Creating K-2SO: Behind the scenes of 'Star Wars'

The droid from "Rogue One" was developed by Industrial Light & Magic in San Francisco.
1:36 | 01/11/17

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Transcript for Creating K-2SO: Behind the scenes of 'Star Wars'
Are. So before K to us those steals every scene of these him. He starts out on your computer. Yeah basically it's a huge T network analyst for Kati you they knew that they wanted to have the footprint look like something that wasn't just an and a suit this here's the knee wrist and ankles to shoulders and they hits with something that we used as inspiration from the start tumors motion base on the ride Starr tours has this this motion dates that basically. Allows the right to move in and simulate the feeling of gravity and so we wanted to pay homage to that. The whole idea is to give the actor the best. Our opportunity to do their work and the best place for them to do that is on set with the other actors interacting with them. We cannot stay here. That's where the magic happens and so. We want to give them that opportunity. What's it like working on something like this for however long it takes and then going to the theater. And it pops up on masquerade. Would you like to know the probability of a using it against you. It's very surreal. It's hot it's cool because you always remember your child itself. In your Yukon and now know the magic behind it. Let those change.

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{"duration":"1:36","description":"The droid from \"Rogue One\" was developed by Industrial Light & Magic in San Francisco.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"44683353","title":"Creating K-2SO: Behind the scenes of 'Star Wars'","url":"/Entertainment/video/creating-2so-scenes-star-wars-44683353"}