Day 2 of jury deliberations ends with no verdict in Harvey Weinstein case

Attorney Aida Leisenring speaks on the case, in which the disgraced movie mogul faces multiple felony counts, including rape and sexual assault.
4:44 | 02/20/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Day 2 of jury deliberations ends with no verdict in Harvey Weinstein case
Day two of jury deliberations in the Harvey Weinstein case and still no verdict the disgraced movie mogul is facing multiple felony counts including rape and sexual assault. ABC's Stephanie Ramos has been covering the trial and joins us with more Stephanie. We some more notes coming from the jury today what isn't the questions are asking. Diane the jury has plenty of questions as you mentioned this is the second day of deliberation for the jury and in total. The jury has sent. Four notes to the judge. Request saying different items asking different questions today. They sent two notes to the judge and in that note they requested to rehear testimony from. Harvey Weinstein to main accuser Mimi hall late she's a former production assistant so they requested to rehear her testimony where she'll laid out both of her sexual assault allegations they also said he wanted to see. Any emails written about holy by Weinstein and they also. Wanted a the jury not only has a lot of questions about the charges and how to understand. That complicated verdict sheet but they also have a lot of questions about the accusers testimony. SF and they also asked for read back testimony from actress Rosie per as what's the focus there. So that request was in the fourth and no and they asked the asked for a lot of different materials but. They did request to hear of three here Rosie Perez's testimony she claimed while she was on the stand that. Sopranos actress and embellish your one of winds his accusers come faster her. About the alleged rape back in her New York apartment in 1993 now her case. Is too old to prosecute but her testimony still carries a lot of weight now the jury also asked for copies of all digital re in communication between Weinstein and Paul stash shirt. A former friend of she aura who says she York told him she quote pulled all rounds with Weinstein but he says she never mentions. The alleged rape now the jury also wanted to see the forensic psychologist this PowerPoint presentation. And all written communication mentioning she aura and the private investigation firm. Weinstein considered hiring to keep track of women accusing him of sexual misconduct in just as a reminder Weinstein faces. Five. Felony counts two counts of predatory sexual assault criminal sexual assault and two counts of rape the many of these charges today that it said Weinstein to jail for the rest of his life. And so many people want to know what is going on in the minds of those jurors right now Stephanie thanks so much for tracking it all fours. And now let's get some legal analysis to help us break it all down idealized and ring is a partner at market anissina and I you know you're very familiar with the New York City courts. Where one scene is being tried. What do you make of these notes from the jury the jury is doing their. Homer they're doing exactly what their space to be doing. And this has been a long case it's been a complicated case itsy gray area about. Our understanding of the morphing definition of what consent to actually is. However. Don't think that every single juror is actually asking the questions on this Nance. One note could really be from one individual juror but because the four person is doing designated individual. It's actually break down the note and give it to the quarter we just don't know which way they're thinking. OK and I know that this is really difficult to do but we're not very patient so. Is there any way to sort of tell how long a jury might take with a case like this in a case like this you'd expect a couple of days at the minimum but I would have been surprised that they had a verdict. Today. I'm or not till next week I mean we've seen. Juries to liberate some times for ten days which is excessive but it happens what stands out to you about this case. What stands out to me about this case is kind of the blurred lines between conduct that would be. And something that you would litigate and civil core like sexual harassment and conduct that actually qualifies. As rates I think Lee people look at those cases say. Well what he's alleged to have done is really bad. And sure that may be true but you have to look at the elements of the offense and raped in the first degree. Carries where that 25 years in jail so you can't just sort of say it's pretty much that they have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. Each and every particular element of that. Offense time I know it's going to be a difficult one and it's a nail biter in everyone's waiting to be idolize some rain we appreciate it thanks for taking the tank you.

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{"duration":"4:44","description":"Attorney Aida Leisenring speaks on the case, in which the disgraced movie mogul faces multiple felony counts, including rape and sexual assault.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"69087115","title":"Day 2 of jury deliberations ends with no verdict in Harvey Weinstein case","url":"/Entertainment/video/day-jury-deliberations-ends-verdict-harvey-weinstein-case-69087115"}