Dakota Fanning, Ewan McGregor Talk Halloween Costumes, Knitting

The two actors star in the upcoming drama, "American Pastoral."
7:40 | 10/28/16

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Transcript for Dakota Fanning, Ewan McGregor Talk Halloween Costumes, Knitting
They ever got from rock stars to drug use to Obi wan can nobody. And she has over thirty film roles on how about at the age of 22 years now. I got hula hoops almost pack. They share the screen and the new movie based on Philip Roth's Pulitzer Prize winning novel American pastoral luck and welcome Dakota Fanning. NUN. I understand that you know the. This Halloween is coming up that you have had some interesting how in customs. I have always go for girls and I've always tried to involve myself and Halloween if I'm around the times often on the way and I miss things that's so. When I am a home I go for it yes. Have you got pictures of something I don't. Yeah. That was my Jose and a. Because I'm not typical lag time to solve not just look like and that solve adult. Ten minutes. Ryan Dunn and someone went up to one of my doses went. To clean this Tierra that they were. Think what is dressed of his impairment I thought you. Did his thing with that you must have a story about the so you're having problems. Yet what it felt like I dressed up in this costume while we're taking this now. I came back here. On a break in and that was my costume and now we went to a party my friends and I. And I totally poked my best friend denying. That's horn like that's all we worry a photo Booth and I was like doing it all these news and she was. I'm still friends and she. Got I'm yeah and she can't see it August. Now that you and beating swords out our should exceed light sabers OB one Nubian start words. Episodes one through three yeah. I ask you were a big fan growing up what looked like when you first got. LA team was amazing my uncle was in the first three he played a small while does not to Denis Lawson and he played at a tactical wedge. And so when I. So I'm still lies a kids you know my the first move it out went to see my uncle and was. Star Wars and will allow long as kids my brother nine. And in the seventies my brother was two years older than me and I remember being in my school shorts and mile long sultan who went to the cinema Melinda picked his up to this deceit. Our uncle in the cinema right which is an ideal but and it was also Star Wars which is an extraordinary. And so then to become part of that. Legend later on in my life is great I really loved it. Read the same way Aaron it. Did they know that already and to know what my kids know it's also so you're not that cool already know. Idaho and contentious don't put it. At qwest does best is wonderful movie and it's and we saw that he I told American pastoral it's based on a Philip Roth novel yet. As the first movie you can't be directed to surprise that you did that yeah. The probable end and we sought last night it was just great country and it's really about a very normal family that has an abnormal sort of daughter nephew and to go to. I wish he or she I. I like to think that maybe that's not the case he has an extreme. She was then an extreme pass. I'm in the way in a way there character I play the Swede as a father as a very. Strong send self. Of how he lives his life yet a very good man and a morally correct man and he feels responsible for everybody and it wave passes on this. Strength of character to his daughter she takes in a very different right Hoffman's eyes fighting against something that she believes very passionately in which was. The that America should have been involved in the Vietnam War and shouldn't have been killing women whose villages of children and ever amen. She takes our own so I I would like to think that she's you know we present. Characters that you you can make your opinion about a Wednesday you might think that she's extreme and crazy and but I Lexus is Dalai in my direction I hoped I suggest that. You know you could also think that maybe she had a point and you. Your father play you play such a solid character in the in the movie and it is about sixties politics of what was going on in those days which are about let's let's watch a clip. But with riot and its need no room right. It's very pollution. People standing up for their rights can't defend maybe she's joining. Us a good idea the governor called the National Guard and of course that's comedian he. Should read boom black people human beans that's what. No blacks in the city councilman poverty unemployment we have 80% negroes working at the plant were proud of that whole life. Forgot. You're here. A lot of this function in the population and development you also have a stutter in that was that typical of the first time you don't know. Definitely the first time I've I've done that in the film. It wins some thing right off the bat when I read the script first saying I was like. Facts that that's the thing that I think it'd be a little nervous about until we actually start making it. But I ate I felt like I prepared in the way me. That I felt comfortable with before handing you an I talked about it a lot so one day when I got to set sort of just tried to. The most important thing went for it to feel as after most populous real and authentic and it did you didn't. Beyond what you're terrific things wonderful and I really prodigy. How hot seat because you're 22 which are going to end my year senior had in my new congratulate love. I'm. Com you know here urinal song I've heard that from Cindy and heading back yeah I have yeah already. Yeah. I read if you have kind of a hobby and you give your directors and co stars from presents please inform the public yes. Now I've been knitting can that is eight years old at learned on a film set for. Teacher student teacher of mine. And actors that I worked weapon so I started meeting. Askar facility can me actually. I have one thing I can I not. Started knitting scarves for the directors that I work with actors and apartment and so since then pretty much every director passes are for me so you know what I'm gonna beautiful scuzzy old the end delicious home home. Let me going to school four going to school I'm studying. Portrayal of winning now oh wow education. Imagine. Hate that fast so I may have failed. Good luck with the film made you so much thanks Jay Ewan McGregor yeah same right knows good Ewan McGregor and Dakota Fanning American pastoral isn't it it's.

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{"id":43138164,"title":"Dakota Fanning, Ewan McGregor Talk Halloween Costumes, Knitting","duration":"7:40","description":"The two actors star in the upcoming drama, \"American Pastoral.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/dakota-fanning-ewan-mcgregor-talk-halloween-costumes-knitting-43138164","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}