Country Music Awards Interview, Day 2: Lady Antebellum

The music group talked about what the CMA Awards means to them.
1:37 | 11/13/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Country Music Awards Interview, Day 2: Lady Antebellum
VG now. We've performed it and it's it's the that that's still the State's parliament fair performances. If not my favorite performances at Allen and also due in love don't live here for the very first time yeah on the C amazed that dismember a ceiling. So fired up to to finally get to showcase what we're writing and doing in front of so many artists that we looked up to us that was that was of their from Hampshire. You know at this week that at the show absolutely I mean to be voted on by your peers to have so many you know fans tuning in. I'm watching these performances watching their favorite artists it is it's it's really special and you know personally we get to catch up with all of our friends we all tour kind of at the same time or never. In one place at the same time other than nights like this so to BO at a hugs a lot amount best girlfriends and say how I am and catch up it's really special. Alice in these new artists I think that's that's because we were there and that's what these shows are for to me is is to break. New artists in the show people like mrs. you know this is the new crop of people and so. In and also all in all all like. You're always excited CO keep there and and and Robert Deluca people that and see what they do in don't notice there's so many vote fortunately with. Yes for the oh my gosh yes biggest cheerleaders and so proud for then and and loving watching just. How their stars are rising I mean Kelsey. I am so and blatantly proud for her and everything that's gone on in and her pulley isn't just her record. And she's obviously she's like a baby sister to me so and Britain for her fracture.

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{"duration":"1:37","description":"The music group talked about what the CMA Awards means to them.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"59174071","title":"Country Music Awards Interview, Day 2: Lady Antebellum","url":"/Entertainment/video/country-music-awards-interview-day-lady-antebellum-59174071"}