Dionne Warwick on her catalog of hits: ‘They’re all my favorites’

ABC News’ Linsey Davis holds a candid conversation with iconic singer Dionne Warwick on her legendary career and her active Twitter account.
9:50 | 05/08/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dionne Warwick on her catalog of hits: ‘They’re all my favorites’
There are some people who are still embedded in our culture and relished by assault whether it's for their gifts and talent or just that easy way about that. We appreciate them and what they represent so. We are kicking off our new segment national treasures as a way to highlight the people we all collectively lots. Tonight Lindsay brings us the story of the one and only Dion Warwick whose career has spanned six decades and continues to attract. New generations of dance. Let me start. Whit what the world needs now is it still the same remedy is 1966. Absolutely. And so on only eight edging Gil what evidence that bill bonds might. It's just dancing. A man. What the world needs now is just one of Dion wore weeks 56 cells to make the billboard's hot 100. Making her one of the Ingles charted female vocalist oval time. You have had careers it's now span more than six decades staying power what's the secret. At. Me. And current share. Of course you come from a family of singers including your mom on Sissy Houston Whitney Houston Lee eighteen price. How did you ultimately stand out beyond gospel music. I. You are busy in the back into the city recording now don't lose Ozzie is Ann Arbor. A mystery ordained. Of god I think. It's eight. Egg nestled is here. On her first chart. Topping hit don't make me over. Yeah. Her name was misspelled on the singles label as more weak with the W instead of her real last name which is Warrick with a double far. But sat it out my name. I'm actually this. Calms me down easy you know you name. If you were lit at you national. And it's. A real EG. Talks are well. Becoming a superstar. In the midst of really segregated world at that time and kind of obstacles that that you don't let. Yeah I didn't really eat any did not. Very encouraged me to a averaged. It's scary. And it's a bit. It. Here in. I won't get them the New York. Leaked it. You've had so many hits yeah Pat Toddy. You. What are some are your favorites uncle baby and say there are. Children. And then we. Can see just a few months ago February of this year you're actually got your first nomination to the rock and roll hall of pain. Your reaction to that. Is there ha ha ha. I did it. I'm. Cherie mean yes it's be. The Albany. Did you did in it will be. Me her. And. Advice that someone has given you over the years that is particularly stuck with you name and really had an impact on you. Answer. Is still. Can't read. Oh and tell you. In London and encouraged to eight years at the chair bing and great. And they all in waste. And be who you happy and I don't and that gives me. Yeah. And now thanks to social media a whole new generation of fans lights are too. During a pandemic the eighty year old pop legend has become an avid Tweeter with more than half a million fans writing on her page I am not writing a bio. And going viral with his post in December. Hide chance the rapper. If you're very obviously a rapper why did you put it in your stage name I cannot stop thinking about this to which he responded so REM still freaking out that you know Hawaiian this is amazing adding. I'll be whatever you want to call me miss Warwick. Yeah. 08 and didn't really. Or. It. And we don't. You. Angry I didn't. And as a G-8. Nolan speak at the out of them Jessica. He grabbed it. How did you discover Twitter at what made you to start decide to start really. Tweeting during a pandemic in particular. Way of saying touched and asked is there Manny Britney. The injured were.

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{"duration":"9:50","description":"ABC News’ Linsey Davis holds a candid conversation with iconic singer Dionne Warwick on her legendary career and her active Twitter account.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"77568232","title":"Dionne Warwick on her catalog of hits: ‘They’re all my favorites’","url":"/Entertainment/video/dionne-warwick-catalog-hits-theyre-favorites-77568232"}