Country Music Awards Interviews, Day 1: Garth Brooks

The musician talks about this year's group of nominees.
1:44 | 11/12/18

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Transcript for Country Music Awards Interviews, Day 1: Garth Brooks
Yeah well I mean it personal axis does the entertainers everything preakness but it. So as they do pass the time you can bet on going to say like that act now. That's the point oh but it's going and it's it's fun to. QQB the reigning entertainer of the year. And not yet but we are off this year not the upward so you get tinged with hope show. Entertainer was last so you said there are no matter how many of these she did. Inside you're going. He knows gonna happen so I just I hope they enjoy would have as much as I do that everybody in there. Is a new and there's some young guys. All overdue. And it so it's going to be good standards. Tony award is only as good as an answer on it. So as an entertainer you want somebody truly isn't it and others a couple of names in there that should have won this award and and that. Well and for many entertainers really kind of a turing award it considers other things but it's worth pointing out that you didn't Sewart this test here right by and large. But that's about the chance we'll that's yet that's it is and I hope people show we're about to launch a stadium tour. We got it kind of take a look at Notre Dame. And that's the next three years from its planned Saturday and the stadium can be. Since there so it is if these people are fired up to be there and acres part to be there. In this place here really small really quick it's really intimate which and it with the stating that. Now in this. In his place for miracles so I'm not saying that's how it's going to be grows. You incorporated is that was some of the most.

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{"duration":"1:44","description":"The musician talks about this year's group of nominees.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"59141983","title":"Country Music Awards Interviews, Day 1: Garth Brooks","url":"/Entertainment/video/country-music-awards-interviews-day-garth-brooks-59141983"}