Debra Messing talks 'Will & Grace' and why she was compelled to return to the show

Messing appears on 'Popcorn With Peter Travers' and tells the story of how she and the cast of 'Will & Grace' came together again after a 10-year break.
18:17 | 01/10/18

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Transcript for Debra Messing talks 'Will & Grace' and why she was compelled to return to the show
Eighty. I don't know. Study it. Well I not to slow. TV script he. I just eat. It's like road. You know another night at Netflix and chillingly barring. Don't I may I just need to pick but the thing that entertaining a gag delegates across long. Leave the correct term is a gaggle of gay. She stands corrected. Right where you keep your shame hates I am not married. That is now that round just. Crops are. Not. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers is popcorn we we tell you what is pop and in the culture and me. I'm like beside myself because will and grace. It went off the air when they didn't have my permission. And I don't know why but I know it is now back and that means my guess they'd ever met thing is back. So it's great to see here great to see really is thinking like me. Did they have to threaten you to come back to widow was this a voluntary. Well it was it was absolutely voluntary and mean. The is there's no question that that but for that the trump Clinton Campaign we would not be here. Well there was that wonderful video that is that his that was that catalyst for everything. We really we had not the four of us had never been in a room together in eleven years. And we were so happy you're like who who would pick who could believe that the four of us would be able to play together for two days again and and then. We said go by we thought it was forever. And then in the video tip often it was seven and a half million views. And then the president net and NBC was like wait a second. Love it added. Maybe. May mean we haven't. I ended this all of those who fills the media coming to the rescue guess here created it's like you have how many. Eight dollars how many people on lately particular idea yeah. Yeah and so they it then the question lies. Would you Kai guys can back for a little special. Thing like like Gilmore Girls. Finite amount. And the four of us had dinner we sat down and we talked it out and we had decided that. We we all wanted to do it we all needed to laugh again. And we all felt like we wanted to make other people laugh. And we want I'm sorry that you spent eleven years not laughing it's just it's just wrong if not. Not lapping the same way that old different pool they're kind of lab at the belly laugh and and now we're back. But at that moment for the media. When you got together again. In this game. Yeah we eat is likable enough would you just like running into each other's arms ago. Crazy nuts well we ran into each other's arms in the dressing rooms. And the adding it all on video and it's like giggling and it was just it was just like cute little puppies coming together and following region. And then they brought us all in at the same time and revealed the set and that was when we obsessed. We were dumpster. And we all just walked around like you. You know the isn't the thing. You know yeah its wings that's. Well normally it it goes away forever. I see them yet in the Broadway Show they take you to weigh in truck that's right. TV show both went to Emerson palace. And after the show wrapped they arranged for the entire sat. Props and all everything to be transferred. To Emerson college and as a display like the Smithsonian. Display on notice that have to make you feel how long have I been in this is. What he didn't it it's going way yeah. Like this is a gifted it to the City University. And then it's crazy story. Then Max got a call from Emerson saying there's a leak. So you've got to take your whole set back to LA while we fix the Lee. So that was the only reason why haven't Los Angeles and that was when they were like. Raymond we have this we could do something he really. Yes so that's how it all the only inkling of failure was that you didn't get your candidate elected the rest of it is all worked out yet but yeah. But and I have to bring this because add in that's enough yes you will went on. Got attacked had children. And that's just like a bad Bob Newhart train it's just never it never happened. Odds are you know what we don't have the same question when they said you wanna come back relic and we do that you know I had this fantasy. That like. Forty years from now. The four of us would like to do like a golden girls like will and grace in the geriatric. You know. Down in Boca all four and Utley ARP burn yes yes I thought okay I'm that would be funny you know. And and it looked at them the longest time to figure out acts and now it makes sense now you know. The writers said if it's. They have something. Then the show becomes. About will and grace being parents. It's no longer about the for the relationship between the four. And if you have their children but you don't see them. Then will rays are bad parents. And nobody want to see those great value shows like that where they they have the child but it seemed every fifth that mr. right here. Yes otherwise. There off somewhere right cared for by the name that's right and so you know they thought you know what. People just want to see the four of these characters together you know just doing what they always did and so they're like let's just. Let's start fresh wilmots you'd be show credit for a lot of what have. And when it was no. In terms of how people that we're watching it could deal with characters being day. It. It's shocking if you do some research into what it is that a lot of people thought it made it okay for them to be who they YRX we have got I was out. Our that yeah it was astonishing I mean and none of us. Ever saw that that happening are coming meaning it you know. Our job first and foremost this entertained. And in sitcom this to make you laugh. You know starting the second season we started to get the unbelievable fan now. That was unlike any fan mail any of us at receive before which was. You know high A I'm fifteen I just came out to my parents. They won't speak to me my best friend won't talk to me anymore I wish I had a grace in my life. You know or will would get and they will got we've got a priest wrote him and was and was like. Thank you I am I am finally coming out and I am accepting who I am in and your show. You know has helped heal. I mean that was so many accounts of of young people who came out and who subsequently sat down with their parents. And watched every week. And slowly it week by week they started laughing together Newton and in some how it allowed that transition to be. Less less dramatic and painful than than they had hoped that meant they had figured. Would be what is also timely in a disturbing way to me is that all a lot of the progress. That we made as a country. Is it is somehow taking a backward step now yet and we're fighting the same battles that we already fall yes that have to be again. Which makes it. You know you kind of embrace it coming back for doing it again. Yeah I mean and I think that's also. Honestly. You know. A strong. Reason why I was compelled to come back because. I eight was fearful about what was happening to our our social policies and I just thought at least if where army air. You know. People will have to at least see these characters. Even if they don't watch it. They will have to be aware and it's like. He got it Nevada owned it that accept it. And you know this is just a part of our of our society and whether you like it or not. Where here and you know again hopefully. You know I tell the story. And it's one of my favorite stories. Abouts I think it was. Second season I was somewhere in the midwest in the airport by myself. And this woman midwestern woman lovely she came up and she said. Your grace said yes and she said. My husband hates case. And I said okay. And she said I love your show. I watch it he won't even come into the room. And she said and then finally I got him in the room but he would only read the paper he wouldn't even look at the TV screen. And I said okay and she said and now is walking around the house going just back. And I was so. 10 that moment though and from just pretending. Lodging and suggestion that. Yes yes and I was like and he. Something shifted in him. And you know. It it opened him up and allow him. Two except he's characters. And root for them and find them funny and then he ended up. You know we're loving the most flamboyant character the mouse to so you know my hope is that. This go round. That it has you know a similar affect them on it I'm just a small number of people so tell me now that it's just death. Has every one changed not as much as you would imagine. It's a lot of time I mean that I think the person changed the most was Sean. On his instinct on Hayes Jack has changed the most because. When we started he was 27. And he'd never been on it a television stage before so he was like the dough lie. Neophyte who is like what's going on where we going what's that they're four cameras what. You know and so we had delight guide him through it. And now eleven years later he's a huge Hollywood producer you know and he's very sure footed and he knows the business and he has. You know. Great inside an end and so he's. Sony's grown up he's grown up he's grown up he comes in instead we don't need that camera over a year the mad sometimes pat let you know. And and Eric. I think Eric is is. I think he's more peaceful than he was effects. I think it's the you know he has gone on to do several other things and being really. That filled by them in a different way. And they can. That is as quirky and areas as a she. Has had a shortage it's fascinating. Time creatively over the last eleven years. Obviously she's she's acted but she also. Has. A bands now. Yeah. Yeah that yet and they have toward all over the world. And and she directed and filmed a music video there isn't. And it's something that she really really really Luntz. But you haven't mentioned this one figured that I really wanted to have changed what about Debra Messing she I'll be okay or did she. Wouldn't what's going on with her. I'm with the government paying taxes could Wear his thumb. I definitely feel I definitely feel more peace and I was eleven years ago I think similarly you know like Eric you know I've had. Several series. Since will and grace. You know but I am at now Lima a mama but thirteen year written. All that's a tough one I'm a single mom written. Even cover and I am a resident of New York City which I wasn't I I lived in LA for twelve years. Some pretty pretty big changes. We are you shooting wounds Los Angeles Angeles it's the back in thirteen you don't want to move. Exactly right. It's going on in your head thirteen. Did you have all this I was I was going to be a Broadway star chorus. I lived in Rhode Island and on you know in the woods in the woods in actually in the woods like three and a half acres plagued. You know we had a swamp and my dad got a piece of like. Would and put it down and then put a little sign and a tree in it said Gilligan's Island and that's where we played. Well they. Where yes just he got you right away yeah some kind of TV world you know there was not much to do in Rhode Island. And I love running. But in what you know and I just I grew up listening to Barbra Streisand constantly in my mom was that he just span. And I eight she took me to. They took me two Annie. Down in New York. The original owing to New York things nearly giddy just going to Providence and I know I don't know you words and Elliott family in Brooklyn that we kept coming down for for plays and that was like. I literally like levitating off from my seat when I saw you know it's hard luck not like I was like a hot I get up I gotta have to give. And and I told my mom and like I have to do that she's an okay. And that. She didn't she didn't. Discourage me. And I did say I did dancing lessons I did singing lessons I did all learn the plays and went to performing arts camp then. You know I was a whole nine yard side yards and then. I mean I wanted to you do it conservatory. Experience for college. And my very practical parents said no you have to get liberal arts education first to would you go I went to Brandeis university. And and then I studied in London my junior abroad through Rada and Linda. And when I came back from there I was like. I wanna go to graduate school and so by which you pass then all your chances to play in me. Unless I've played at any high school OK what's that you did I did it but when I was when I was a sophomore. An IA was two inches shorter than daddy ward box. I was kind of a taught her a but I had the wig I had the red dress. And I was some. Off some. I wish we could go back in time odd had a test Jack come and watch you what you mean he ought it was I mean literally to this day my brother said that's when I peeked. That was it I actually at any rate your brother very supportive yeah yeah. And in high school was. Good for you Deborah into good it was paying. Yeah making me feel like I've yet I mean you know I didn't I didn't Wendy in Peter and fine. And a victory that it line by. I mean you know yeah yeah store I'll. Well you know this is the first time in don't know we always and Saul. Oh goodness. But you that you shouldn't be giving something. Because this is it Lee we all can't see that drive it. Wow OK. Any one of those are I. I'm I'd really have to ID OK with the Mike we're ready. Only going to be good it's going to be I mean I would do I do it fully committed. Right yes and that's saddle. Now do you live. Bet your bottom dollar and that to model. Downey. In. When items that with. Saying that paying and Nile. I did I. And. Come on at. I I was and they have I am I really really might wheel Dolly it but I. Think I don't stop credit I did that day and then I was by. Ever you are just treat the pleasure thank you thank you and the huge fan of yours thank you. By quite.

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{"id":52238825,"title":"Debra Messing talks 'Will & Grace' and why she was compelled to return to the show ","duration":"18:17","description":"Messing appears on 'Popcorn With Peter Travers' and tells the story of how she and the cast of 'Will & Grace' came together again after a 10-year break. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/debra-messing-talks-grace-compelled-return-show-52238825","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}