Not in DC Anymore: Behind the Scenes at 'The Wizard of Oz' at the National Theatre

ABC News' Stephanie Ramos checks out a rehearsal of the classic story complete with the Nigel the dog, who plays Toto.
10:25 | 05/11/16

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Transcript for Not in DC Anymore: Behind the Scenes at 'The Wizard of Oz' at the National Theatre
Parent Stephanie Romans with ABC news here in Washington DC. Stream from the national theater. This is the line production of the was at a bonds is about to kick in just a few minutes and guess what. We are going to mean or Sarah Alaska who placed or at the year this is her expressing reps gonna give us. It seems too arrogant. And I don't think so much. Are doing then got a show coming up Canadian outlet thirty minutes and now I'm gonna gonna set a tour what goes on behind the scenes. So show us you're dressing American youth and the constant it anywhere in this show at six. Sticks around like icing and heat. And Shimmy arts. And it really is little that's adorable pains. It's time. The school actually witness it or. And college. I'm sure there so proud of you hometown girl knew exactly actually. Minute parents and kids music. And why. And my. Yeah they scared guy is arson. And is our current and you guys are great way. Saturday and might live mural. And he did not want to leave it be happy to hunt has her hilarious and I can definitely feel like. This is so this production has the very good sense of humor. Which you kind of see that in the movie but he prized as if there's a lot more. From you on the line and underfunded and that they. Get parts. Like quicken yeah. Area often off and so where some of the things he guys do before. Eagle on stage like right now what it what are you guys are doing. Steamers address. Areas want him to peak in the house and it'll work here here's one. He's nice and then usually you know we exit the top there. I think they're weak and all the you mean like photo. And let's go out. Yeah I thought I sell here. All right yeah. It is less. Or. City it is easy to get off right ring. Yeah. If she. Are apparently in good around people cleaning it is are seeking here we're going high teen birth and into the early. Where everyone. To watch the show and enjoy the show here. At the national news agency and tearing up and obviously the show hasn't started in it will shortly but take a look at this stage you can see the crews setting up. And this down here is prudent orchestra. Orchestra would be two played a beautiful music is beautiful production. He can see everyone sitting up here and and Sarah said this is the show 13135. It's quite addition as they started in December show goes to move on July and leave. And it's just being absolutely critics leak came here on Saturday unpleasant and he had an awesome time necessary tell us now. Just quickly tell us about the on tuition costs ridiculous position in and and Jack did you help along with office to get this part of tort. Isn't on the line I had six auditions title is in New York. And my manager actually I into an open call. Very different shell and seeing passing team asked me to come in for mr. as Stella I have actress equipment saying over the rainbow I got a ton of notes from army defector who is a connector that any detractors and and they brought me back they kept bringing me back inning giving him our serial I think at the and I had about. Over forty pages of material to work less. And and as I America from rendering it might in a semi down to one million to do like Indians coming nations moving back up and read that Clinton and and I go back down indeed different and that is is really intense and yeah yeah reviewing and you do. I'm magnificent job there on it's still. Suitable this but when you're her hair and cotton hitter. Full of people quickly do you mind I mean obviously you're here in the material later in the song. Blame them for. He did what are some of your thought that your community apparently here when your performing well look I think fortunately for me. I I have a big spotlight. On me for most of the shows I can't really Stevie that you spent a lot of ice but I do like to be able to see you know. People out there that you know when I go that the air islands. Getting second connecting with people on stage so I think that's something special that I get to experience with the audience. Thanks and Lance Saturday at the shadow. It todo. Obviously confident it's on place you know very well trained. And he was. Right there next few when he needed to be. Mad and means you've given special treats it that he's he best of everything started as is your positive reinforcement. Can actually I start it rehearsal with them. A look and we are ready to do some down time on its latest ahead at the state lottery wealthy area. It. Berry and there's a little dog plays Toto I think is real name is Nigel. And soon before the show starts paid to you this. Pelican many rehearsal with the Don. And he knows exactly the Sarah is. So steer this is like a little practice a practicing guys stand. Warming up to god. And warmup Perez allowed got a. Yes every shell. It's everything they get it out we teams out. Thank you all sound. So much time did you spend with Neitzel before. Actually. Getting on the stage in doing a real a show. It okay. This in the continent usually gets meant game. Comfortable. Cindy go through the different scenes where obviously you guys with BT group and he would be together. And yeah yeah whole rundown before the show or just a few Odyssey into thinking that things just they know of where. Mean. Just like Atlanta lately some exciting. Earth them. I'll write the first Chinese TV is on the eighth delta and song I don't this is fun but. Chris I'm really thank you Tyler. Nine Jillian still have a job. So don't. Which in the thing. And it's. My name moon toys intimate yet cutting and running up up and smell from. Smart Don. Right. He will. And you get your spouse to treat. It. Nice nice he adultery after this there I would love nothing without a all right Carol thank you so much for your time happy great show tonight. So much and welcome home. We. Can't feeling there. I while we. Leave Sierra let her prepare for the show tonight that starting really really stand in and out here. I think he's working iron. Now I fell to live for us here. From Washington DC again anxiously around mostly ABC news thanks for watching a live stream on We'll see next.

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{"duration":"10:25","description":"ABC News' Stephanie Ramos checks out a rehearsal of the classic story complete with the Nigel the dog, who plays Toto.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"39025928","title":"Not in DC Anymore: Behind the Scenes at 'The Wizard of Oz' at the National Theatre","url":"/Entertainment/video/dc-anymore-scenes-wizard-oz-national-theatre-39025928"}