Deborah Roberts Interviews Ava DuVernay on 'Queen Sugar'

ABC News' Deborah Roberts talks with director Ava DuVernay in Harlem.
22:30 | 09/07/16

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Transcript for Deborah Roberts Interviews Ava DuVernay on 'Queen Sugar'
Hi everybody I'm Jeff Roberts here at boulevard Easter Island with my dear how different. I'm having lots of really aging water and so don't and as well now agreed right. Obviously. But just so excited to see you as we've seen each other socially at times. Yeah. Back at first met you. From the south and out and that's I said view this is national news is amazing it's especially you would agree it was some people but I hope you're really taking and it is special did you know it as the premier sound right now especially. When something like out. Thinks I think in on so. In in entrenched in the work. And you just wanting peoples are seeing an inning ending in in in a way that was you intention from their heart with that infant heart. I don't think about the hoopla and any of the other things that go with that you just open. Nice India and neglect filmmaker apps and from there and people coming up and you think oh how that person on earth once known as. And I and I mean rights really truly so. Post apocalypse let me ask your home and start talking about a month. And that the thought of that in the event of an ally in excess and I you'd human nature. Senior creative person to ask for a lot of us that was our first introduction to you yeah you're obviously not if it becomes a long time independent pounds. But this your first chance to just get into a huge budget amount and you you know. Was. Percent to meadow it was a verse but. In terms of you know the Hollywood landscape. Just. 19 with. And Nyhan is wrinkling I'm not doing that it will get that we that yet. But isn't mine to needs Oprah and in work with her hand you know all that she worries news. This is yeah case as an actress as you know it's huge fees icon. Icon legend we we you're shaking. How for the past. The first year. I was really weird around her. And when you and I think it. We hope it. And that Rio all suite and hearted plea you know on ILC. You know. TV owners you know decades the person they're always. So and an act and act and took some time but that once that clicked that means is that when you have little. Analysts it seems that in and it. Do rector. I mean it was mean. The real life comes by mine and I'd I was. No it was acting because in the very let them merry laugh that. Means is coming in like act as. Comment with a sense of what they might I thought about it they're not married to at their news and I'm not mistaken to their guns at one collaborated. I don't like to come in saying do this highlights and I am but. I think what they assume this is together and you get back on the parents you know you have to be flexible and surprised sometimes you should absolutely no idea that you is completely different than when it and that being find something better than both of you mines she's not much like. Mary three and flexible in love with more it was become Vietnam's that's a whole starring Ellen Linehan. WS and that's. Half. I happened to this exact along on a guy. Well they're great ladies we just tagging along the project other just what we want to talk about because your first interview since it. Dig it who's been in it started last night in his second part of it airs tonight and yes it will go on from there but about it some. Fascinating look at a black and yet in Louisiana. And layered look. Good morning. Thumbs of character. Gallup. Three siblings his sisters and a brother yet. Three siblings two sisters and a brother one sister on the somewhat estranged but one sister lives in Los Angeles the rest of them all living violence at Louisiana. But even within the one that limit Louisiana and as a minimum strains within hottest tighten its. Three siblings as one would hope would extend all had different explain why doesn't experience there on that living different lives so when it bought them passes away and someone what's happened last night. It's about these these three people who had separate identities. I'm trying to figure out who they are together to that the come together in order to save the family legacy on us and it. But Linda and then things about and a black people and property ownership about the land about the new south migration patterns clan. Ginned. All loyal census of longtime reed subject. Development from the south union partially them out if obvious from the sound. I really could identify with that whole notion of the new south yes and coming to terms with it with the legacy of what innocent black people having do Orton and things being different and one sister message to reaction when the white servers were on the all right those people doing nothing on on back in the sister or that wealthy sister has hired them to come back. But when I was 980s. The shot and I don't you tell me this is kind of your signature because we need to stay on east using. This Dini and there really any open that one sister was in. And a lot aren't acts but it bill bought a house. Think that is this. When it comes due standing that I. But I do now. And now it's just meaning of the actors I didn't think things are. I've never had any sexy. And sensual sexy things. The beauty of those images and really loves dancing with between Wesley Ingrid. Because that with the music colors and articulate and expect them. And you talk about filling up the frame online everything kinda has yet have a little meaning the air as in there's something on in the background. Maybe you didn't even realize you have every and a frames giving information the frame being your television the frame being your TV screens and so when every time you see a shot. Before it looks at them now with the folks that with what thumping. Everything in rare. Filmmakers are trying to many makers are trying to put it together. At the with the most delicious as the Boston when the most grotesque and most loving whatever it is. I mean a pillow in the back. That thing here the con air and she's way in the way that all of that adds scientists dispute and pick like he usually does looking from the. Flowers. Let's. I'd look. Happy at the never thought that Adam that rooms and live right in the months and for the blind and this thing in the days. That acts and. While I was struck die. Basically a little bit of the deal is and I mean the layers of the characters and their brother has been incarcerated. Trying to make his life again. On this is subject that is important to yeah and talking about essence Carson yes black man that's kind of a heavy subject in this yeah particular scenery yes I am not just. Incarceration. The injustices with in the print them on justice system let them have always been hard in my mind. My second narrative was called middle of nowhere is about a woman who. Whose husband is currently incarcerated and cost she's gotten invisibly in prison terms so what all the families of victims go through being out. And that a documentary that's coming out of about the subject on the thirteenth that they've used Netflix on October 6. The documentary examining the prison industrial complex. But in Queens center with on the somehow Angel weren't well he's formerly incarcerated. When I really want to do is have people get to know formally incarcerate a person with thirteen hours every week he see how we treat formerly incarcerated people as second class citizens can't vote. To check box to the application episode one. Can keep asking how to go is that they say at this time line instead and a box they knew was this really is not a soft heart for his son's that you see anyone's houses Amway is so here what do people have to resort soon or in some live you know I mean so. When I show you that the top of him you know robbing the store. You know not to say it's right or wrong but understand the totality of the circumstances and what we as a society allowed to have happened to people who Marty faith and that. So that's part of another glaring at which had to address the content. We were talking about that we're both from large families and permanently five and the family of nine and I recognized although anybody would by the U from a famine of color or not. You recognize that dynamic in the family sometimes you have some who have achieved wars not when not some might be smarting from. Some you know slightly neighborhood not and you sort of peel away at this in an African American family when it is to have. All of these siblings cold you know inside together but some have achieved success some have not been that when that went to jail is that your goal to sort of in a victory. Slow paced we have people get to know what it is and when a black American family might he do. We we we we that we're a black clients man moment that way ever used and on black plants matter. We'll look back at this time the bullets we looked at civil rights movement with a robust political and cultural and but within vary and rallying cry black lives and there is the question. Really. Willow street. What lack is and why it matters. You know I mean you have intimate relationship. With black people. Then it's hard maybe have an errant mean. But this. So wasn't aides instructed and was aids amplify it and I've been magnificent and everyday life. This matters to an incident. And anyone else is watching me out. Didn't matter and isn't real people's real concerns. However you think left over and over use of weapons. In this race. And and I'd like it's all tied up at that moment which and that's it and it is these exit. And people can someone is that people think and then legacy will. So you have you directed at first two at the ghettos in Europe stepping back and producing. But you have a band of sisterhood now coming out and directing the others with seven women director yes yes yes oh president royalty Holloman air routes game. Amazing amazing women been trying to kind of take a step into the TV industry doors have been closing them because that's the way it works the ladies and industry not really a push that was behind the camera. Most of these women had known and made beautiful independent films people like you know personally from the film festival circuit independents saying I invited to come in and direct with me. And they just not that far foods and that that's great and it really talking walk and walk talk. So you bringing in women directors but also even behind the scenes you've got people come represented all over the place photography department. Asking about it. Let Tina colorized so a lot of of them and also the great jobs that are in the industry. There is a job where you take the the them. Please check comes the camera. You put it assists and you can adjust the color I can make a little bit lower. All make those those leaves little bit why no one policeman the color is to kind of creates a beautiful out of things and you can enhance the picture that's just it. So I. Kind of crowds on it yet it is like the elves are. Wrote me you can't. And Ed so let's and it is black woman most expensive and Eisner. You know. Completely black production management Langford is imagine supervisor who let you know cinematographer learn mommy. Somalia and Philippine our economy and a lot of love from all Arnold and women this is what everyone should be able to be bias that's great as we talk about diversity in this house. But do we really do it anyway and we have that effect back a little bit about the culture because as you say when a black lines moment black clouds matter moment. But we're also in. I'm sure it real tension it's right in this country as we approach this election there and I think it. A lot of people would say we're kind of at a point we're in and we haven't and I'm very long time in terms of the polarization around the country. And is that something that concerns you not only just as a black woman but also as a filmmaker and Colin attention in some ways to clear we are at this moment in time. And is not the grand fantastic time because I think there's an asset but I do it because in this Ifill and our country we've always been polarized we just haven't talked about it. Now it's just that polarization is now on the surface since being verbalize. And moral horrible ways of actually seeing and feeling and he what I have been over. Where the payments where it's coming from the does have a until eighth at this goes on I don't know how you can heal if you don't know how you can kind of solving. They don't even know what to prescribe union with issues so toxins and understands that even a step would only here. You know I hey you know the valuable thing about trumped by can find something. Is that folks who thought that and things are. You know now really clear that glory great. Many people. And an issue with whipped with something that we take as you know are very god given liberties here I got a right. And so that's importance and all the people that you're living side by side and we changed that and if engines and so. And if elected them it's a time like this Morton Feldman and sometimes painful. But it's important. On both ends of the spectrum too many people feeling marginalized and that's an interesting point you made because I think that a lot of people aren't talking about race now country and it. Whether to be politically correct what can we see it work what can't saying. Sort of importance on top yes let's just talk and not be afraid that a misstep on your toes and I didn't see it properly I think that's the only way someone an ABC destruction he recently and I sit something about. You know they they were talking African Americans arrested after coming up an American instinct blacks who think you've. I thought. Yeah I. Time with people. What. It may be. You know seriously. It's when people talk. A little bit more. This war folks that aren't caller becoming comfortable or whatever they need to have happen with people of color but really. Four people calling us so much about these images. Affects the way we see ourselves you know a dearth of images a lack of certain kind of entrances that Athens has an effect. You know so it affects the way that we are seen but it also puts the way we see ourselves which is really important. Frank frank so most probably going from here because you've already. Usage wrap this season snow we'll have to wait and see what happens by seniority he got next year with each other already opening up the clinching the writers' room next month. We're season 21 attending rates got to get feedback from people as they watch was on Twitter last night really looking the comments. And great great conversation with people about different parts of the so. And so just putting policies into continuing the story call that the documentary. That their team that combatants over. Opens near. Both Pakistan and I was just this icy and another project with I don't wrinkle in time which is based on a book much like clean ship there hasn't been any with the book although. My producer back US airline out of there. Can credit but to tell about this now wrinkle in time it's and I. I'm and in terms of you know we learned well grounded dramas. It's. An in the future space it would live in a society where. Where science is is is is this is valued. I think we value in everyday life. And and it's about a girl who travels the universe and search her father who's disappeared. Along the way she finds himself really beautiful story of self discovery and but it's it's an apple. And leaves where she is here honor. And seeing those is there plan won't testify under. Admitted the mystery like at times news it's happened that day. Yeah yeah I love it have been able to exercise muscles and my imagination expand with an empathetic. The budget that this is giving me do it allows made it. And this is the biggest budget work with you might not. About money at a Renaissance. Harper I know I'm right up front about an actor and a girl. Now we used aren't where we start it was just all. Yeah and will be sitting in a California. A little bit in New Zealand. And and did you imagine you would be here at this point. A few years ago let's proceed which summit you'd be at least. Just me an independent filmmaker like always will be important and anchor. One always independents and and I am pleased to let it. It anyone's ever constrained by ethnic Newsom and the cool thing about starting out and and it learning network without permission testers of B grade. That I've translated that into the studio. Network contexts where I still accusing. Still pinch them to people who help me crazy. United in outrage and and and being selective about. Statements and. Do directors give me as woman asking this question director's approach project you know we've heard in corporate America. And even in politics that women sometimes govern differently and wait it is much more thoughtful less aggressive in. That might be more peaceful and behind the camera to. Projects a little differently do you think it's because I had the seven women who directed on the directing scenes problems and you know the power and directed episode four is very. In your face we're doing and block all the science end as a little when he if you see on the feeling a name is. Out. I think that's a moral and correct things that we can answer that question that. For instance. It helped there is anything. That job. The last year it so much talk now. In his chair and members of minorities. In behind so what. Year after all of that tunnel and next year. Involved with. Went. Voting in a new members and there are a lot of women and people of color record numbers across all of categories of women and people who invited academy. I think that's good first step but it's it's it's it's a small piece of real systemic issue outside of the academy is advances is not about the academy it's not films getting beaten so I don't think there is equal balance there you know achievements. And a claim does connect with. What it's remain in as a movement cyclical I think you know some folks when it's. They do go and but only the system. At stake in many years into the patriarchy announcement form and vitamin is not going to be torn down it's not like so you know at the keeps it in a way. Doing the work we can keep talking you. Wrapping up at shopping dot that I caught. I don't think business. On. A black restaurant boulevard these in Harlem on us and it's only let me bring. I or am I easier. Simply haven't finished eating topping the news haven't been able to you. Just didn't ask us this hasn't. I'm interested in the fine art space in the latest on what with the Smithsonian on these inducements and this. Is they asked me to call me telling you I'm and public view in the meantime I think it's fitting since we didn't. You know. Indian and and this time. And her uncle. It's. B and amp rob brings me I'm Amy. It's like the results. And news. And up. If there. And that's.

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{"id":41927684,"title":"Deborah Roberts Interviews Ava DuVernay on 'Queen Sugar'","duration":"22:30","description":"ABC News' Deborah Roberts talks with director Ava DuVernay in Harlem.","url":"/Entertainment/video/deborah-roberts-interviews-ava-duvernay-queen-sugar-41927684","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}