Country Music Awards Interviews, Day 1: Chris Janson

The musician talks about his nominated song, "Drunk Girl" and how it affects his children.
3:11 | 11/12/18

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Transcript for Country Music Awards Interviews, Day 1: Chris Janson
And yeah it's really has changed. My life it's changed our lives it's changed a lot of lives globally and drunk girl really. Really solidified I think my place as a songwriter and as an artist and really. He gave me a nuisance of validation I think with in the community as well and I I'm thankful for that. You know I I I've traditionally been known for having fun up tempo by mean goes and picks a drinks and things like that which are great to their credit but. John Crowe as a whole big side of me because I'm a dad and and a husband and and and and frankly just the man who wants to see better in the world and we wrote Jon Proehl about that you know doing the right thing in those vulnerable situations and down. Thankfully alert did it became a big hit on the radio and it's became a big it was built with in a lot of outlets and in people been reaching out a lot about that song ever since it came out. In an you know. Good and bad it's been amazing I mean you know it's it's 99.9 percent of the time it's been a great positive swing with that song and it's opened a lot of conversations that I never thought I would ever have. And even conversations that I didn't wanna have but I had them and I'm glad that I did it the song taught me a line. Knowing how much you love your kids and then that was part of the motivation to you write this song biggest I've got to think it like how do you how did. Talked to them about what this song is about absolutely you know. We live in so as you know we live in a generation now that's totally different than any other generation I believe that we've ever seen. Kids are smarter now there accessible to everything Mikey is not a work phone better than I do I mean you know my littlest kids not ordinance it's unbelievable. But that's the world we live in so you absolutely have to have those conversations earlier in life and you know my kids of course they ask what them rules about and they see the video and they feel the emotions and and they you know. Emotions man hit hit people of all ages that's the beauty of the song it it has connected with all ages all walks of life. And there's nothing to hide and I'm an open book and we live in an open book society if you don't tell and they're gonna find out and it may be in a negative manner so. Finding out the drought girl scenario whether it's my boys or my girls. You know they're finding out from mean this is a positive way that you can influence someone else's possibly could affect somebody's life this is just doing the right thing you have a choice and like you need to do the right thing of the wrong thing in. And you know in reference to of the song he speaks about doing the right thing this is good information and we have talked about it and I'm I'm proud to say that I I I think my kids. Have a really good outlook on my older two in my younger to you in. You know I just pray amend it and that's a vitally needed unity despray that they do the right thing in the situations when they come along and I hope they do well. IA I was second tell you that was performing song on the show I'm not. I know that may be shocking I'm not for going on the show for whatever reason I don't know but I figure this man this is our look at life and wake up in the morning. And I think OK thank you Jesus I woke up whatever happens next happens next I am nominated three times twice for drunk girl so I figure that's winning as it is. And again and receive made my life as an awesome dress and we're gonna be really enjoying the night hopefully win a trophy they are to give us a bronze medallion for nominees I feel like Garrity 11 that a you know wolf we'll see an.

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{"duration":"3:11","description":"The musician talks about his nominated song, \"Drunk Girl\" and how it affects his children.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"59144148","title":"Country Music Awards Interviews, Day 1: Chris Janson","url":"/Entertainment/video/country-music-awards-interviews-day-chris-janson-59144148"}