Cress Williams discusses the new season of 'Black Lightning'

Cress Williams dishes on acting, playing a superhero, and reuniting with his 'Living Single' co-star.
17:47 | 10/08/18

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Transcript for Cress Williams discusses the new season of 'Black Lightning'
It's can't it's Williams ABC radio and I'm back again with another with the interview I have an eight hour super super star city -- front of me think that's right. He won the only cress Williams how are you hungry Hungary. They you so much for stopping by ABC radio to chalk it up about the second thing he's done a black lightning on CW. It premieres to morrow night 9 o'clock PM eastern standard time please. Tune in because I will be tuning in I've been watching the first seed then I've lots of Pristina that would airing live. And I'm excited about the second season. We have to start off. Going into the second season ending. Gearing up for this did you have any downtime between duke and I in what did you Duca that's whatever. LA oh right right I had a little bit down time I unfortunately like. Feel good too much with home going to conventions ended like five or so convinced and very very short period guitar solos. Line here fly in their fine you're fine there. My wife and I had a baby. Is at the very end of may sobero lives in. Do you think you and then we were back to work likely June. So it was alone it was a short break you win by really fast he and a. Well you know one of the things that I think people are always excited about is is the fact that this Ceres. It's is full of all these amazing different things going on you it's not just about one narrative of you being a superhero it's all the different dynamics are involved. And the multiple things with a different care years from the young actresses who are just cal and it between in a fast and as well as China India and I just feel like this series is bring so much us every single. Episode so let's jump into it without further ado here for fans of the show if you cancel eloquently just get us up to date because I know that. We saw a lot happened during that season finale you specifically. You know where I am treating China would freeze in the correct way. The consequences. Of green light in and out infiltrated the CD and then also old you know your good friend the the deputy chief now he's learning a ballot. You know your hidden identity Iran earnings a light filled a lot of things that. I your care it's gonna have to. Go head to haggle it. Yeah there's a lot I mean we pick up it's season two picks up a week after the finale so. We pick up with like coming off wounds school being attacked the frame we on the run. All of these things come in the light and you know the beginning of season two starts it's called the Boca consequences because we. Have to like on rap all these consequences to these things. To the tram Lee two Jefferson's job. Two freeway and and it's. It's messy ticket which attitude to say release its and a good way it's messy. You add but it's a type of messy that we tune in every single episode yet I don't what's next okay. Exactly do you know you'll tune in for meat yeah you tune in progressing and not look exactly big. Now. I think as we saw last season we really got to see. These two amazing ladies that we're now calling thunder and lightning yes come into their full body efforts as they're as superhero talent yet to mingle with yours as black lightning. Talk that dynamic because you know it's in me I feel like you first of all the stories that's. Just set this up for something that we did not really seen before having. You know a black female a skinny black in need for any type series superhero series NN television and then having that bit it. That the real you know the trio rather. You and your two daughters on this show. So talk a little bit about that dynamic as bees seat go into the season what that would mean you well part of. It is is you know what's great is I think we look at that friendly and the dynamics of of the friendly. Through the lens of superheroes so you know with. Of the pieces character in this she's the you know she's like in her twenties but she still lives at home and so there's the that that dynamic of parent parenting and adults you can't fully parent to they're trying to be an adult. But they're under your roof and then hold attention and that's played out on our show. With these who were for hours you know that we have Jennifer. Who's sixteen and all that teenage angst and all of that is being played out. With powers that she can't quite control yet that she's still not sure she wants it's just all that bad messing this. Going on at fair wages but it's all under. The friendly tomorrow. Yet. And as I mentioned you know I have deputy to speak team built to young women and they were amazing of course and he does raved about working with you and Jennifer. You know having. Who really learning for new. In a fact. You know being able to kind of watch you do which you do right but also having that parental aspect in that sense the wow. A real good about working with that meant just that the family. Even though I know this is she show and we're looking act that specifically. I feel like there is that kind of community within the set because you deal was such timely and real things that I. I feel like gold conversations it could be had really at any. He's home or for sure I mean I feel like we we you know first of all as the entire cast we realize what we do with rose shall. And so we bonded you know first and foremost on the and ID you know I am a father. You know three children I have a teenage daughter and animal also come up with a teacher director by nature of taught acting for eight years and so. That mentor aspect this is kind of who are Hammond in the you know there they are younger they're very talented. But thankfully they they come in. Really humbled and eager to like to listen and learn and I think we easily just fell into these roles the actual character roles we were playing these roles you know. On and off camera an eagle with when that news play of our Christine. It's like we're we're all gonna playing house but. We just naturally do it you know it anytime the piece is brain of one out of date I'm really who we will not get with the political and only. And I feel protective you know and she's. I think she welcomes that so it's it's some it's kind of are imitating life both you know onset and and and on and off site. Yeah NA in it comes across very natural even relationship that you have with your acts that not really. Can we talk a little bit about that I feel like people love that energy between you two yeah you know. I I know that your great actor and so you know this is the role that you're playing right roulette I I feel like there is like a friendship there are something I mean that that's its sole amazing how your able to kind of pull us in with yeah. I mean I think it bit me Kristi back again we we are so proud of the show that we're doing and and that it's starts there she's an amazing actress and we both I thinks are in the same page is that. Yeah on papered these characters are divorced but they're not. Divorced in the way that most people divorce like B. They still love each of these two partner very well this two really good friends everything bad that cause them to fall in love still exists. They they've split up because of the superpower thing so. They I've always approached it like in our scenes. That you know record stores as wedding ring because he still like whole holding on hope that we can put the family back together. And I I approach every scene like we're married and I think she approaches at the same way in the and so we knew we subsequently bring in what we know. For Marron wonderful healthy marriages and and and I think we want these characters to be together. And so were on the same page is and in it brings the truth to it and woo foreign and you know it I'm glad that it that it it translates to we have a great time doing it he had it in your and the fans love it Tim. Particularly troubled about the friend fan reaction I mean they have been so supportive from day winehouse. And you know to Wear that mantle. As as this. Historically. Placed series on a Tel of these television series that you know we hadn't seen something like this before there are. How do you navigate between the fact that OK you know they're looking at me for too soon to be this kind of spearhead this type of saying yeah but at the acting out of the day advantages have been stolen at a embraced it to. Via near army first and foremost when I got you know got the job. I I. And in linger on. The bigness of it because you know that I can do the job you can almost overwhelmed and paralyzed by the of the magnitude I just kind of got into. Plain news on and it's on play in and what's really great Arab community in this industry you know for some time some used to fan reaction but the fan reaction for this. As Vince's. I don't think of ever encountered. The switch reverence like the the comb with such honor and reverence and and also just. Children as well liked Joseph XE and kids who are just. In all you know they they see a superhero and programs of that that's been pretty amazing and and and historically alexion little black kids who have hero ism in and being that her role is is amazing and I still. I really still try to focus on. Put my head down and doing the job that don't want to at a woman you know contaminated with which is being overwhelmed by them. He he I mean say. I would see that it could be easily overwhelming that you do it so well definitely asked does it so well they Holler so magnificent on the show. You know I think one of the things that really stand stands out to me just as a fan and as viewer is the fact that you do. Every eat I think at the snow in some way shape or form you guys take on. These timely topics you incorporate beings who debunk stereotypes you show that these are real people even though there is an element of superhero and this yeah. Yeah a fiction yes so talk about that element. An act as you you know being a father a man of caller how you kind of you know work that in to which you do as an actor but also just as a as every day man. Yeah I mean when I read the script that was the thing that was so amazing about it because I'm a big fan of superheroes and a want to play a superhero. And then I read the script and it was like wait this is like it is a superhero thing but it's rooted in real life the issues are real like it was like let's take. The super heroes are on Renault elevated to another level and so I was just. As a father as a man I was so. Excited because this like this the story are want to tell this is what I won't watch where there was a part of it or not. You know and in so. I'm just. Thankful that the audiences. That's what's resonated with them. Could that allows us to keep doing it like that you know the executives and the people at CW we're told us a you know. But you guys are gonna keep keep being a friendly drama new Cuba and it's still going to be. You know socially relevant because that's what's been really resonating with the France it's are really happy that that happened because that's a story wanna tell. He either certain and it's isn't things that you see from the headlines that you hope. You know your family kind of tapped into as a seasons continue you I mean. I think the gun violence amino know that we we we tap into or a certain level. Just by the world free learn that we created but I hope that we can tap into that. We had a school attack in order since but it wasn't like garments it was you know who is pain killer and it was cyanide and it was kind of powers against powers by are really hope we can touch Tappan of that. So we won't even though illuminating things that because we you know we ended with the that the the whole green light thing in the green my babies and all that. And as we get in the season to you know it's there's like this also parallel between. Those kids and brick you know the kids who separated from their friendly to kids in cages it's like souls I don't even really make a connection to somebody brought it up. But on I really I do hope we can we can really tell illuminate. Though the whole gun issue. I think that would be 00 really important thing to do here is possible in that way yet head on I love that. You know one of the things that I read as I you know items mentioning TI I write about all these different series that I think are amazing. And I recently saw that Erika Al Alexander at going to be joining you hatchery current world and I was so happy because I'm thinking. The you know I I I guess you guys have ready filmed live together. Yeah yes some of it yes she ME TC came in last last season. And Abu Mosul funerals or Warner has the you know he was plain nuts viruses father in. And so unless we do another flash Sprecher don't know how that's possible aboard circuit she's had a really nice journey with us and actually. I think it's still continues on it's were still filming. And it was grameen doing like a scene whether it was surreal. And also at the same time concern we world we're together but weren't were together in a different context completely like complete with a different context. So there was it was cool. Yeah I mean you know there's always been talk about these reboots and yet when living single has been thrown in there the basket at Lal you know. That was to potentially happen with school or make a return what's gone on a day if they reached out to be could make a return who record the we we you know we love that's I love that series now was one of my saves. Now and before we go. A couple things that when it's it to quickly ask you know CW is really known for a crossover episodes things of that nature yeah. And any idea that could be possibility and it's so what. What would that be for you in sense of what he books series CW super your series say hey this could be a good fit. Well I mean they haven't talked about it anything at all and in part of it is like. Kind of logistical nightmare because all the other from superhero shows and I think you're an at and another one eventually. The Austrian Vancouver and we shoot in Atlanta so. Home I don't even know how they could cost and we offshoot of the same time so I don't know how they would really make that work. Home and even trend after a weird where we fitted in. I. I think maybe because. You know. At the root of arrows kind of you know hit the streets type of guy that that that might make sense split. At its musical a lot of those of the shows there is there and they get these mega things that they're trying to solve that like all the world hinges on this and we're kind of like. Grass roots in the sense of we're just like start with a neighborhood. And work your way out you know take every neighborhood and in that there's a ripple effect police are believes is ripple effect of good things happening. And so I don't know how it would Rui. Translating Exley was talked about often do any minerals of those heroes wanna come Freel and help us out don't refine its you know they're that would have. Maybe you I mean I wouldn't complain if it did I feel like you know there's always Greek little. Nuances you know a new type of criminals are villains that they are we are festering their way into these. These series and you know I I I just love the development of your character because of the fact that he's not only this guy who. You know is is a principal and and he's a father but he's just someone who struggled with real life things. As is like I said as a series continues is there anything they overall that you just were well liked your characters but to specifically. Dual or a change or just be involved in because I feel like. You know again he speaks volumes is so many people out there just does a guy yeah PS of apparently might also still. Averaged a man yeah he I mean. He always looked at as an actor always look conflict where extreme heat he goes through a lot to the season. You know it's funny regular look at Jefferson you were some really great suit as a principal bought time she's weren't stopping a Mike call. Buteau. I think first ever he sits a square. Of the so it'll be here Tuesday to see if he'd you know what doubted journey were big cost him to loosen up a bit you know it. Few references references. Wearing suits that he's been kind of wearing suits. For the kids you know that he's like I want them to see. Okay. A modeling for them see a black man in the suit are David Sowerby I would it be cool to see him kind of break out. Like circumstances happen that that would cause him to break out and and loosen up a little. Yeah so more cress Williams then half as Daniel yeah Ali great I get a break it down it is like I just try to be lazy to integrate more like green. Our. Seems very doable or go. From year air from your lips to out of Britney yeah I mean. Well crest it's been such a joy to have you here to talk about this this upcoming season and make you tomorrow everybody have to tune in October 9 9 o'clock PM. Eastern standard time on the CW black lightning he returns. This is canceling signing off ABC re.

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