Demi Lovato on Living With Mental Illness

Lovato opens up about living with bipolar disorder, new music and new projects.
6:03 | 06/01/15

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Transcript for Demi Lovato on Living With Mental Illness
Our guest today a platinum selling recording artist New York Times best selling author turned global phenomenon and now she's that your her power to new heights. As an advocate for mental health and to hear telephone welcome him Lovato. Hate that you got a number of things going on right now probably. Among the top three is a new and late ball. He's starting a new live yeah I Jess I'm I just started my new record label glee at having manager Phil MacIntyre and Nick Jones. And very excited about the tell that when you hope it will be in this industry and we know why. Well for me. I wanted to create we all wanted to create and record label that. That artists can feel safe and that. They have control over the music. And I think is sometimes a light confusing between record labels and artists patent. But what we wanted to create something where we've put artists and their thoughts. First that they can also come to ask for support Patton. You know in any way shape or form. And it's called safe house look and obviously they know that you've been in the recording industry and you know their side of the story. Yes definitely as an artist myself I know first hand what it's like to the acts a record label. And Aaron insights when it to continue that and cutting back but what's exciting for me and I wanted. She'll find a way to develop new artists and Ed and also. Just be at least nine people that I know are very talented and deserve that chance. Actor and music with time. My music and recording right now handle I'm not sentence a new outlook so what's the flavor gonna be. Well I don't want to say it now because it's funny thing about making an album is you see it in an interview but then. Paula said it evolves into something house. And I don't get too much away but it's definitely a different sound for me and it's better than anything I've done before. And your candidate at talk about something that's near and dear to your heart and he added new campaign going on us about it sell IA and and national health advocates and I'm working with the campaign called evil apple. And it's a campaign where we're encouraging people to raise the awareness to speak not only for themselves but for their community. And there's a website and two it's called B vocal speak up dot com. And there's ways that you can finds out how to feel. Not like I said not only help yourself your loved ones friends people in need. Also support groups and reach out and get how open yet outweighs around me believe that's something that's near and dear he obviously it's something you've been vocal about her lunch time. Yes I've been vocal about this for a longtime ties I've dealt with at first can't sell it definitely is something that's very. And emotional me. Was telling me and I think we have a clip your yesterday that's coming out that some people will be able to see. I've always tempting using my place to make a difference. What I didn't expect was that mental illness would get my. Living with bipolar disorder there're so many times that I felt like I was alone the hardest part was dealing with my bag colored crash. I finally hit rock bottom and excited to get help and slowly things started to change it easy for me it takes speaking out finding that right treatment. Taking care of myself and getting back toyland. Actor I have my health care fashion island opening up to family and friends. I realize that bipolar disorder may be a part of my life. Isn't going. So that took a lot of bravery you're someone who has a lot going on your an industry where people are looking at you all the time what did take treated step up and talk about it. Let's see exact reason why it cited talk about it. Because metal Hulk is something. That is so. Un talked about there is so many people that are an educated as to what illnesses are and how common it is. There is. There's so many people that need to be educated in order teal understands. That it's. That there are ways that you can recover and it's also. And you know X. I wanted to be an inspiration for people who haven't gotten an honest and it's don't have anybody it looked forward and look at ads. As an inspiration. And looking at what you're doing now with your upcoming labeling are coming on it does look like it's stocky one bit in your track and has sent. It has an at all and I'm excited to see where my future goes and the more work that I do I'm myself. The more that I share my experience and with. My treatment team which includes my doctor is and I'm and and my friends and family my sport team the more they do that and then more. At my future is going to expand isn't taking care of myself that so extremely important to have a lot of fan feedback about this absolutely that. The second that I decided to be open about its mind and on display is and that color and I had so many fans reach out and say. Because he knew I had. He is strength to tell my parents that I'm suffering from. An eating disorder or addiction and self harm thanks so many things that. People keep to themselves because they're afraid of people are gonna think of them. And how to live people save helped me and Meyer coverage something that's so incredibly meaningful to me. And on hearing that. It's just. I can't explain the feeling it's just incredible with Demi Lovato thanks so much for being with us. Thinking.

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{"duration":"6:03","description":"Lovato opens up about living with bipolar disorder, new music and new projects.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"31443437","title":"Demi Lovato on Living With Mental Illness","url":"/Entertainment/video/demi-lovato-living-mental-illness-31443437"}