Discover the Town That Inspired Gilmore Girls

ABC News' David Merrell visits Washington, CT, the town that served as the inspiration for the cult classic TV series 'Gilmore Girls.'
3:00 | 10/21/16

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Transcript for Discover the Town That Inspired Gilmore Girls
What's up everybody David Merrill here with the ABC news I'm in Washington depot Connecticut does a small town of just under 4000 people but it has a very cool claim to fame legend has it this is where Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman Paladino. Was inspired to create the setting of stars -- you can see this beautiful stream behind me it is the perfect time to be here right now. The leaves are changing colors it's a beautiful fall day joining me here is Jenny Whitaker she's one of the organizers of the Gilmore Girls fan festival. That is bringing about 15100. Between last app on tears media Kasten and while and so this this is a show Gilmore Girls. Went off year in 20077. And so it has had such. I am not a lasting impact on its fans that Netflix is bringing it back in November with the date. November 25 girl you Gilmore Girls fans out there you can check that out. But we're here in Washington depot Connecticut were to take you on a little tour of the town like real stars Al absolutely yeah organ and you'll walk and so are at will let's get going to. And so tell me a little bit we'll just make sure you get ahead is because there is still very few people in the town. Just so no traffic tell me a little bit about some of the activities you have planned for the. Ali have a full week and today we have a string of the pilot. We'll have a car until our Friday night dinner and that's ground this evening we have a panel which to me as. One of the coolest pieces it's a lot of the behind the scenes. People on the show it's going to. Costume designer casting directors producers writers the dialogue coach the one who made everyone talked so fast. Back I. And then tomorrow morning we have cast workshops on pass that we've had come to the festival kind of with sentiment. Hard to ramparts in town they're kind of dinner thing shotgun during a kitten adoption because he's captured. Have. Kickers you know. I feel from different things she does and rose Abdul has him mothers aren't meant that she makes. She selling. Jackson albeit a snippy with global farm. Goodness gracious we have activities all day long. That is a lot going uncle lives off fourteen cast members as as per stars hollow there's always something interesting going on as I was driving in today there were. Obviously that the drive was just beautiful there leaves changing everywhere but you see those little stars hollow quirk cell. Absolutely at that beautiful charming town. It really that that. And look much different in the sound but that people are real the feel of the town's real. Coming together of the community of selling someone earlier today. That this morning we are trying to last minute that hasn't shares. Who made one phone call and half the businesses cannot help but that catches it was like outlook TARP making project. Already critical well we all know that make those experts in a hurry up whenever he needs to sort just across the street here behind us. Is the Washington food market. And the post office now I don't believe there is a police station here but we do have the state trooper's office it is true small town. New England that's right and groups of the Kaymer and you're just a moment. We Gilmore Girls fan festival. Right in front. Of town hall. And so they do not have their town hall meetings in a dance studio. That's a little disappointing yeah I know right it is a beauty schools. Now I do you recall there was something going out early I don't know if happen and one thing they're really missing here is a does he go. There's no disease well. There it. There's it's the bill over by a restaurant. Right now beaver. Not the one. I had thought it would be. A sure thing politically to Karen once more seeking to show us. There's a group of people will be inside Tom home Jersey. The main thing here. And then there's also aside ten over the air we have our future answer in the backs number of vendors future handicrafts and info Booth. We have the mobile plus hear comments Connecticut's personal hub that been terrific and their super nice as that is really cool and kind of retro building. Flash vehicles. It'll be on sites your Cox. Critical so cocktail hour of course is. Pre Friday night dinner they Gilmore Girls tradition with Rory laurel Lyon Emily all coming together with our generation. Copy of your coming up a copy here zeros very came and got us. As to how can I PA and you know examples that I I asked city probably get coffee brew it's her eyes let us that we do you know it's very Gilmore. And that's perfect yeah. So we're gonna have cocktail hour here you will with the mobile blood and we have food trucks coming in through Friday night dinner. Why. The backlog there and then now. This afternoon starting around two. Starting at two we're gonna have inside the tents screenings of the pilot. Bully and a constant loop while people enjoyed town walk around it settled and the also have free coffee blushing supply company. Which as you know hardware store in it just makes sense that would have happened. Of course looks are checked photo Messinger got it now I just three watched the pilot last night really in a couple things stuck out to me. Number one Kirk is not named Kirk in the pilot that's right. What's that about you know acts a servant you should ask my ear. I'm I have to do that tonight we will be speaking with -- gone that will be exciting and here's the very cool theater can we come in and check that out for disarmament. I think it may sound check right now I don't know because of the pilot they. Playing for some of the ones yeah. They're just playing some Gilmore Girls and here. Looks good looks good lot of seats in here season 780. 780 worth seeks no special significance behind that no known how many days. It's not hello how the number of episodes I don't know we have a police about a 150 tortures and tell on we have tickets but. So still a lot of people will be coming here. From everywhere all the world I know a lot of my friends were jealous I was doing and yes I tell people all the time so I can I begin the same thing recent emails I'd be calling Andy begging. I would've wanted to be here tip absolutely I think I surprised my boss. Oh absolutely I'm against them. So I'm really thrilled to be here as well we're just across the street you're going to do you Washington supply company we see guns and absolutely. So do you have a favorite episode. All my goodness. I don't know I went about this backwards they tied instead now. So I watch it later I was actually this image is Rory. Her Alex's Waddell couldn't sell. I came across it rental housing college and I didn't watch it whenever it's on an. Actually said on ABC. ABC Tim Leary right and whenever they're in every kind sir Edmund Susan I. And I want season 67 and I send over with the season students went very important they always tell people. And that's my favorites on the show. Critical and I just started watching Gilmore Girls I just three years ago when my remit New Orleans turned me onto it shadow Kevin. But. I've got to askew the biggest questions are. Janice Dean or Logan. We're now. I'll be honest I tell people it's not I think it's just not the best. So wonderful and so team I RA and gun team I told you guys are often. That's no excuse my firstly. Not. I cannot be. Guzman firstly. Sounds like him I don't duty in spirit. Yeah. Fair enough I'm going absolutely let's check out the Washington supply company. Having a cup coffee. There we're live on ABC news with the Gilmore Girls fan festival here. Anderson. Passed look copies in below. That's the judgment by all that's out there any force or permanent they're cool. With me. The only from the coffee now and many. Important stop. That's right. Hello this is very good very you needs stars hollow lest that's coming into the harvests are of course loop gains proprietor of Luke's diner. His diner used to be his father's hardware issue hardware store fronts always had that Williams hardware sign of the doors pretty appropriate absolutely. That's critical and then there's another establishment Red Cross the street here it is also. Participating in the bookstore. Yes let's notes posted on its debt. Actually having three book signings this weekend a record you wouldn't if Peter it's going to sign on his books as a children's book hot smoky the cat. Apparently there tomorrow my you know he's quite since the book and on the books are we thought we should have him. But signs of life lessons about how we'll marvel of the story of my feelings I don't Torres and really artsy but but this is art part to tell us. A beautiful town over is actually maybe we're through we're gallery threaten its very. And so we're expect to have feminine. You're picking them it's my car instances. You cannot now bushel notebooks and. All right so. I don't suppose they have an als pancake world news. Oh and of course prison for those of you who don't know Els pancake world is the Chinese restaurant and stars column. Bill it's it seems like they have a little bit of everything. Yes I think April oh he didn't. Yes there's none here there's. The injuries there's TW there's the white horse there's pizza place. He's in new bar and impressing pop Powell but really there's this isles he. It will certainly. Yeah maybe so. All right so here we are we're about to come out that. All the let me let me get that in turn in the back and modest turnaround because I know it breaks up a bit when they're at the Cameron says Rory Reid's. And so do the right here at the Hickory stick bookstore and me and Washington depot Connecticut. Look people are good people as a Siri are coming into the Hickory stick bookshop. If you're just joining us now by the way we're Lebanese news hi everybody I don't need to yells store. And so and it probably tons up in a minute wanted to serve anyone who's excited for the Gilmore Girls. Law and order. The books are. Yet so I think I think reserve yield little quieter. Here in the bookstores so I'm gonna sign off now just thank you so much hurt for giving me a tour around dangers. I already am so we will be back doing what segments. Every every little while now. I think we're going to be speaking with shotgun later. Kicker agenda again a secret. Who saved link him. And some other cast members wouldn't should be fun to have a great time. So thanks again for watching everyone. David Merrill here for ABC news. Check back for this. You don't.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News' David Merrell visits Washington, CT, the town that served as the inspiration for the cult classic TV series 'Gilmore Girls.'","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"42971172","title":"Discover the Town That Inspired Gilmore Girls","url":"/Entertainment/video/discover-town-inspired-gilmore-girls-42971172"}