Court Rules Dreadlocks Can Be Banned in Workplace

A federal appeals court ruled that employers can ban the hairstyle in their workplace.
4:23 | 09/22/16

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Transcript for Court Rules Dreadlocks Can Be Banned in Workplace
Well. Apparently. My hair may not be appropriate for work. A federal appeals a court just ruled that employers can ban. Can't stop lagged red laps in the work place. He and let. Stemmed from a lawsuit by a woman who was told her dreadlocks we're not appropriate. For the office because they tend to get messy. Yeah. At the hottest bit of what is true about your hair your he had never make it. He never meant that he never looks messy always looks like well and it's always claimed like at most hour and yeah. You know I mean it's time it may never band the be hot and member of the beehive day. And that. And that was a scary did I don't have not just messing with something could be livid at what yeah that's right so this idea I'd you know I was explaining. And that. It. Before December before December 2015. You could not have locks. Dreadlocks in the military men and off but now the Marines and first branch to allow locks and twists. In the military and female Marines can. We and that but you know. The rest of like now now now. I kind of back in the sixties I guess it was when the Vietnam what was going on him seventies to a little bit but they could that my husband was National Guard. And you could not have long hair and everybody headline in The Beatles and the rest of that is all that long neck now so he could he have long cap. Ron looked ridiculous but he had. So he tells me he had to Wear a short wig on top of it to full bath. Well all all I would have not except is it more attractive oh yeah. Is cut. Your dress up to the film on how that you just cut your dad's but the idea that you're not allowed because this messy when this meanest again this implication that there's something wrong wrong without an athlete Olson well that yet the one thing I wanna say is that it is protected under federal law this decision to not allow dreadlocks because. Racial discrimination have to be based on characteristic that can't be changed that immutable characteristics and so. You can't send a hairstyle doesn't qualifies. What about and that there OK with an Afro man and what. I don't know uniting to tell you this is something that I struggle with that home. Because my daughter who wears her Herron actually at the grim picture of their goes below alive so you know she's got really big hair. And there happened kids that have set to hurt you hairs so big you here's a big gust as those who opal yeah. Looks like everyone now let's listen I'm signed beyond what about you know I have a lot of friends that red heads whose hair is bit. Nobody complains about that now it rehabbing and we got they have black why doesn't matter we all. I'm different to you can get I'll grant. You can't get all right. If historically been an issue in the black community about trying to assimilate to look a different way and and I know that's why everyone has these leaves you know this is my biggest bitch about I don't know and who else my hair looks like my daughter's hair but I don't know that I would. Be sitting here if I wore my natural talent that's there right I'm glad I'm where my parents actually out will be no Bernardino and I'm. And I. That's BS because I wasn't Whoopi Goldberg when I started and got hit was always like this you have to make a decision now who do you wanna be. And you have to work. Where the people except for. We walk that's true you have to make that decision now a lot of us say no no. We got to try to make it happen here like this but dollars and the decisions we made it and we cannot be surprised but I will tell you. 35. Years ago when I first got famous I had women coming up to me send. You know I just I got tired like last year because I had dreadlocks and you know they thought I was ross' apart in and they got scare. You know you have to happen. Yeah educate yourself you just got to know what you you have to no better Leno and not to Lara I think is better. That unnatural and because near a fire you know what yeah. And rewrite men back.

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{"duration":"4:23","description":"A federal appeals court ruled that employers can ban the hairstyle in their workplace.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"42283092","title":"Court Rules Dreadlocks Can Be Banned in Workplace","url":"/Entertainment/video/court-rules-dreadlocks-banned-workplace-42283092"}