Director Rebecca Miller Talks the Making of 'Maggie's Plan'

Miller appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" and looks back on her long career and shares how growing up in a creative home may have set it in motion.
16:41 | 06/01/16

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Transcript for Director Rebecca Miller Talks the Making of 'Maggie's Plan'
Who. It's. That is completion. With tons of crossing. Thursday at 70 great thing. So funny in that job Harding. When the committee together Israel panty military. Olympic Regis me I'm mix up with our checks because I names pardon pardon me. He's with the bad boys effective critical an apology apparently has a big deal in Chicago. Knowing justice action group care but injuries they work full time finally. I don't know if it isn't to do with his wife and she's some sort of monster. Wait a minute programs and she's got tenure at Columbia. George it no god you. The words glacial and terrifying have been bandied about. And again I have heard myself described as psychotic that is I think connection between Saddam. Can put everything here. PC she's like terrified is this some anxious to earth like his language come. Trust. Me much. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn we we tell you what's happening at the movies and there's a movie now I love called Maggie plan. It's about a lot of things it's called a comedy. And it is but because Rebecca Miller wrote it and directed it. It's other things too and they are. Then touching they are. Sometimes. You know we mischievous. And sometimes they just make me think you. Why I have to be it's just you do ask you anything. In the conventional way as. No word on this movie was alone Rebecca is just she's done this light comedy you're just going to have this good time so tell us. That's the hard question to start with. What is Bernanke's plan and. I think mag he's plans about our contemporary confusion right now about how the rule book is been thrown out of how to have Bentley how to have kids like what to do. And here is it's very original person who. Actually defies. You know modern mores in fact in and and other ways of doing things even he's even he's kind of an old fashioned futurists. She is an old fashioned few. I think that's like having a noisy relaxed quality. Necklace yes and she is living in New York. And she has decided that I'm explaining the movie yeah. Allen is an accident. That in light going to basically have a baby with the sperm. And then meets the perfect man for her than wrong place and to be married to Julian Moore right. Both of them critical it is. And and in a very apparently very difficult terrible marriage in a terrible as well. As what he can as far as credit as far as I eat and hell. Ice forcing Intel. But with you see anybody else would have made him be where Julian Moore who lays it that way it was just a monster so can all hater but you can't. And it's possible that he's a wonderful person. So there's no nobody's wearing that specific act that they're supposed to. No and if they are they taken off. An attack they eat and you know can I let switching you know. Where where you think something and then you realize I don't know if it's also with opposite. It is not at its own though it's something else I think usually it's no it's also with opposite and that's what people like that book not always the opposite. Was quietly now by the end you could be. Tried in. Her. That's what I think that that kind of you know tension is is what characters. Now. When you're doing this and you know. I've watched your work now since the beginning since you were doing Angela. Lax on it that's like 1990. Yet doing he made five movies it's not like you don't have like 115 other careers. But. What does he and other what are you started right as the pain. That you were sculpt what paint and my options were kind of all part of the painting that they were really hadn't really was a painter but then you're an actress. Who just talking about it you're nude scene consent. Everybody you know he's got my you to. I'll have a good body doubles all enough well never mind that but yet. Anywhere yet but what I learning that once he director. And I. Felons acting and I got to work with wonderful directors in their worst films and that way I didn't have to become a famous actress but I got to learn from you know Mike Nichols and pound equivalent always wondered regard hit me that yes and then and but I learned a lot. And then I left tonight that's make films which is what I really want to. You illustrating. Mean you write in hopeful a late night sky yes they're that is they're doing something threatening yet I know there's some thinking about. At this minute and I I am writing a screenplay another movie city. It. Just went thinking he had time to is the home with the husband I think like I'm come alive I'm home most of the time actually. Well because I don't make films like every minute and writing is a nice job eakins finished at four. I guess that's it but Ike icon I CUS some kind of dervish. You're always. Thinking of something and doing if I entered at Yankee is a lot like he thinks. I'd I think wrongly. That she can range everybody's life but not in day. She's trying to help the rest of the world because having a plan is the best thing so then. We know what Maggie plan. What's her back. And took. He knew I didn't build an Alitalia I had lots of plans but can you imagine planning this and it it's been just one accident after another at bottom is definitely only India cleaner. Then I realize only got I've fallen in love with cinema but what I do I don't know how to make movies and then I started I studied at the new school and started making. Short films I fell into acting strangely and thought I could pay for some of my being there sculpture that I was making that night. That night. But I knew that I also was learning about directing in and I got to make start making films so was sort of the world a lot of it was like a screwball kind of career. What does it come from you saying. After I've done all of these other things that I want to become the film like where did that happen you. Williams 21 and I realize islands make films I was living artist colony in. Munich. And I courts will be. And I think if any nick nodded. Hard on the anyway. I well I would've been weird you know series of events as you can imagine anyway so that I ended up in Munich in this artist's colony. And I watched let those two need to buy them and I had a kind. Horrible. Unwelcome epiphany because I did not want this epiphany. I just want to me the meaning of the way I would say is supposed to do that I suddenly guys make this is you know. I was written short stories and I thought well this is storytelling and visual and visual art. And it and has music as well and the way that it come behind everything I was stunned and I left in the stated that in despair that howling and alert enemy movies now. And so I started this you know to make films that were really more like installations that had no beginning and at no sound and then I gradually. Being on people's pets need me think oh gosh you know I could tell stories for at for anyone who wants to see mine counts. That was. You fathers are familiar mother's Morrison Greek photographer. Uses. You know you must have grown up around a lot of people in the arts. Yes I did I mean I think what you know. He has some people are ways to be tennis players from young aides and I was sort of base to be a can't. There was not a lot of debate on the issue into this was attempting. The saddest in the air right wasn't good at anything else I was only good at making things you know. Like you know painting telling stories and things like I wasn't very good thing. I wasn't going to be as scientists say I don't like I want to be a stewardess for a time and then that would have been her. To go to Yale to go to the eighth and Ian and to say to your parents. Stewart yes well this is it I was very young and plan to use derivatives. And as you know be islander I'm hidden Henderson and Wired News anyway. So. By but really from the from that was when I was very young and half but kind of tenors mile I knew that it had to be something I was probably get something in the arts. The dean unique take in any aspects of your parents mother and father into. What you workers. You have my mother taught me a lot of triangles about composition about how to compose a picture so I was very influenced by her act filling in terms of also. Her gentleness her she has a very un judgmental quality to her and the way that she says she. She was able to be. To have humor in her work without being satirical and that to me is really important you know the way that I approach humor. Is. Is is with a kind of forgiving heart and not so much. And and the mean needle and completed anything or even when I'm making fun which of course in this movie there's a lot of making fun. Of. Wilderness there's the fun of academia and that's fun of it but you never really make fun of what the emotion to. Let people write hit pieces when we're watching this and Ethan Hawke decides he has a bad marriage but he's going to we'll Maggie. You jobs. We don't hate him. You know it's like one of those things we think you know the thing to have two kids and you with this girl who wasn't sure she wanted anything's really didn't have a plan. And then maybe that's not working. It's so much like life. That it makes me feel like my head to coming off. That's what I'm watching it. The great thing because what we see in movies is formula. And you keep raking form and doing it that way but you know Rebecca you've done something with relative jacket rounds you are working. With your husband that usually is. Mark had a back. And yet let's say it's and he Daniel Day-Lewis. Even though he's your husband I guess yes smack them around my life certainly and well. Yet how can I mean I think that was great about that movie is that we did most of our work beforehand but we get a lot of discussion a lot of talking in the months. Before and then monthly balance that we have to talk that much because the less you have to talk and decide things on fat the better the better if you four. I guess so but his his technique used those to live in that tactic. But now he had to go home view they couldn't really didn't know what happens to be from that. I mean you know he didn't win in the savage is what he does like on that yet again he's in care. It works what expert if that happened yet and if it was amazing he's orbit and honestly was anything I thank goodness and now he's been nice. Just adding I need to call you Lee do you don't need to the duke it really hit the I think. Yet Rebecca that have really okayed a suit now in addition to that now you and Daniel have children. Yes so they grow up in this house of creative people much like you. It's simulating. Yes he listed yeah so how are these boys are. Basically adjusting. To living with that people. Think parent that they they they think they. They don't take. All that seriously which I think is the key you don't think this major that best thing to think where this funny people and they're getting so vague and they're bigger. Except we have one son's young is still smaller than Daniel as he's young but that other ones are now bigger and everybody's. So where like the pats. Holler at. Least not condescension. Not know I suspends its very Selene is the potential sweetness. Do they see your work and Daniels and gives you their opinion. Yeah I mean my one my sons just sobbed ballots activist for the first time he evidently has really that was lovely. That was really nice because that was you know they were babies when that was mean and so it's really moving to me that they got to see it. You know it's something that most people can't really experience they concede different things their parents do but to Steve. I look at it's like so personal in away and AM at the party that you don't of course used as a parent into the parent user parenting self war. Well then there are so many. These aspects of view that we mean and shall the first movie debts on there is this ten year old girl. Who basically thinks he can cure her mentally ill mother if she basically find some god or some your tool think she can believe he added that. Yes it's time to sort of cleanse herself and magically affect her mother's rules we and in the private lives of heavily we have a person in her fifties. Remembering who she was when she was at its you have Robert Wright. And Blake lively playing the same. Are there yet wonderfully schizophrenic yes oh that was it trailer England to see a need every week we have new people can use would arrive in that we had ballot would arrive in Alan Arkin. And it was just a wonderful wonderful cats. This other movie I've neglected to mention until now personal velocity which is three stories of when yet. Very dramatic story women going through very dramatic. Situations in their life but again aligned means that every one. Their own personal loss. How are you well this speed that you have. And is patently nick and businesses Rushmore so I guess. I'd go fast but yet slow because. Pickett I appealing than always turning yet I would write letters slowly and yet. Making public statements fun to me by years to write you know. But yet my mind is turning quickly that I tend to go over many draft something I do so in a way says kind of yes that's. It's due it's totally about an 83 of four different things that are happening in just. I say to people you have to go see these there's just five of them I think they should spend a been watching week. So thank you make an that this is your first time yet and don't know that we and every show in song. Just a little things it means something to maybe something you things you children. Now I don't need her OK I just need something musical. They like missing. Saying that I'm not very musical ending that's better when okay. I'm fans that blow lean you have any entity. Pay any bubble thing maniac forget that in the he predicted by the Hebrew didn't know it was my best friend Barbara could he said b.s in this wonderful way with in college and netter and he said seasons beautiful -- I wanted to say. Only things would be east. So I could watchers say be all the time and she can she's saying that's actually understood as shaggy. She's a friend vision that he'd like about ratcheted again. I don't know something about this you insist that that means a I think I would. And Rebecca is great. Thing really like him so I think it's me they're gonna see this am going to be happy. And then they're going to be disturbed. It. Thank you.

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{"duration":"16:41","description":"Miller appears on \"Popcorn With Peter Travers\" and looks back on her long career and shares how growing up in a creative home may have set it in motion.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"39532640","title":"Director Rebecca Miller Talks the Making of 'Maggie's Plan'","url":"/Entertainment/video/director-rebecca-miller-talks-making-maggies-plan-39532640"}