One-on One With Dean Cain and Kimberly Elise

The stars of VH1's "Hit the Floor" talk the sex, drama and secrets of their hit series.
7:59 | 06/02/14

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Transcript for One-on One With Dean Cain and Kimberly Elise
VH one's addictive summer guilty pleasure hit the floor is back for another season -- with sex drama secrets. And some excitement. -- -- -- -- Good morning in the girls are not my responsibility. I -- here responsibility. She's -- daughter. And -- -- is having an effect. -- -- -- of the color commentary to seven -- -- Busted right up your ballclub that were rower Roland let them -- I thought wow that's what I'm director's cut. -- -- Kimberly -- stars of the show guys thanks much for stopping by congratulations second season yeah. Have you guys have got like gang -- fans in this because as the introduction. Eludes to there's a little bit of everything going on a mission. There is sex there's intrigue there is excitement there are scandal received there -- multiple levels. That was so obvious difference over those huge fans of those few potential settlement -- -- controversies -- -- layout essentially the premise of the show me some and hadn't watched the proceeds. Well our entire eighty to -- -- -- in this. Our. I -- -- head coach of the basketball team a professional basketball team to really is as my former. Girlfriend she was -- the original dances on the team. And now we're back and as adults and we sort of run the show what -- sense but it's about. The world of professional athletics in every year and lead the things -- Donald Donald Sterling scandalous that does take place all the time. And we deal with all of that drama and intrigue and sex. Money and then there's Hollywood is centenarian movie stars and agents and the dancers and coaches and it's really. Layered and complex this season especially is. Much darker than the first season very mysterious and. Really the he hit a league that is visually and emotionally yes it is very complex is -- that you -- every stimulus in every tweet read it yet and -- right and yet everything but narcotics is based in -- -- let him there -- Later at moved to an article this role is -- much of a stretch for you right I mean I that are not right yeah. One -- -- -- a disclaimer at the bottom McCain is not in the but now you know why the. Vessel athlete I know the world very very well I -- friends a lot of people were still involved in in the basketball world football world it's not unfamiliar territory. Dancers well. We'll just between you and it's great it's a great plays it's -- -- know one that I loved it said he exists in and I see it I've I've. Work my entire life. In or be prepared for his role. If and you and you play it very efficiently and might -- -- as well it Kelly obviously let people know you're from from big screen. Set it off John Q Tyler Perry's -- of a mad black woman. -- now transitioned. Is that a full transition are you still have like one foot. I definitely still have one foot in and both worlds but I'm loving this experience. -- -- the creator of our show has. Made such an amazing character for me for all of us. And I love the surprise that television gives you I never know what's gonna happen for months get to the next -- I don't know how it's gonna end. Our our season issue ends in a way that none of us know we don't know the ending. It's like his cliff -- for all of us will find out -- the world find out actually redacted on the script. Then and it ticked me -- so that's how I mean it's really didn't we can. What they were going to work your lines and you get nothing but blank sheets it's like that -- what -- Now -- a flash and we get the next episode that we have table read we don't know we don't know everything gets nightly with. It's so exciting -- it wouldn't. We're chatter but we started taking as you. It was a great chemistry. Which is clear obviously in the show but offscreen as well I'm -- for a night like this guy now are set I don't mean to you guys that hang out after work I mean isn't that kind of relationship that you eat. The whole cast all of us were all very very close and dean and I we both had kids -- single parents -- we definitely connected now way we topic is alive and we've been. Acting -- times -- a lot of scientists working together and making hoping fun and insists. You know the whole environments is lights and fun and happy and positive it's a really healthy place to work. You hear that term what we've become a little family union right that a lot on shows when the going well read this show is -- very nice family you know what I mean you guys arguing blossoming it's nice to that there is actual genuine idea that goes goes -- It's a great story line -- -- multifaceted story line but let's be honest thumbing your casting him he was just a requirement if you're not absolutely models ready it's gonna magazine you're not at all any get a call back it was that it was essentially is I think it probably will. Those kids are -- -- Is that. They had to be really very strong in other ways to that James really wanted strong actors. Strong performers good people everything being good looking wasn't gonna get the job but let's just be honest that is -- He didn't do arm but I think. It's not just the kids that means it's believes as well that I'm basically you know sort of in. Fawning over at the same time it's a beautiful cast it's a beautiful -- -- -- guys that. Well thank you when you sit around our our -- -- you look around it is a melting pot and it is it is an awesome awesome. Awesome looking group I want them to it is really diverse it's like everybody is there represented and it's not about your color it's just about these people and all of us -- -- -- together and I think -- that's. Really special. So how does have its -- how close in the season and he got three planet she mentioned Donald Sterling was with the clippers and and all of that scandal with it -- how closely then. Does the plot the script line reflect this season than from any kind of current events that are. It doesn't reflect the actual current events -- mean we had actually started all this and we're doing our season the whole -- We knew we were going before the -- -- certainly thing came out but that's the kind of stuff that has been going on this one has gotten very very public but that sort of thing you know we almost said that. If that hadn't happened people would you believe the stuff we're authorization -- it really what an almost validates what we were coming up -- but as people don't usually hear about that stuff for the keeping quiet. You know put it under the rug but this this could be swept under the rug and our show this ever happens can't -- -- -- the room. As any human rights have come up with that said that he -- Kimberly. This is never gonna happen this would this would not at all exist in the real world. I don't I think in our worlds also noted that it can happen it is happening if we don't let the -- Donald Sterling bits. People wouldn't believe that that Bryant and the message and so the truth is -- stranger than fiction although the picture let him. A little little sexier -- Definitely. Is under the little more like -- yet it still sees this season to his -- full swing what's next for both of you gene pool. We -- workers that we. -- -- Veba a lot I have I have hosted. Masters of illusions about this yes an August that was a lot of -- thirteen episodes that that's Christmas movies coming out. Was -- I started produced as well and I'll stop there -- -- and I'll bet you. Development of college and doing at end of the month for awhile but I really just need to rest it's been a very busy year I had two movies cannot earlier this year -- the show and I just kind of neat suit. Be home with my kid to rest. Give a listen if you watched even five minutes of the show you know it's neat how law. You hardworking and -- -- -- Dean Cain Kimberly at least hit the floor and VH one thanks so guys.

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{"id":23965685,"title":"One-on One With Dean Cain and Kimberly Elise","duration":"7:59","description":"The stars of VH1's \"Hit the Floor\" talk the sex, drama and secrets of their hit series. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/dean-cain-kimberly-elise-23965685","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}