'Django Unchained' Star Kerry Washington on Oscar-Nominated Film

The actress reunites with Jamie Foxx and learns German from Christoph Waltz.
7:25 | 02/26/13

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Transcript for 'Django Unchained' Star Kerry Washington on Oscar-Nominated Film
Chronic pain. I can -- pack. -- -- -- -- -- -- I'll leave him. -- -- -- -- The change from -- -- -- -- -- -- Do you believe -- he worked so hard to do. Of course I know this and the rest of the world knows that you also have a career in -- I -- yeah now. I. That you have now called -- and chain fifth unknown director couldn't carry out -- -- and a guy I've heard of them and usually when I'm with him. I never get a word. That flight and that's the way it's going to be OK -- -- That would -- Jamie Foxx does the most on the easing Quinton Tarantino impression. The next -- -- see India can I ask you do that that's speaking of -- Yes. First you're married to him as Ray Charles yes and yes. Now you're married to him again as runaway slave evening watching better husband this primary much better yet trying to paint you and -- with sleeping around with other women in QE2 rabid bat and saying I mean and awful movie trainer at you me and helped pad you and -- both changed in that year decade -- Yeah it's it's it's really fun to work with Jamie again because we've both grown up a lot to as artists and as people. And I don't I know that I never actually could have done -- without Jamie because I had to go to such vulnerable places that -- often. -- terrifying psychologically emotionally for me but having Jamie variously who. Is a real friend my beloved and respected for almost ten years it it made it safer -- made it possible for me to take those risks. But in jango didn't. This film Clinton's own if -- in as opposed to -- are both dealing with the same thing he had one is saying we will and slavery through constitutional amendment and the other one Jane -- says will just -- -- had on hits and are done by any means that. Yes there yeah definitely -- So lately so I think really exciting that both of these movies are existing at the same time because they think -- more are kind of diverse we can be in our perspectives of history the closer we get to the truth because -- always more than there's always more than one story to how things happen and how -- and pulled it and I think that. The end of slavery in this country happened because there were heroes that looked a lot. I do they Lewis and there were heroes that looked -- Jamie Foxx that it took. Lots of different people with lots of different tactics working passionately toward civil rights and and equality for all Americans so I love that. In our movies. Language right now that we have both of these films to kind of tell how would this change in our history was happening in in different ways we'll. In -- Wouldn't quit and put you through the tortures -- the debt and I don't know was it something you said to him. Well I didn't expect Clinton that I asked -- he does attack basically just be no wonder you're running away. Yeah you know when it's eight I one of the things that really drew me to the promising thinks so often in our film history and films about slavery. Slavery has been relieved romanticized as if it wasn't that act as if -- people were happy to be slaves or you know it people were mostly benevolent and the reality. Was much more -- and I thought wouldn't it be interesting to work with the director telling a story about slavery. If the director wasn't intimidated by violence and brutality and gore and the dark side of the human -- and all of that is true for Tarantino so. The film I think comes closer than anything I've ever seen -- how horrible it really was. And them the truth was of course far worse than even what we do it -- found. But all of that serves a purpose you know we all can remind each other and -- at Leo DiCaprio felt like gosh how could they continue to say these things and it is that I felt like oh my gosh had an -- -- continue to. -- this woman we kept saying. We have to be willing to go to the start place so that the -- is to his heroic. Moment means something he -- that Jane goes heroic journey is really coming from the depths of -- into his great man. Well and the movie has that some of the seems to -- -- our toughest and -- in jango arm between you and Sam Jackson began. I mean here he is being -- -- -- and he is well I mean it's I mean this is what think Clinton can do laugh and the and yet. That is such a pressure and you're playing a slave called broom handled. Yes and fifth and speaking German he had something you. Picked up -- now but I will tell you. A lot more women in this world would speak very good German if they had Christoph Waltz and Leo DiCaprio as their German tutors I think he's not very different -- and they're there just picking up. They were there -- how adding that Clinton fairy and her agent. Yeah it's -- Hamburg clueless German triggers on the accident but he did say that. Over the ten years with you and Jamie fox that you are comfortable in your own -- ourselves that -- have a confidence in the life that he can. Learn from your work and some yeah I think I have more -- me. More faith and trust and kind of more surrender. Just unfolding of life and it before I think it was much worse. 04. Much of your popcorn always ends -- -- there. It was and and a snippet of -- song -- in your and the -- Yes so you can't pretend song isn't in your life rates. I withhold that you do -- and I forgot to think about -- forgot. Day to day I -- -- something that however it's. -- sent up. Many million -- -- and -- Well -- -- -- -- -- child may be. Your parents saying something to you and in the -- Today yes and I'm insisting. You. A -- humor and a pat. Of -- here and a pack and unit. Minute and Havana and they keep. A man a heap and of top unanimously found out. You. So thank you this was angry you so much we'll try and we were good when we.

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{"id":18599367,"title":"'Django Unchained' Star Kerry Washington on Oscar-Nominated Film","duration":"7:25","description":"The actress reunites with Jamie Foxx and learns German from Christoph Waltz.","url":"/Entertainment/video/django-unchained-star-kerry-washington-interview-oscar-nominated-18599367","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}