After Defending Miss America From Racial Comments, George Takei Meets Nina Davuluri For First Time

"Star Trek" Actor and new Miss America winner Agree "Progress Comes With Resistance."
5:57 | 09/18/13

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Transcript for After Defending Miss America From Racial Comments, George Takei Meets Nina Davuluri For First Time
It was a ground breaking first for the Miss America pageant the 2014. Recipient is the first. Indian heritage recipient and now in the N double Laurie. Is settling into the role. Along with some unwanted attention and we are lucky enough that she stopped by today -- -- with one of her biggest supporters. George -- K from Star Trek this was an absolute amazing meaning. First off congratulations. They are doing in that hatred for having. It's not every day you're gonna get -- -- congratulations from George. -- right -- so what it's been a whirlwind past couple of days away. It's it it really has and you know it's such an incredible opportunity. And I think the weirdest thing about all of this is -- The stars really -- lying in so many more ways than one because I was a former miss Syracuse. And Vanessa Williams was also a former miss Syracuse we -- went on to win in this New -- title and of course we made history as Miss America -- And to be standing there with my first runner up at crystal -- from miss -- miss California. And you know I said to her regardless -- -- Asian Americans. Changing this organization and this country and its -- an honor. With -- -- what does that mean to the measure working your way through the process and knowing the kind of prominence -- you're gonna play and play well that's it meant everything to me because I came into Miss America witnessed vision. And Miss America has always been known as the girl next door. But the comic stores evolving as a diversity in America -- and she's not who she was ten years ago and she's not going to be the same person can ten years down the road. And it's selling -- and and it's so timely right now to have this happen. To targeting new demographic of younger girls who are looking up to Miss America and finally thinking to themselves -- I don't have to fit that stereotype I don't have to -- that -- and regardless of race. Or I'm socioeconomic status religion that anyone can truly lived the American dream because that's what I'm doing right now. And I'm not a younger girl. Yeah I'll have to -- -- god and at -- that you -- thing you know breaking new grounds and that in the same -- that an incident. Through enemy in this very day flu grumbled -- both in the evening. In and she also had the same similar kind. Responds I suppose and you know just to be able to break that stereotype and it just goes to show that yes as a country -- come so far thirty years later to the same date September 15 -- about crown. -- but we have so much further to go. What in sadly you had to you had to deal with some backlash both of social media and also publicly as well. And what of your biggest supporters George. Posted on FaceBook yen -- think condemning those condemning those hateful remarks. And they're there. People in the small minority who really don't understand. What it means to be an American. They live in a very small and I would suspect it very angry. And deprived world and sue we've got the chance to send that message in defining what America is reunion. And that's what makes America so you need -- so strong and so who. Exceptional absolutely put -- and you fought -- unified a lot of boundaries and a lot of barriers so when you see the kind of response. That -- had to deal with me what does that do knowing that that you've advanced -- so much so but yet there is still that kind of reaction from from a small group -- we made. Tremendous progress but progress cubs with resistance. And what we need to do is to educate the these poor people probably. Obviously uneducated. And we need to improve our educational system and had many heroes that define what America. It is that you -- aren't just George Washington that also. Dr. Martin Luther King. There are people like very a very good friend of mine who passed recently. This the former senator -- In this state of Hawaii Daniel Nolan who was. Medal of honor winners in the second -- war you know when his people were being put in -- are present heads he was fighting there in the bloody battlefields of Europe. For this country and then went on to become one of the longest serving senators in the United States said it. He's a personal hero -- -- so we have many many American heroes and we need to put the spotlight on all that diversity. A young generation now coming of -- So what was it like they -- you heard beak is used for she didn't know that George had given that kind of -- I -- And NRA and as a Star Trek fan I was. And it's been -- maintained. Well you know and -- from -- we have this. Creed infinite diversity in infinite combinations. And that's with starkly -- -- -- -- your apartment that. Hire you for being part. This is I mean really this was like this was such a happenstance of accommodation and dignity ice I swear I felt like I was Oprah had making -- -- of -- he's got a but I think there's a tremendous life lesson I think. In in having both of you here today and I really I can't thank you enough I think that obviously you know you are paving the way for so many young women. To look up to young women and young men as well and George told me yeah. I think -- is tried and might feel the trial McDonald yeah. I'm just -- We'll tell us who way to congratulations again you know enjoy and thank you so much for -- and I have to say it live long and prosper. -- I love the -- is.

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{"duration":"5:57","description":"\"Star Trek\" Actor and new Miss America winner Agree \"Progress Comes With Resistance.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"20296663","title":"After Defending Miss America From Racial Comments, George Takei Meets Nina Davuluri For First Time","url":"/Entertainment/video/defending-miss-america-racial-comments-george-takei-meets-20296663"}