her hands it is she's a fighter right I mean what better like in the same that percent of what do you think was. She agrees so when I lose and I thought no way of all she's getting all I dissent I just. Can bring that gavel them pretty quickly so the son of course is is titled I'll fight Jennifer Hudson and it will be performing eighth tonight yeah I was at the rehearsal. It's gonna. There was. You sort of had her in mind early on to think she'd be like let her book like within against woods vocal avatar. When you think of it like she speaks softly but she was a singer keeps up. We love you hear that. That's are quite gotten sick she might later. Yes I do my husband 200 mainly. My person I've ever done that and they. Look like not completely. It's a big. No it's tightly. It's quite realizing my. And an on line. There is making looks awesome again they mention he could be the first African Americans many directing awards tonight an eyewitness account that would make him. It's an incredible in this iconic career together when and directing award it easy I have writing. Yes please don't better than me I'm enzymes one and I knocked him. Yet even nominated ten times it is unbelievable and I know you're saying you don't you can means any other you know lady got someone you love and respect I was here. I did still haven't sealed the few years you know she's no doubt that was amazing doesn't like the one time I kind of thought I was really channel. Yeah but what I am kind of relaxed as you know. It's OK I got nominated. You know they did five songs and the Oscar doesn't like the grammys have twenty categories of songs. You know I'm Nissan countries ensemble movie and best rap song best whatever's on the youngsters one of my songs. I'm consistently. In there you know thank god I'm I'm great report and hateful. For the respect of my years. Absolutely and and they know that there's French Fries in your future and no matter what winter really is right as any day I think I might have to franchise group. The message like your entry talent that congratulations on all your nomination. I know lane Sam Stein and. Documents and hoping that as a real good chance and really help. But what do I think they did not do and how wonderful my eats. She really is an incredible talents the imagine being nominated ten times and he's collaborated with the Lady Gaga of course I associate is really an appliance and I assume Lady Gaga wing and she really is going to be. First salvo in a star is born. Not so we want you can anyone miss the sound editing topic your money go back through mean at the Loews hotel watch party. And marina is incredible how important sound editing is to these movies it really makes this conflict. In the movie like yeah. And it since music. Can make or break a movie in the making transport is based like it did with Ryan Gosling and first Manning picking making yeah pop when he. Breaking make you believe that Randy now like. Freddie Mercury I talked to some of the sound editing nominees about the iconic scenes and some of this year's movies. The union wanted that the audience sees. The cockpit and so he. One these mission seems to sound dangerous. And claustrophobic and in the cockpit scenes we are with the astronauts we only know what they know we can only see what they see. So we need this sounds to help tell where the story to help carry more than narrative forward. The actual sounds just give that this feeling this coming alive and being. Furious and you know intense facility animals did you guys you look there's one part it's theories of light at Allison Tom. Remarks at them so here it is it's. And that's just like Elvis. This. Her bunny. He actually. Let us now to kind of surprise and overwhelm the audience with this method sensory overload an inside me like you're on the moon. And it's like silent and in a sense he because he warned that space to have this like lonely chilling. Filling. Them. Baked into the DNA of this story is sound sound as the central character. It's both insurer and it also winds up being under savior anyway. So here are basically experiencing the world normal hearing people. You know experience. The world and then here we cut its it's a Regan. Riggans herb her sonic point of view when John came call her sorry I'm. We love it here having her not hear any thing wild as this action something talking about. We brainstorm played OK what real creatures in the world. Our lions but use sounds to navigate the world. And the first thing that we follow we're like bats but they just felt a little too familiar and we wanted something a little more alien. So we started looking for other sounds that have not clicking pattern that reminds us of echo location. And we stumbled upon this prop in the shop. Which is stunned this is one point five million volts of electricity. So that's why we did not use an intern where. We use grapes instead. Say cut down. Slow down 75%. We're here at fox. Eat rhapsody and nominated for an authentic in every pound pound male friend. And I hate him he's pretty favorable. But we do sir. Went through and I didn't find. Drill bits and pieces of Romney's breath and lips smack and in the hasn't burners on the Mike we got a whole library of things from army that we can that I could we even to Freddy's focal. To make it really feel like. Rami singing with Freddy's voice says position sample that you never questioned not. The first scene we shot was line and that was the spouses should tell. So this court into the dates and for everyone. The Irish from thinking well meaning if we realize how does rob know right now he's gonna go out stage again come spreading. So this is we have champions in the driveways and oh please use just the crowd and everything that we added. This is just the music. It's music it is music. From their original multi tracks the flight data in 1985 and we could rear axle. One of the letters the sound the life tapes crowd sound is that folks have this amazing campaign. And they asked people to download and out to a small phone. And to sing along with put him rhapsody. We go to col saying. Could we send you'll these recordings and could you try to put them in the movie. And so we civil how many to think might be he said well. Tens of thousands maybe 100000. Okay. A being somewhat iconic. Not yet sent semblance tens of thousands of individual iPhone including the long win. Yeah. I wish to be honest about that Bodine grabbed the campaign at night Def would of submitted my toned down version in. Cleaning is performing tonight at Yucca is and they just weeded about it. Check it out. Saying what's all this that. Cain and. Well I mean I even as icing on movie. We knew that I loves in Queens on an iPad under pressure on iPhone for the last ten years but I forgot how many I actually breathing really loved immunity. It doesn't experience that a lot of people had. And as we know not mean Alex performance was the second sedan and it's interesting because. In the category of best actor this year when you look back over the years six of the last eight Oscar winners actually come from Iowa thanks. So not an Alex depiction of pretty hard. Look like it has flocked here on hospital. Big upset. So let's over the company. Why is looking at running Malick to win the Oscar for his role as Freddie Mercury in bohemian rap city. The 37 year old already winning the Golden Globe and bath that. This is his first Academy Award nomination. Christian Bale who transformed himself into Vice President Dick Cheney in vice could win his second Oscar George I think. CEO. And want to post performance described as spellbinding. Wind portraying Vincent van Gogh in a western movie at eternity skate. Thing I was signed. Inside. Poets its prestigious this kind of recognition at all so that she got back a little bit. It helps the film gets seen and I think people see that filming me no. An aspect. My performance and maybe aren't from anywhere. Veto more hits in his role as frank bell long that the driver for classical pianist Jon Shirley in the hired me it cleaned it careened book. Has people buzzing through neighborhoods and call it greens have Bre Huntley Cooper flexing his acting vocal and directing muscles as the only. Non fictional character Jackson Maine in a star is born. It's damn me. His costar Sam Elliott the surprise nominee for best actor in a supporting role his first nomination after more than fifty years in the business. But insiders believe Herschel Ali is the clear winner in this category he has already won the Golden Globes sag award and theft up for his role in green book. Adam driver getting his first Oscars not in black Klansman. And last year's winner Sam Rockwell nominated again. This time for his role as former president George W. Bush invites. You plaza this. Well I had to imitate him obviously he's the most famous person I've ever played played real people but nobody as famous so you know really. And the way that he talks is very things not unlike. You know mirror room Monroe or Elvis Presley or somebody you know everybody has an opinion on. Jurors that he talks. He really have to nail Perrier trouble. Richard Grant rounding up the category and can you never forgive them into that shouldn't. Paes and even mind that will undo fellow Bradley Cooper and pursue them and all been nominated four times for Oscars for acting Oscars for Symbian the only winners there. You know I have to you know it sounds like running I can live in Ronnie is thirty your favorite. I don't know gonna. I loved and I think his performance in New York City when you're saying earlier is response time is able to divorce. Hysterical there. See you all from Rami. I think that's something that is a little bit different you would see cactus. Started concerns Warren I could kind of got thank god Hassell wanted to come out. Performance I think Ronnie was able to and it's separate himself and scared they're pretty Mercury. Out Bradley Cooper. At this CNN and I hope you aren't you watching feel about this but Bradley reports and he was unbelievable. For a making directing himself he did his own singing. I just thought he winds. Phenomenal. I just. Everyone loves an alumnus and rally could learn how I'm yeah can't you then yes but I think Romney is assassins contender in this category because. Is the immense talent might solace on the floor the environment. And I was just reading a recent interview I think this week he gave. I'm really great Hollywood story lets you lets out they're not too long ago delivering pizza boxes you have put his had signed on pizza boxes. And send them out like come mind if that's humble beginning in an elected is. And eventually casting director got a hold of it on the manner is on the. I sat and extending. You're gonna Harken back to the old days I cannot understand. And I am running out was excellence you Bradley Cooper really was my favorite so you're not getting enough funds category. Incredible SATA talent yeah by. And that's and I mean Afghanistan Hamid Inglewood his instinct zoo is so. If you watch the stars when he noticed Bradley took his place he actually modeled his employees after his costar Sam Elliott's actual blaze and Sam Elliott evidence. Surprise in the best supporting actor category. I mean does not Ursula all you have any chance of Siemens. Client I'm an apps do you descend a little bed. Sam Rockwell. Really intense love I just against the mesmerized the entire town. Senator Allard and a half still alive post Oscars sat here Syriana. In retreat meeting Nixon loves you from the academy he is beloved by Alan Hollywood as well so it'll be really interesting acting. How that category turned out and question for you but it is Toni Morrison you 1930s or any BC. You arrive at the Oscars event touted ire while on flights that led many lots aids and hands. They do and backpack in this many many things. He's down in my aegs by the way business there's no high heels happening right now own actions need. Yeah hasn't healed and imprisonment local tennis footwear in ago it's very glamorous news. So we lock indoor Dugard near the that is certainly not others. Stars come we want to take you over head begins you have to show you the limos that our writing your. So fancy and so fun today the stars get out of their limos and they walk this long red carpet. And real needed who happenstance. To talk with us calling it today it makes me laugh and the little guy and I mean it. That let alone Wrangler in arm tonight takes his job very seriously. The red carpet hoping the nominees are riding in style and you might wondering how little Arby's limos navigate that crazy Alley traffic. Well they don't. Norm denied in charge of all of the car services tonight we got stuck to him about his work. Do you could need who get their first of their kind it's all about those like them asked Paterson to. Unfortunately I don't have that much control every so often we'll get a call for somebody important minutes ago. Very quickly so that take care of that but there's no there's no pecking order of the drivers are watching the show to see if they're gas to run out. To kind of get the Miller defended their pick them up after the Oscars and that's a great question we housed the drivers and feed the drivers. We also pipe in the shows that it can see it know exactly if there if they're passenger wind. If they lost that's gonna determine kind of how the rest of their night is gonna go so you haven't. They're flying the black limos like SUV is what's do we NS requests you've gotten from someone we give. Some some odd cars to get some old vintage cars that sometimes barely did that night the team barely making it an out of out of the arrivals area. And once we we did have someone arrive in the hospital my room and. Who was that I can't. You can't sanction they just want it tonight enough in my area and they lose it was it was it was spectacular view is that police. We've done some digging and who wrote that Oscar Mayer Wiener not we'll and there is nothing online is to meet. Cano what's your guess could you think road Oscar Meyer Meyer Wiener mobile. You think. Other presenters like Dana Carvey need need. And feeling like this whole wings were seen coming up you know. It gets him but it's about a week ended the and I got to meet at any speed sound. Oh fantastic again. So many parents here on the indoor and there's not we're not at night. It's been up its act now about it really cool category this year and best documentary shorts. He and it's so fantastic this year because there is illness called Syrian independence. This isn't them that was produced by. A local Los Angeles ice this year. You seem and it follows. Maria it's extremely proud. As soon world areas in India where women have no place in the streets. I've seen this. So they are nominated for an Oscar night and a lot of people looking at them. And I'm Protestants and a couple of them ugly. I think Clinton. You walking the red carpet at the Oscars this is absolutely unbelievable. How you feel it. The other hand over. All great hall everything. It's our team. So there's board so hard for so long to get this issue on the world stage and there we are we've done it this is now. And and free you know it is a long trip in it was not an easy one I know it was the first time. She's left to village in India and here she is in Hollywood on the biggest stage and it now. How she's doing it. No coming because. Even though he hasn't done it is expected in mind you but I advocate that I got night coming in. Give me get added that the debt. I think he's doing its thing. Well. It looks gorgeous I love and bringing some true Indian culture I feel likes your red carpet which I. Tell me and have you shared with then how and Howard you feel now after this projects. The ability to eat he's doing and it didn't think it up. And I think why this they think they let me. You didn't negate the you might get. Meeting and nimble Osama dominant yet technique yet. Not within some numbness. And it's something I'm billion won didn't conveniently definitely coming in definitely coming up at a naval. I don't know that I am on Sunday and he isn't thinking now maybe that's why the name alone Barack Hussein and give us collecting them femininity and. If you think when he started looking in the back McHugh there's a lot of stigma that's event B but in the weighted down I would just today. You know this is not the night is for you to be looking but it was couldn't have been the nominee didn't happen nobody. One of that is games and out people that night supporting on hundreds of. That's incredible it's an unbelievable I'm thinking yeah imagine it is. Her first trip out of whom rural village in India and she's here than Hollywood and she's on the region are thank. Perhaps going to take this deeds and women Oscars night news really compelling story and limited farm and other right. As far as the high cost. Well funded wanted her works is they look outwards forming an. And from the hospital will not disappoint business entity in music but heavy events as you may have heard by now that clean it sets up. That sounds good you know rock you adamantly amber has been performing as their front man for many years. Spelling him. I'm for the late Freddie Mercury's so. We want to look back they'll have some of the best original song nominees since the DC because then I'd beat the islands this. You yeah. Standard and at Cleveland and I like he didn't have Solomon Islands and take a life. Yeah. By now you've likely heard it shallow from a stars born. Music and lyrics by Lady Gaga mark Bronson you see Rossum Mundo and Andrew Wyatt has already collected several awards including the Golden Globe and the Grammy. The eighty gaga and Bradley Cooper plan on performing the duet on the Oscars stage tonight. Another favorite. Coming from Kendrick Lamar and says that for all the stars in black panther. Mark shining could collect and you got before the night is over. Human Oscar for the police were lost things go from Mary Poppins returns which he wrote with Scott Wittman. Jennifer Hudson will be onstage to sing all White House now from our GP written by giant Maureen in her tenth nomination. You know she she speaks so softly but what she says is so powerful. And I want addict I wanted to write a song that captured. First time nominees Jillian Welch and David Rawlings hoping to drop between the when he calmly tree keepers are wing. From the ballot buster scrubbed. Alone paying this is burners overlaying. It. Since 1990 where a lot of things go will actually be performed by Bette Midler and also read this. And I want to share with youth but seat and rhapsody is beat now become the most streams song of the twentieth century. In part of course because it makes sense of them yeah. But again salas in immediate favorite not just nine matches yours I don't permit the practice it's. He loved to see I wouldn't simply because it to me from Kermit the Frog. Here we go he says I must be off the deep end it was amazing getting closer was so much I as shallow as this digging known events. Don't worry and the frogs all swim through. Good luck at us and they did not come up. Ever here come the fact in his shell island as it beyond that you and I first had gotten out of are actually Ticketmaster by kids start now. Start of the knights of goods certificate fixer. The and it you know. Another is compatible and see an eight hour. In Boston and has. Eat my hero nominees and that is more than any living human being which is unbelievable he's actually. Competing against herself. It was hard to imagine her work custom designed in Mary Poppins and the favorites. And roomy and a chance to really getting accustomed to financial and whatever else. Constance exhibition. Asked me to do is nine homers and I think in Los Angeles there are over a hundred honestly you're the twenty I outlast you me. Including the I nominated for best pop in his act. Behind me I'd popped into Mary Scott Alexander burns inside out. The line that section on war and Stuart address that market rocky Juarez it was the first. I want to take you and the sixteenth century to another gate season. In the eighteenth century the eighth grade and I'm eating meat costumes and Stalin's political and regional flights land. See any actually nominated for two movies this year she also did costumes from Mary Poppins returns and there are. I costumes on display here three Emily lions to a criminal Brandon. And east you are the story looks you are going to. Possibly. Angry here is fully isn't on the eight West Bank that Alan masters runner Mary snow has denied these costs for the content rather she's done so many other films. And I want to take you also to meet Ruth Carter who design clusters of black hand Eck. She didn't help she brought together traditional African tribes with that futuristic most technologically advanced nation in the world book content. I have read that you guys had Bill Condon bibles outlying each of the tribes. Who wrote that how did you that is the lion on that at a cost him some what would your creating a world everybody has to be on the same page. And Reinhold and Hannity equipment production designer was also nominated. And they created a mangled and it was like our content and viable. And it talked about each tribe and we'll condemn what I've been and then actually displayed in the movie we can actually cut it and but each side had a list. Which from actual sites in Africa that we would be inspired. So you work. We've 3-D printing yes I have never done that before. No I just really heard about centric technology with regards to a doorman and costume where can. And fashion news this police here on Lemond. It's her shoulder and then slow her collar he's. As well as patient cold her hat. Were both 3-D printed. And what we tried to do was take all of this dialing. VP she Colo hat and usually if they woven hats. And it's done by hand. So we really wanted to keep the integrity of the hat. What was the inspiration behind this and that mix of this I rainy an infusion technology. I say how we've turned this. This soon into this. We have there's a small little triangular pattern and it's. All over the suit the triangle. Is kind of the sacred geometry of Africa and we thought that the triangle with you really beautiful symbol. For of this suit and. A okay. Any Telus you'll be wearing. Com I know all still wearing a few things. Something African inspired. But not after you have something. Queen me enough McQueen and something very me. A lot of them everything flew over the mandate like work earned us. I am so excited to see that with Carter and the wearing tonight black can't there is being nominated Chris six films tonight and actually the black pentecostalism. Feel now they need the manager here at Lowe's. And the black cocktail passage inspiration can you tell me how you guys in white has created it like that. Absolutely so I was actually inspired from. The heartsick Irvin that's actually the name of the cocktail and that was the flower in the movie that gave back ten there in his actual powers. So as you can see the cocktail has inedible hibiscus flower. We used a little bit. Butterfly pea flour to actually. Turning purple and it kind of looks exactly like actual heart shaped curve that was in the movie. And it tastes just as it works. Not the I have to ask you who do you think is gonna win best pitching. What a great question I'm voting for Mike and there believe me immensely without so when a marked absent favorites though. Hopefully one though so he can even be here thank you know. I let all the nominees this year painting some might be Kate have a gun on the red carpet. You guys and running out of the question done. Since obviously needs pregnant. If they may not sales doesn't have the staying power I need it now. I was going to run one to you after that hasn't happened either black and their as a mock tale for you. Only slightly yeah I'll have them do the mock tells. And that's saying nice you know more than soon will meet it face it let's spend the Oakland and everybody would agencies' views you might he did not act. Industry insider art expert yeah. We're going to talk about it that's actor. And we'll see the nominees here an inside game but do not get it out of yeah. NASA makes it so exciting democratic in this category I know that's that's about them not related guy got backs it up couldn't close. The goal basically straight in the life is perhaps the amazing season tickets that casings there instantly and you saw them as a group. Accident happening to see her hats and we didn't know why. It came to light in. It is over the storm brought Eagles and of what some kind of supporting partner. Tested as a precedent sound that elevate their partner at times there really isn't there in his or her ability to betray that was actually amazing and one more thing I have to Anderson Elizabeth Carney. At the that we had and I. Talked about her and at this awards season and seemed utterly lost herself in the hands and then movie and I think that. Her role as an ax. And I believe that the credits ago and you're able to lose oneself in the role where he's recognized that I thought Madonna did not static by the way out of prosthetic actively to remove them back this is a comedian. I was like what you're dramatized active and taxes. Re miserable days most in the tiny -- also went around the it's so nice to get any industry SEC winner Randy in an off the air 24 hours are about doubling it yeah. Don't we want rantisi you can see everybody's. His seat until the nominations a signal at a. First time nominations for best actress in a leading role handed down to young pizza robbery CEO. The breakout star of Roma who was planning on becoming preschool teacher could become the first indigenous woman to ever win that coveted award and only the second Mexican actress to do so in her first acting gig ever. Things. Lady Gaga also first time nominee for her role in a star is born. She's also nominated for best original song shallow which seeks full wrote for the movie. S security. My books and you are pleased and Melissa McCarthy garnering her first nomination in this category in ten you ever forgive me. Olivea komen also gets her first nomination for her portrayal of we hand in the phone for it she's already taken home between nineteen fast. But the real favorite seems to be Glenn Close in the white. I had some Britons have. At 71 years old the actress has never won an Oscar though she's been nominated seven times. And leading the pack for best actress in a supporting role is Regina King who already won the Golden Globe. Deals trees could talk her biggest competition could be from Amy Adams who collects her sixth Academy Award nomination for her role as main change in mice and a surprise nomination for operation as costar in Roma. Arena to the era and Emma Stone whose self already holds an Oscar for best actress in a leading role nominated along costar Rachel Weisz. Also a previous Oscar winner. For their roles in the favorite. And for a mile and hearing inserts have to agree with our expert might use they're talking about 1071. Years old seeds. As a clear that scans over four decades and it not only was her performance and the like unbelievable. But even at times you decide you want to eat which almost like end of the year award at this point winning here eats. And it was unbelievable I mean really. You look at the best supporting actress that keeps talking about retaining his themes that nobody can hold a candle to her and her performance. If you'll streets it's not see seems out of that. Absolutely lock hands and well deserving of that role as well she's funny scary story very long. Hollywood premiere. And when we talk about these women we've talked about their performances and how talented they are. We also talk about I'm going to they are and what they're wearing injured town. And they're. Zoom you can never over at night vigil anthem I didn't mean equal opportunity to spend some time on ideas and I think Martin Katz and now. It's something. Barely I'm and he talked about. Comes teen dresses the stars in their jewelry and the idea of all of these stars are only their school. And I. With celebrities preparing to dazzling diamond on the red carpet this morning we're thinking you. Behind the blame. Fleet from Martin Katz the jewelry genius for nearly three decades. It wasn't always this way where celebrities would be wearing. Shall. You really started that trend with this man. And so her and found I get called are fantastic news chair and loved and that was a very shorter wants them borrow them. For her prisoner of basic things. I thought she wanted to buy them I'm sorry I don't loans you'll. Eventually cats letting her aware of the jewels Katz had changed the game forever when my most comic books I think what's on Nicole Kidman. And that green Galliano gown with a hearing that the Indian mogul hearings cats sharing a few moments when the bubbles almost didn't make it back to Minnie Driver had a ruby bracelet caught on her dress. The beads went flying. And she and James Cameron on their hands and knees in the auditorium pick and after of the beads that we animal back. Stars to be wearing up to twenty million dollars worth of jewels at a time this 5000 dollar necklace can be worn every different ways. You can cannot get. And make it and diamond changed what makes it more fun and canisters to do for a little biblical will be. Not this also breaks down to you can Wear and hands classic. Jokers and then you could run another hero. How it's amazing how practical you can make 150000 Margaret let me you know Sierra. Meantime neighbors telling him how practical need it may well that's Hillary like I would any survey today extending out. Here is my AM he was my producer on this story and this was really really look at you know. We look like come on sue them yeah I think we Donna recover enough Simon just said she's having done. OK we have besides Melissa McCarthy not to totally derailed a jewelry conversation but. How fantastic is her night tonight as she is nominated after having just one. At the rads the award a lot of people would love scene Melissa McCarthy's. We think they're upset every movie with diet nominated. Her best picture as well so. Liz McCartney rocked in the end. Good for her health and loved and feedback. An ugly greasy wheel and it goes right variant. It's fantastic to see these stars music fans just don't worry easy when the stars not night. Yeah. CBS eight oh yeah. The gravel and defending and thank you and thanks so let's not mandatory so. Windy last. Martin that I was so nervous about the jewelry that I think needs to be looks of either be hearing. They aren't have been some company actually almost 700000. Tools on you yeah you're crisis and I don't with the ring. That you see here this diamond is a 150. Years old and for some reason I'm ticket at this hour. In the garden on right now I'm in the liberal woman her I think any lands and then of course he's seen the great thing here. It is really it's fantastic my favorite stories though that he shared it got any driver but he also said they eat London listed Courtney Love. And they secretly get it odd. Is this in this and it. Went the next David take it off what streets job. We have so many great stories that he's the guy that's. For the department. They have great stories. It almost a trend that didn't go I mean I just demanding music diversity and sent ever turn down Sharon Stone and probably the last. Finally gave N. Isn't absolute friend and he's one of the only jeweler is that these days. Does Vince he you'll only allows them to borrow their business the most active sickening hate him so it's very interesting hearing panel that's all that. You are in Italy since then your nomination. Class Laurie feeling good. Good you know it's. It's added they're exposed so yeah. There's expectations. And want to have some surprises. You going to make CN Vincent manga has been. So compliments of the word that I usually do not Sierra not months be pondering for you and it's not. I'm very happy that people. That's got some of them have it is an experience and I think it's a very rare movie that kind of selects the all the trappings of traditional biopic and Lillian glass is a historical figures in the way that doesn't. Just try to account for them. But kind of puts you. Into a place of imagination and wonder about who's been AM and it doesn't flat out say. Do you look it is interesting part of your freezers. I think learning to thinks yeah and also his letters and so beautiful and inspiration. This place. I. Guys. Recognizable and his paintings and that's man made it's like touching something. There can be. Exclusive to. He was experiencing because of accidents thanks absolutely. You and your biggest challenge here. My biggest challenge lies. To keep it clean and not get ahead of myself and have an experience that was. Really like a person's life residence where you're not. You're you're you're losing yourself and what you're doing and mango talked about that a lot he didn't think he was. Intuitive thing. It was a place that he was in touch with a high of is through nature he really felt like he has in the presence of god and and that's pretty powerful. I'm angry at its meeting here a bit of it seems demand after living through midnight here. You know it was a beautiful experience and it did change how nicely. And in talking about government thinking about them I get very got excited because it brought up dust spot he's an inspiring figure. You know I feel like it's a huge compliment see you getting nominated this year and last year for a and I will be in the current projects innings true. This movie as well above smaller movies but not very happy that. There's enough people saying that than they feel deeply enough about it that it's not just about. You know supporting what. Maybe Evans talked about. Yes you can actually sincere and might I add the needy it looks awesome. So yeah. No thinking you know to get things over the baby don't think the really interesting talent it's pretty good political. Thank you know much about them Lutz it's night. Oh that's so fun this so interesting to hear him and his perspective on playing Vincent and Telecom expense teens and again as we sort of talked about briefly. He has been nominated two years in a row from. A little bit lesser Blix speaks volumes. Seeing his performance and it's easy it's been incredibly gets his fourth nomination. And so attitude as what you guys knows what's in there seems likely come down to we're hoping to transfer. Yeah story tonight but. I think that makes these movies. Some of our favorites year after year individual aspects apartment home my statement. After its shaft so over immediately dad again. Take us down. But he's flying under visual effects is here on the route Rio worked on so little story about how. Yeah. One of the fun things we look to do on this film was really for the actors inside the cockpit and anyway. Usually we might shoot the cockpit with the greens green or blue screen around in the put all the visual effects and later. This time we did it all why onset so visual effects were done in advance. When the actors got in the cockpit we actually surprised that that's they just saw stars of the cockpit. And the first time at the hyper space lovers we put him and hyper space we shook and shook the cockpit. And it actually kind of freak them out there like oh my gosh this thing is real we're really going into space so it it really enhance the actors' performances. When you know how to fly. How much an insulin study originals and it's interesting when somebody like Dennis junior who worked on the first film. He comes and looks at his do something to creep in so we're trying to honor the past and use some of those legacy techniques especially things that are practical and real onset. But also break new ground because that's what they were doing when they're making these films. You can't wipe them off their Hollywood. We're here did animation building where not to talk to the video effects in the height advantage is in Feeney or they're nominated for an Oscar britney's ex. Well winning turning just rolling into the Eagles en us. They test was something zero. You know the very beginning we do we tested worked in the movie would. We took the character fed us and mixed in a little bit of trust Rolen to fed us imagine that if treaty more you know getting. Some of the proportions of Josh problems. Things like that which we knew would help so performance later. Choose the words the level of emotional connectivity to Panos who tearfully Fiji character. And we did they were able to translate Castro went into the party and he would immediately and and that audiences all around the world. Responded. Reacted. And were angry. Passionate. Moved. You know all because of a Fiji can. The other key figure America is the technology it's better better better is still comes up story and that's what these guys do it covers stories and I think. You can have all the technology in the world. But if you don't have the storytelling and you don't have the artist behind him to control spend billions slept well. Tempe technology. It's incredible how far we've come a visual effects I mean when you sign in it he wore that night did he was crying in the theater that into the movie when you think about it that's completely. Computer generated character making you feel those feelings so where in an exciting time for visual effects and movie making came at. Cloud that is really cool Nina thank you so much for sharing on Valentine's I want to point out that they just cross and red carpet scenic bay. And Amy Poehler and they are going to be presenting tonight's. Ever bet everything I regret about the rehearsals they are absolutely hysterical they will not disappoint. I am really looking forward to seeing those god it also. Starent Oscars. And green planning zoo Wolfgang Puck and they go to an after party and this year's eat just call them Stevens of their religion and stick with that he made some really good things going on food lions and yeah. They're old staples so I talk with both hands and insists that's as they pass on the red carpet the snow you. And the names of those stars. And I didn't eat your. It inside an inning ending Melanie good look at the ticket but mine and I says he cannot agree that a year most famous disc into my understanding this is Pam Wright incident this theory of. And Spain V accident what they come and they haven't had outlawed from Spain. And did what they've yet acted via come out and took man it is amazing. Profits from there they go off on in not to admit he's and black happened and not cutting. Everybody loves the gay but paid made happy I'm in on your innate human I didn't mean you have that bit them champagne and I happen. I. Oh yeah. Chop that's bad when it Clark Kent by the bullet and then we have looked at an idiot and I this favorite visit my favorite this campaign Molly. You know I don't own idea and this is my favorite days is that black boys gay. In a safe topic to anything that knocked up at lights out event and edits inside. Absolutely gorgeous covered in gold settlement thank you and I think you know that you. Those desserts cards to dive for now the mind that he might you be doing is actually the governor's ball blasters and also I have ever seen Frank's place. It quite literally melts in your mouth there's absolutely. Nothing like an episode C experiences and of the stars. But if it speaks to governance laws really cool prize. All that food is prepared live hyper 5% decline in print at piper heads acute pain and Francis Ford Coppola wine and that wine the grapes actually come. From his own crowd. And apparently. Not sacking the star name appeared at the eight minutes. Think about my assistant. So that's a pretty fun thing that ever Linda before they had seen the Vanity Fair party. And of course the night ends keep talking about it with best picture and we have no idea. Who is going to win best picture and bringing in our entertainment producer Tony Morrison yet again. And best picture it is interesting because I hear the news I don't think in the night's other big guns like Roman I think my we've talked about tiger and a. Yeah I mean I don't think really. 4%. In a very long time to help really hasn't and me is to lie buried field. Board nominees for best picture with no clear front runner anyone can really take this come but I think a win for Roma were really signaled that. It's not a popularity contest and highways and who knows the most money flat out lost the film X and at times been asked now about the most streams. About what it's a good town and I think from a embodies everything dad is a good sound. Is a period piece. And I love letter to you the women in Mexico that raise up to Ron. I just think it's it has all the fields at everything that really takes off. I'm all those boxes or at best it's airing. That really is deserving to win this may this evening there are ready now look at home. Yeah an improbable run of course could win for best director and estimates aren't current on has never been done either rounds of the voting process. This is interesting and how that plays out to you could see some surprises here are nearing agreement to be a surprise some nursing don't be shocked if like cancer lands. I don't know any really. Any line via. Is what's gonna keep her on watching TV and the senate plan. Wrote Nina you and you learn from level went. Sony I think I think Rahm I'm gonna take home the award this year. What's your favorite movie now. The main island bohemian rhapsody. It was beautifully done this cinema photography everything. I'll write soon. These Enron Roma highland decided thank you so much time you guys that started and now we know I'm kidding honey give you one last slip here at the red carpet things are getting really crazy. Academy Award the 91 show here is just a few hours away. This is the night no matter why. You will see history made tonight so please everybody enjoy this. Yeah they loved it. The 91 avenue right.

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