CRS Day 2: Maren Morris

Maren Morris talks about her first time meeting Elton John.
1:11 | 02/06/18

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Transcript for CRS Day 2: Maren Morris
I have like a very crazy timeline history with Elton John like growing up listening to this music and then when hero my album came now he called me on the phone to say that he is a fan of it. And then now all like. This was my first time to meet him and tribute him and so I am so excited to be a part that night and be one of the the country artists on that the bill and so it it was just epic and he was wearing like all of Tucci bike in Mike rhinestones. Red jackets just looking better than ever Alon and the red tinted shades very classic Elton. He's just iconic I finally met him this past week at the grammys he. He so a captain. The music industry and the charts and he was like. Congratulations on here song the middle it's number three on iTunes right now and I'm like I love Elton John you Elton John knows this. And yeah he's just such a music wishes and genius and IA. I can't say which song I did back it's one of my favorite album songs and I love that I got the chance to performing in front of them and Ernie top and two assists iconic.

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{"id":52881894,"title":"CRS Day 2: Maren Morris","duration":"1:11","description":"Maren Morris talks about her first time meeting Elton John.","url":"/Entertainment/video/crs-day-maren-morris-52881894","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}