Are Dating Checklists Helpful?

Siggy Flicker's take on dating checklists.
2:15 | 01/13/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Are Dating Checklists Helpful?
Check thank you let go into that date thinking going to be with someone who's you know. Got this in this age range lives around here does there. Yet he doesn't know I mean very minor thing I mean as far as they attacked us it would definitely be minor things. Please someone who's established early 'cause their life together. But now I'm really feeling I hate that one minute plea corners that turned this kind of going with an open mind. And did not have that. Activating some people get caught up and that you know there's a whole they have to have this as a medicine I think ours against. I tell people to get rid of this writing it in 25 years of doing what I'm doing I've never happen but content partners. Everybody wants me and we'll arch some person. He should love his mother he shook his father he should want kids he shipment of rock climb and ski and have a lot to children. Whatever companies seeking please I want to meet a fat slob who sits on captured about chip was knowing that he might break but let me just Cuddy. The rollout that list it's about chemistry. When I was getting going through my divorce. And following the rules of this book. And putting myself out there. I did not have my goodness I want somebody who doesn't out on top of this at that sells Jeep cherokees for a living he watches. My husband has no hot topics that he is the most beautiful humanity I still aren't on by his. His press it's his demean our. He can't talk about smoking aren't but I just thank you I'm taking they eat. Everything about game. Meeks might might hearts there's chemistry is there. It could you don't know who it's getting these Japanese lives could be that we talk it's could be. The lady you don't know when your clinic but there have chemistry with. So get your list list was not. Structure it was good. Choice to be somebody who's ambitious was that's fine but some people I will meet somebody who's six feet tall. He should have a full care it's like ridiculous but it went.

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{"duration":"2:15","description":"Siggy Flicker's take on dating checklists.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"44768002","title":"Are Dating Checklists Helpful? ","url":"/Entertainment/video/dating-checklists-helpful-44768002"}