On the Day Before Thanksgiving, the Parade Balloons Are the Main Draw

ABC News' Will Ganss watches the iconic balloons of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade get inflated and ready for the march.
25:23 | 11/23/16

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Transcript for On the Day Before Thanksgiving, the Parade Balloons Are the Main Draw
Hey everybody will did hear from Good Morning America I'm here live. In. Manhattan's upper westside run 77 street Annie Casey can't tell there's a lot gone on behind me. In honor of tomorrow's 98 annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade aside here's are at a by some very familiar. And very large spaces here this afternoon. Charlie Brown has has been inflated right behind me in this balloon actually. Is brand new to the parade this year. We're not exactly certain but it looks like keys which trying to fly a kite in the cake at a little tangled classic Charlie Brown. But. He looks great and he is ready to go for tomorrow's ninetieth annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade cell. This is. Really cool access that we have here this afternoon. Here in New York City so every year they do this I'm here on 77 street in a couple blocks up on 81 street whole. Block is blocked off so they can get eased. Balloons. Ready for tomorrow's big day sell GMA is going to be live on the parade route tomorrow morning rob Marciano is going to be there. Watching everybody gets that before the rate kicks off at 9 AM he'll be there in the morning with all the latest. And two Jersey is going to be live in Philadelphia to operate there so. If you need parade six to go with your Turkey in yourself and we've got you covered odds he had made tomorrow morning but. I want to take you guys are walk around the block so you can see some of the parades and ethical on the net trying to get some little facts about the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parades Eisner saying. This year is the ninetieth annual. Parade and it'll feature sixteen of the district and it balloons like Charlie here and his. Tangled up kite so. Sixteen balloons and this year three of them. Our brand new Charlie is one of the brand new ones will also have a troll as you know the movie trolls came out this year so. We'll see it a brain you trolls balloon and a diary of a wimpy kid based of course on the popular children's book series. He's going to be near that rate this year so right here we're actually getting ready to see you I don't know if you can Tyler not. That is going to be Thomas the tank contained and he looks a little sad. He looks a little deflated maybe a little chilly. But in its a couple of seconds are guns are blown him out. And when they generally you guys that the watch a little data that is love it. We can continue down the block conceive and finds the Macy's team members that Cuddy give us a little more information about what's going on here tonight. And now what happens morrow morning sell. As the parade kicks off tomorrow as saying at 9 AM. 3.5. Million people are expected to join along the parade route so that'll be rob Marciano and 3.5 million of its closest friends tomorrow morning while we're live on Sheehan may. I getting ready so. Also joining the parade smile Ronald McDonald an old classic of course you see every year but we just watched him right before we went live he got inflated. And he was look and a little a little. Depressed by and he's get into useful self. And we're happy to ideas because he's always a classic staple of the parade each year so. We have folks of course lining up to watts residents of Manhattan's upper west side. Good afternoon everybody. That. So this it's I don't wanna. Stop the inflation process but so we'll go will go down the block and see if the public thinks of us are saying 3.5 million spectators lined the streets of New York City mile. To watch the parade. Live tomorrow morning in person and then that doesn't even count of course everybody who's going to be watching on TV and for those of you are joining our FaceBook live stream. I don't hear from you guys let me know what your favorite part is. But the parade eats here. I don't when he gets it causes and asked me to help and I don't have the muscle power for that right now but. Let me know what your favorite part of the parade is every year what your favorite Thanksgiving tradition is that to gather Richard family to watch the parade intact have breakfast and watched you may of course. The let's head this way. We're seeing another balloon. Begins to be inflated rate here will go around. The back. Also let us know in the comments below what you think this is gonna be when it gets pushed it because it's. Your guess is as good as mine is at this point. Still out as I was saying while we are break up close we've got a front row seat to the balloon inflation's this afternoon so do you some of our friends here on 77 street so when asked you guys. Have you watched the parade before do you do you watch every year. Mostly on TV but it's pretty cool to be here have you ever seen this happen before them getting blown out the day before. What's your favorite part about Thanksgiving. And. Good answer. Off school them off school if only I can get off alert Q what's your favorite part about Thanksgiving. Yes at least. Still school and then out of all the balloons that we see inflated here so I see peek at you we've got hello kitty down their Charlie Brown is up here Ronald McDonald. I would I would ask you what you set what's your favorite apple in. The duck Ivins Ivins in the Olympics get he'd like. Ice skating daft got it got an is what's -- the favorite as loud. Like a mall so July. It's nice to meet you guys enjoy I'll let you guys enjoy the rest of the balloon inflation. Three guys though let's talk a little bit more about lower expecting see tomorrow along the parade route so. As I was saying sixteen. These gigantic balloons will go through the parade route tomorrow three new ones we've got Charlie Brown diary of a wimpy kid and the trolls apple in. And then of course we've got. Floats lots and lots of floats there will be. 26. Floats and there'll be four new floats a mile as part of those 26 and amble see those. As they come around tomorrow morning with rob there on the parade route. And but we've got a ton of spectacular performances that everybody's looking forward to you tomorrow as well Kelsey Valerie is performing Regina spektr's performing. And that we got a bunch of proudly shows of course that'll be performing Katz is one of them and that classic. Andrew Lloyd Webber musical and that waitress which is a personal favorite of mine. And that's what I love about the trade and that was always my favorite part watching when I was growing up the consistency of rubbish out you don't live in New York it's pretty tough to get here. But that's what the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade does is it brings some of these amazing shows that musicals TU insulating him every morning and that. It's one of the magical moments that we're very excited to see it's my so if you look behind me right now. They've got the hose inside of this ballooned and it's pretty amazing for this bill. The size of some of these balloons really how quickly. They can fill up. I was reading that longest balloon in the parade is the mighty morphin power ranger 78 feet long. Which is courtesy that's like an apartment building and a half. But they'll be inflated and then of course you see their net it down so they don't make their biggest game the night before the parade. We've got tons of sand bags that netting. And then of course all of these volunteers and workers who. Have worked so hard to make tonight and tomorrow morning possible. Here gain. New York City. Oh. So while they continue to inflate whatever this. Guy is and it really credit L welcome back in second on them just a little bit once he has a little bit at science he laughed. Up a little bit more we'll come back and check on him but we'll take a block down the block and for those of you who. Haven't then appear to the upper west side of Manhattan so the blocks the rounding. That building right there is where this bull and inflation is happening in that building right there is the American Museum of Natural History. So inside you've got of course all those incredible art exhibits and historical exhibits and stats seasons are coffee guy from ancient Egypt and an out here you've got tickets you sell. They're so good for everybody out here on the upper west side this afternoon something which of course I expect will be. Even more popular this year that he has been in years past because you'll remember this is the year that Pokemon go was it that was the big. Act could at a real disease it's here so I'm expecting for him to be a very very popular pollute this year here at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. Let's see I see some folks and some very brightly colored. It's jumpsuits and handed her becoming their running OF eight. So did you hear hello kitty here. And it's it's it's so exciting to be here and I see OK so we've been saying diary of a wimpy kid as one of the new. Balloons this year and there he is back there with his ear muff signed and he is looking especially twenty so. It's amazing that they can bring these balloon still to life and and and and such an exciting and familiar and novel way you know every year we get to see a little something nail. So this access is so exciting we're right up close and personal and all of these incredible balloons. And I of course had to Wear. My very festive. Snowman sweater. It's the season. For holiday cheer. And we're bringing you quality of that tomorrow morning and Good Morning America as I've been saying rob Marciano is going to be here. Along the parade route these guys will be up in the air though by tomorrow morning it won't be. You know of course still pinned down they'll be up in the air the parade will be getting ready to go to Jersey will be. Live in Philadelphia at that parade and end here. In in DNA. Oh. Hi how you do it I'm John piper which the Marines duties so basically you will Dan's we are live right now so I got to ask you. What Jose and to making. All of this is adding this is like the Super Bowl odds steroids you know talk to me about the months and weeks leading up to you right now. Years your errors leading up to right now. All year along the studios working on balloons that have already been in the parade there are coming back refurbishing them. And designing new balloons for the operate like this year. Barry able indicated grade happily it is colorful. All winter outfit at the other and Charlie Brown you know of trying to fly his kite in and it got wrapped up in ministering in. Us Erica was an historic balloons like. But we're war but you see that there inflating right here now which goes back to the average balloons that were designed by Tony's hard. Who hand while holds I had his position. But he was then head designer of the grade and of Macy's animated windows that in the twenties and thirties. And that's all started he was a puppeteer and he had this concept of these upside down Mary and it's. And that's probably came to be worn actually in some of the early ones who were. Things like caterpillars and dragons named with several segments put together. One other character who's being hidden by Greg aptly in his diary I'm answer is journal. And then back its Felix the cat. To small and because it's a re creation. In the exact same size of the balloon. That first debuted in 1927. We brought it back and re created it for our ninetieth parade. Ian in 27 it wasn't filled with helium in fact it was so Smart probably wouldn't uploaded anyway. So they carry on poles. Now using new technology today and we are filling with helium. Always going to carry it on Paul so pick out a way to engineer of the poles into its use of tomorrow we have a team will be bringing this small. A nod to our own history. Down the parade route nine decades later and Clinton in cared on poles at. Is so amazing and I think that's something that that brings people back to the three year after year you said you know that this is that 98 years so it's something familiar and something we love. But then. Did the novelty of seeing something new talk to me about. Maintaining that balance well that's what it's all about its finding things that that are exciting each and every year things that are engaging. I always say. But we're really trying to do is take all the folks along the parade route no matter watts guys they are and turning syndicates. And inevitably we do everything back the locking buyer right now others fearing for their favorites. And ought to bring some newness in some change in something new rule something. Ordinary every weekend right behind me about to be inflated isn't orient new element for the parade we created this year never before done. It's not know we've had dogs before. And but this dog as special a port in the legs. And it's like a birthday party whose story that inflatable balloon as the Greek paper legs in the so it looks like it's walking program. Amy fuel our director challenged us with that we do something. Okay. Never been done before not mean he can't let's go there and yes we came up with Trixie. The balancing dog so when you see us and added in a little bit to be false dialogue. With force Paul's with legs or. And the handlers have Marty practice prancing that all lose all the way down the parade. That is amazing. So talked me do you how long have you been a part of Macy's at Thanksgiving Day parade this will be my 36 separate. All my god. What what. When it was twelfth of course I had. Of course I think everyone watching knows is up talk to me what. See you. Keep coming back why do you love doing what you do what keeps me coming back Earl PUC in these jumpsuits inflating. You know this is this is my inflation team but it's really my Thanksgiving forum. I spent Thanksgiving with each year in men of them have been coming back 5101520. Thirty years. Volunteering and working on this parade. It's I don't know generous like everybody. At Thanksgiving you have your own traditions and you meet with the gambling or friends or whatever in the life gambling and so for me this is the best part. Mini ninjas and this is the best part second would be tomorrow morning. Tomorrow morning when the sun is up. And Amy cuts the ribbon and says let's have a parade in his first start come on the corner in the floats start passing the starting line in the marching bands are behind him with that sound. Make speak yet again to the arts as we look forward to tomorrow morning as we looked into the parade. What are your top three things you think that we should be looking forward to most we look forward to all of it of course but what are the three things your most excited about. This year's ninetieth annual Macy's Thanksgiving victory because it's the ninety. We decided to pull out a few stops. And now a few surprises. Though don't miss. The first few minutes of the parades to mark that's all day at all those the first few minutes and earth credits. Don't let on. The next hours doesn't gonna get. It that's got to tease I don't know what is that you've got it. And we help everybody to and then NC as art comes out here in New York to law. Lines that mark way or sixth avenue and seen the operator person all the money earlier. We here the Parikh stories thanked him for all around country and never miss an actor Ronald I'm. I'll say. In everybody's bucket list you know New York is such a fantastic city visit there are so many things to see here. Once you're like at least ones. Come for Thanksgiving. Yeah outcome. And walk here by the museum. And seen the balloons being inflated and all enemies and that prison museum and Tass news on the art museum all other museums we now. You know just that's probably shows. Shopping at Macy's always fun. But company lowered and see this parade in person. I guarantee you. You won't want to not be anywhere else every other Thanksgiving. What comes just because we'd love to see you and we hope every. He has a happy Thanksgiving John piper thank you so much so fantastic degree thank you for all the work you guys steal your FDA to make each for eight more magical than the last one. Think he thought my view. All right so it looks like Trixie that god is getting inflated and of course this is what of the newer editions that John resist telling us about. Here. On 77 street so this is a new walking. Balloons laps up its. Little action going and but. So cool to see how quickly these things can blow up a minute. Let you guys listen in for a little bit watts and serve in like I was saying let us know in the comments below. What you love about Thanksgiving what you love about the parade when looking forward to you. Because we love reading your comments and we want you to be a part of our thinks gave us Thanksgiving traditions just like. You're part of ours. As I'm watching this happen I'm thinking of my own dog home knows how to say it. And as how to stay and shake. But have you ever seen a dog that knows how to inflate. So not only will we be seeing of course these magnificent balloons we've got new ones and old lines. Trixie here is new right next to this caterpillar as John was saying is that it's an old favorite here at the parade. And then we'll take a walk down the street and distillate it and see if we can find Felix. Who is a perfect recreation have been 19. Helix Belinda kicked off the parade but Trixie here's nail and we've got. Three big balloons that are new this year. Diary of a wimpy kid right behind Trixie here is brand needed a parade we've got a brand new Charlie Brown balloon. Whose new as well and then Charles. Based on the hit DreamWorks movie that came out this year. Will be a new balloonist luck that we got in addition to sixteen balloons league got 16. Floats four of those will be nailed. And then of course countless performers and Broadway shows and the Radio City Rockettes. The amazing thing and I hope you guys are picking this up on camera so. It's of course awesome to watch that you played if you look at that painting on the front of this dog. It looks hand painted and asked John if that's the case because. It's really. Really well done. The electorate before our eyes chuckle at that I let's take a lot amnesty. If we can find. Felix the cat who you know from the classic cartoon series Felix and Felix this year John was just telling us is a perfect recreation of Felix the balloon from the eighteen to bloody savage. Hard to believe. That this parade I guess not hard to believe that this rate has been going so strong for so long because every year it they've managed to find. Do you an amazing ways to keep us hooked and keep its interest it. This guy is brand new that this is a court diary of a wimpy kid break here and we love that book series. And so he's branded this year he is better Jasper at this winter weather and I am today at a time yeah I wish I had my air mass signed. And that we've got of course hippo over here and I see back there let's see if we can go over there. Come on the eighth but come on live stream friends. Felix the cat we just heard. It is a perfect recreation. Of the nineteenth when he seven Felix cat that kicked off. The Macy's Thanksgiving parade that many years ago what does that that's almost. A decade ago. This guy right here. And or at least his ancestor who is the exact same size and kicked off the rate in 1927. Back this year but the ninetieth anniversary Macy's Thanksgiving Day rated that's not bad I don't know what is. And then earlier speaking at some kids who. Saying what's your favorable and you've seen and they said the ice skating dock and now execute. Ice skating there is rate up there. But again besides. Scale of how these things are. I am six foot floor so if you can imagine these things are massive. I'm not six four. That. I'm significantly shorter than that but still the size of these things are amazing as I was saying earlier. The longest. Pollute in the float is the Mike Morton married they're 78. The law which does. Taller than this museum of natural history I INS so. That's the scope of these things and that's the amount of work and in not a volunteers that it takes to Harry. These things all morning tomorrow morning itself. For those of view who watch it live stream right now thank you for joining in the doesn't like it was saying personally Thanksgiving traditions are Atlanta's your favorite part of the parade is. And out what you enjoy cute with their friends and apparently. Around the Thanksgiving dinner table because outlets in those stories and a little bit your stories with us and we appreciate it time to be that. And tomorrow morning at GMA that Thanksgiving east kicks into high gear we've got the party God's John tomorrow morning. Tory Johnson it's going to be lied in studio deals and steals to get your holidays hoping. Taken care of before but at this aren't really vintage Jersey is going to be live on the parade route in Philadelphia at the Philadelphia Thanksgiving parade. And that rob Marciano is going to be with as hip with Felix the cat diary of the wimpy kid out right here. In Manhattan. As the parade gets ready to kick off tomorrow morning so it's gonna be amazing cell plus we've got. Three fantastic celebrity's apps that are answering your things getting. Last minute dinner questions. So it Hebert the Turkey if you don't have a they're ready. We'll have all of that for you tomorrow on GMA as well for now though I'm against and thank you think you for sharing your time with us this afternoon here on seventh street. It Manhattan's upper west side we'll see you guys tomorrow and see and happy Thanksgiving.

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{"id":43746518,"title":"On the Day Before Thanksgiving, the Parade Balloons Are the Main Draw","duration":"25:23","description":"ABC News' Will Ganss watches the iconic balloons of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade get inflated and ready for the march. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/day-thanksgiving-parade-balloons-main-draw-43746518","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}